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MacBook Keyboard Solutions
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Keyboard Replacement Solutions for MacBooks


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Before you call - Have the following ready to save time and waiting on the phone:

Your MacBook Model Number.

You will find your Macbook model number on the bottom of your Macbook (the part that rests on your desk).

The model number will start with A followed by 4 numbers (A####) For example: A1989.

The Model Number will be in light grey print - similar to this:   A1286 



Macbook keyboard repair Toronto, and Macbook keyboard repair Mississauga in 2 hours.We carry most MacBook keyboards in stock!

We replace MacBook Keyboards in 2 hours


MacBook ModelKeyboard Repair PriceTypical Repair Time
Original MacBook $139.95 - $149.95 2 Hours to 2 Days
MacBook Pro & Air $149.95 - 189.95 2 Hours


All MacBook Repairs




We diagnose, restore and replace the following damaged MacBook, MacBook Air, MacBook Pro / Retina Keyboard situations:

MacBook Lost or Broken Keys
MacBook Keys not Responding
MacBook Sticky Keys
MacBook Damaged Keyboard
Liquid Spill on Keyboard


Macbook Keyboard Replacement

You can probably imagine the struggle involved in using your MacBook without a keyboard. Imagine trying to enter information into a form or typing out an essay without a working keyboard. It would be impossible!

Your MacBook, MacBook Air or MacBook Pro is more or less useless without a keyboard. Plus, on some MacBook models, the keyboard also includes the power button.

Sometimes damage to the keyboard can also extend to the power button of your MacBook, which is often part of the same circuitry as the keyboard. This might mean your power button won’t work either.

So if you are thinking, “I’m not going to get my keyboard fixed, I can just plug in an external one, it’ll be fine!” You might be inviting trouble into your life because the power button can also stop working, which will prevent you from turning your MacBook on.

If you have a broken or damaged MacBook keyboard, you should visit the Techknow Space as soon as you can for repairs. Don’t risk trying to fix your MacBook on your own – you can easily make the damage worse!

Your experience with a DIY repair might go a little like this:

  • Spend hours, or even days, searching the internet for a suitable replacement keyboard
  • Buy a special set of screwdrivers
  • Open up your MacBook with your newly purchased screwdrivers
  • Carefully disconnect important components like the hard drive and fan, without breaking the cables or damaging the pins
  • Remove the damaged keyboard and connect the new one
  • Carefully put back all the parts you took out earlier, and hope you reconnected them correctly
  • Close your MacBook up and cross your fingers you did everything right!

If you bring your MacBook to the Techknow Space for a keyboard repair or replacement, your experience will be dramatically different. Instead of all the headaches of trying to fix your computer yourself, instead you would:

  • Visit one of your convenient locations in Toronto or Mississauga
  • Drop off your sad MacBook with our friendly customer service people
  • Hang out in our comfy customer lounge or come back in a couple hours
  • Get your happy, freshly repaired MacBook back from our in-house experts

You will need to repair or replace the keyboard if you are noticing issues with your MacBook such as:

  • Some or all of the keys not responding
  • Some or all of the keys entering key presses without being touched
  • The keyboard not lighting up
  • Some of the keys are stuck in place or missing

These problems can happen for many different reasons:

  •  Dirt, grease, pet hair or other little particles trapped under the keys
  • Liquid damage to the keyboard, especially something sticky like soda pop
  • Physical damage to the keyboard, like dropping something heavy onto it
  • Wear and tear from normal usage

Fixing your MacBook at the Techknow Space is quick, easy and painless! Visit us today to find your MacBook keyboard replacement solution. We can usually get your MacBook's keyboard replaced within 2 hours. So don't delay, visit your friendly neighbourhood Techknow Space as soon as possible.

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