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MacBook iSight Camera Repair Toronto Mississauga
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Macbook Webcam/iSight Camera Repair

We carry most MacBook Webcams in stock!  Macbook Webcam repair Toronto, and Macbook Webcam repair Mississauga in 2 hours.Our replacement fee is 25%-40% less expensive than the manufacturer’s replacement fee.

All of our MacBook Webcams are brand new and ready to be installed on your Macbook. We replace MacBook Webcams in 2 hours


MacBook Model Webcam/iSight Camera Replacement Price Typical Repair Time
Original MacBook $CALL 2 Hours to 2 Days
MacBook Pro & Air + Retina $CALL


All MacBook Repairs




Most MacBooks are made from multiple component parts assembled and held together with screws. The Unibody MacBook housing is constructed from aluminium and pressed together to achieve the 'unibody' style. Apple’s MacBook unibody enclosure has enabled a stronger, more durable, stylish, thinner and lighter line of MacBooks.        


We diagnose, restore, Fix, and replace the following damaged MacBook, MacBook Air, MacBook Pro / Retina Webcam situations:

MacBook Webcam Image is Not Clear
MacBook Webcam Not Responding
MacBook Damaged Webcam
Liquid Spill on MacBook

iSight has been around since 2003 when it was announced at the Worldwide Developers Conference. Some users notice that their iSight camera stops working after a while, it may work for awhile and then it stops but the green light will stay on. Users also might notice errors such as no camera detected or cannot find iSight camera. If you open Photobooth or Skype and the green light won't turn on, or the green light turns on but your screen is black, the best thing to do is bring in your Macbook and we can repair your iSight camera for you.

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