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MacBook Screen Solutions
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MacBook Screen Solutions


MacBook screens are available within 1 to 2 days!  

Typical installation time: 2 hours.

 Apple Repair Mississauga

Before you call - Have the following ready to save time and waiting on the phone:

Your MacBook Model Number.

You will find your Macbook model number on the bottom of your Macbook (the part that rests on your desk).

The model number will start with A followed by 4 numbers (A####) For example: A1989.

The Model Number will be in light grey print - similar to this:   A1286 



Macbook Screen Replacement Process


  1. Use our eQuery service, call us, or walk in to check availability. Note: You will need your MacBook’s specific model number (“A” followed by 4 digits A#### eg. A1502)
  2. Bring your MacBook into our Square One (33 City Centre Dr) location or Toronto (387 Front Street) location and we will replace it within two hours of receiving the screen.

MacBook screens are available within 1 to 2 business days. 

If you find our price acceptable and would like us to order the screen, you have two choices:



1. Call us or walk in to provide advance payment authorizing us to place the order.

2. Our system will automatically notify you by text message and email when we receive the part.

3. Bring your MacBook in during our regular business hours and we will replace your screen in approximately 2 hours.

1. If you want to pay after your screen has been replaced, you can bring your MacBook in and leave it with us.

2. We will order your screen and receive it within 2 business days.

3. We will install your new screen and our system will automatically notify you upon completion of installation and testing.

4. Come in during regular business hours to pick up your MacBook.



Macbook Screen Problems



Q: How do I know if my LCD needs to be replaced?

A: If you have experienced any of the following symptoms with your Macbook:

  • Flickering LCD screen
  • Cracked and damaged screen
  • Screen Display is dim
  • Overlapped images on your screen
  • Steady or intermittent lines on your screen
  • Booting to a blank display
  • Screen goes on and off frequently
  • Frozen retina display
  • Screen goes off automatically after sometime
  • Screen turns on/off when moved
  • Retina Display goes dim or black/grey when moved
  • Distorted colours or variation in brightness of the colour on the screen 
  • Bleeding Retina Display on right/left corner of the screen


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