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Due to the COVID-19 situation we are indundated with an unusually high number of repairs - being that 1. Other repair centres are closed, 2.Apple Store is closed, 3.Staffing is constrained (among other factors) EXPECT DELAYS in he completion of diagnostics and repairs.

We remain open to serve you during the Government of Ontario ordered closure of non-essential businesses.

MacBook Screen Repair Centre - Most Models - 2 Hours
Serving Toronto, Mississauga, Etobicoke, Brampton, Milton, Burlington, Oakville, Hamilton, St. Catharines, London, Kitchener, Waterloo, Cambridge, Guelph, Orangeville, Barrie

Open Canada Day - Mississauga: 10am - 6pm. Toronto: 10am - 4:30pm.

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MacBook Screen Repair

Macbook screen repair Toronto and Macbook screen repair Mississauga.  Macbook screen replacement in 2 hours.

  • We have most MacBook screens in stock ready for immediate replacement!  
  • Typical installation time: 2 hours.

Look for quality of Apple parts, quick repair turnaround time and technical experience repairing MacBooks.

We balance the best mix of quality and service bringing you the very best solution possible at a reasonable price.

LCD Replacement

MacBook Models
LCD Screen Assembly Replacement Price Typical Repair Time
$199.95 2 Hours
MacBook Pro
MacBook Air $549.95
MacBook with Retina Display $549.95 to $749.95

Glass Replacement

MacBook Models
Screen Glass Replacement Price Typical Repair Time
MacBook A1286 $99.95 2 to 4 Hours
MacBook A1278

Macbook Screen Problems


Some common symptoms which can occur in Macbook, Macbook, Pro and Macbook Air models which would require a screen replacement include:

• You have dead pixels on your Macbook screen
• Screen is physically cracked
• The MacBook display is refreshing at a low rate (slow or lags)
• Your Macbook has come in contact with liquid
• The backlight on your Macbook isn’t working
• Horizontal or vertical lines running through the screen
• Your Macbook’s screen is dim
• The image shakes and moves up and down on the screen
• LCD flickering
• Faintness or intermittent dimming
• Ghosting or image overlap


A few quick checks you can do to help determine whether your MacBook screen issue might require a screen replacement:

  • White Screen
    First restart your MacBook and hold option and r keys together - if you still see only a whte screen you may need it replaced
  • Black Screen
    Ensure there is power connected and/or the battery is charged and Restart the MacBook
  • Screen Goes On and Off When I Move the Lid
    There could be a problem with the LCD or the screen connector cable - bring it in for diagnostics
  • Screen Turns Off After Being On For Some Time
    This could be a screen problem, a failing cooling fan or even a logic board failure. 

Macbook Screen Replacement Process

We typically keep all screens for all Macbook models in stock. However, due to an unexpected increases in repair volumes of certain models or a shortage of screens in the market we might be out of stock on a given model at a given time.

1. Using the form below provide us your MacBook model number (A followed by 4 Digits A####)
    This is very important!
2. We will email you with a price and availability.
3. If the price is acceptable:

A. If we have the screen in stock, you can bring in your Macbook Pro, Macbook, or Macbook Air model and we will replace your screen within 2 hours.
B. If we don’t have the screen in stock, we can typically order most screens within 1 to 2 business days. If you find our price acceptable and would like us to order the screen, you have two choices:
1-Visit, 2-Hour Process:

1. Call us and provide advance payment with your credit card authorizing us to place the order.
2. We will notify you when we receive the part - typically within 1 to 2 business days.
3. Bring your MacBook in during our regular business hours and we will replace your screen within 2 hours.

2-Visits, No-Wait Process:

1. If you are not comfortable with credit card transactions over the phone -- bring your Macbook (or other mac model) in and leave it with us.
2. We will order your screen and receive it within 2 business days.
3. We will install your new screen and call you upon completion of installation and testing.
4. Come in during regular business hours to pick up your expertly repaired MacBook

Repair Inquiries

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Macbook Inquiry Form

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