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Apple MacBook Power Jack/Charging Port RepairMacbook power jack repair Toronto and Macbook screen repair Mississauga.  Macbook Power Jack replacement in 2 hours.

  • We carry most MacBook Power Jacks in stock!  
  • Replacement MacBook Power Jacks done in 2 hours

Cost & Time to Complete

MacBook Series
Power Jack Repair


Typical Repair Time
Original MacBook
$129.95 2 Hours to 2 Days
MacBook Pro & Air
Standard & Retina
$139.95 2 Hours


1-2-3 Easy MacBook Power Jack Repair

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We Repair Power Jacks for All MacBook Models



We diagnose, restore and replace the following damaged MacBook, MacBook Air, MacBook Pro / Retina Power Jacks situations:

MacBook Doesn't Charge
MacBook Doesn't Turn On
MacBook Damaged Charging Port
Liquid Spill on MacBook

This part of your MacBook is often referred to by a variety of names. Apple’s brand name for this piece is the “MagSafe” jack or port to accommodate the Apple “MagSafe” charger or adapter. Apple calls it that because of the magnets in the charging port and the wall charger that allow the two pieces to magnetically lock together to charge your MacBook.

The MagSafe port in your MacBook can also be referred to as the:

  • Power jack or power plug
  • Charging port or charging socket
  • AC or DC adapter/jack

The charging port is the most important port on your computer if your charging port isn't working you will not be able to charge your battery. People buy MacBooks so they are limited to where there is a wall outlet, they like to be able to move around and be on the go! There are a few things you will notice if your charging port isn't working correctly, your MacBook may not be able to power up even when it is plugged in. You notice erratic battery charging, the light switches between orange and green, or perhaps no light at all even once it is plugged in. If you notice any of these problems, or just know your charging port isn't charging, bring it in and we can repair your charging port for you.

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The unique construction of the MagSafe charging connector is especially useful because it helps to reduce damage from accidental disconnections of the cord and charger safer for your MacBook, the port on your computer and the cord itself.

If the MagSafe cable is accidentally pulled or gets stepped on, the magnets will disconnect so it won’t pull your MacBook with it or damage the port.

Your MacBook’s power jack might stop working because of a few different reasons:

  • Liquid spilt on the MacBook,
  • Dropped on the corner with the power jack,
  • Short-circuited or experienced a power surge,
  • Damaged by malfunctioning charger

You can probably tell when your MacBook’s power adapter no longer functions correctly. Some symptoms are:

  • Wiggly charging cable or MagSafe port
  • LEDs on charging cable don’t light up or light up only sometimes
  • Black marks or discolouration on the MagSafe port or charger
  • Unable to charge your MacBook
  • Your MacBook won’t turn on
  • Extreme heat or sparking occurs

If you are experiencing any of these issues, you will need to get your MagSafe jack repaired or replaced. Bring your MacBook to one of the TechKnow Space’s convenient locations in Mississauga and Toronto and our in-house experts can usually repair the MagSafe power jack within one day.

Without a working charging port on your MacBook, you will not be able to use your laptop for very long. You probably use your laptop for everything. Don’t delay in visiting our friendly stores and leaving with a happy computer and a happy smile!

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