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Macbook Battery Replacement Centre
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MacBook Battery Replacement

We carry Original MacBook batteries in-stock.

MacBook battery replacement is completed within 2 hours - walk in anytime!
All MacBook batteries are backed by our Battery Warranty 

Models & Pricing

MacBook Model

Battery Replacement Price

Typical Repair Time
A1331 119.9500 1 to 2 Hours
A1417 149.9500
A1406 149.9500
A1245 149.9500
A1375 149.9500
A1377 139.9500
A1382 149.9500
A1309 149.9500
A1493 & A1502 149.9500
A1321 & A1286 149.9900
OEM A1245 169.9500
OEM A1321 & A1286 149.9500
OEM A1322 & A1278 149.9500
OEM A1377 149.9500
OEM A1382 & A1286 149.9500
OEM A1406 119.9500
OEM A1437 169.9500
OEM A1493 149.9500
OEM A1494 149.9500
OEM A1582 149.9500
OEM A1309 169.9500
OEM A1618 149.9500
OEM A1417 149.9500
OEM A1527 & A1534 209.9500
OEM A1496 149.9500
OEM A1405 149.9500


What causes a battery to swell?


There is a lot of technical information available about chemical reactions and 'outgassing' and about how batteries work internally.  

From over a decade of experience, having repaired hudreds of thousands of devices, we know there a typically 3 possible reasons for battery swell:

  • Logic board damage ~50% of the time.

    Things like liquid, impact, long exposure to sunlight or freezing temperatures can cause damage to the mainboard - shorting the battery and causing it to overheat.

  • Continuing to charge an old battery.
  • Using a damaged charger.


MacBook Battery Problems

Macbook battery failures come in all shapes and sizes - literally ;)

If your MacBook is starting swell your battery needs to be replaced immediately.


  • You plug in your adapter and the charging light doesn't come on
  • The indicator light is on but isn't really charging
  • Green light is on but isn't fully charged
  • Your battery is swollen, and it is hard to use your trackpad if not impossible
  • You see an "X" on top of the battery icon in the finder menu
  • Every time you unplug your MacBook it shuts off


There are some checks you can do yourself to help you determine whether your MacBook battery is the source of whatever problems you are experiencing.

  • Try another charger
    If you have a second power supply try charging your MacBook with it or borrow one from a friend
  • If your battery is removable
    Remove the battery and try turning your MacBook on with just AC power (no battery)
  • Disconnect the charger while the MacBook is on
    If it shuts down immediately - chances are the battery is dead
  • Charge your MacBook fully, start paying a video, then disconnect power
    Measure how long before the MacBook shuts off or sleeps - if it less than an hour or so your battery is liekly very near the ned of it's life - it it only lasts a matter of minutes have it replaced right away to avoid damging your MacBook power circuts and/or charger

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