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MacBook Speaker & Microphone Repair
MacBook Repair Centre

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You can try these bad ideas:

• Manufacturer Warranty Service
• Buy a Replacement Device (repair or replace)


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Macbook Speaker & Microphone Solutions


Apple Repair Mississauga

Before you call - Have the following ready to save time and waiting on the phone:

Your MacBook Model Number.

You will find your Macbook model number on the bottom of your Macbook (the part that rests on your desk).

The model number will start with A followed by 4 numbers (A####) For example: A1989.

The Model Number will be in light grey print - similar to this:   A1286 



We Make It Easy


The manufacturer does the easy bit (at a high cost) - replaces your device (with a refurb!) -
leaving it to you to:

1. Backup your data

2. Wipe your device

3. Restore your backed up data

4. Reinstall your apps & reconfigure your device

--> good luck! 

What do you have to do at TechKow Space?


We do the heavy lifting - TechKnow returns your own MacBook with your apps and your data backed by our Rock Solid warranty.

MacBook Speaker

Time to
We Replace Speakers
for All MacBook Models
A2289 $199.95

180 Days

90 Days

2 Hours

8+ Days frown

A2159 $199.95
A1820 $199.95
A2141 $199.95
A1466 $189.95
A1534 $189.95
A1425 $189.95
A1398 $169.95
A1286 $159.95
A1278 $159.95

We diagnose, restore and replace the following damaged MacBook, MacBook Air, MacBook Pro / Retina Mic and Speaker situations:

MacBook Doesn't Record Audio
MacBook Doesn't Play Sound
MacBook Distorted Sound
Liquid Spill on MacBook

Crystal clear MacBook audio

If your microphone isn't working correctly on your MacBook, MacBook Air, or MacBook Pro you will notice as soon as you try to use it, you may try to record or chat online the sound quality doesn't play back clear, or not at all. We can repair your Macbook microphone and have you back to recording and video chatting in no time at all.

Our replacement fee is 25%-40% less expensive than the manufacturer’s replacement fee.

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Having difficulty finding a solution?

We have 2 options to serve your repair needs, choose:

Full Service - You buy the part and repair solution from us,
BYOP Service - What is BYOP? (BYOP Explained)

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