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Macbook Trackpad Repair Toronto Mississauga
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Macbook Trackpad/Touchpad Repair

Macbook trackpad repair Toronto and Macbook trackpad repair Mississauga.We carry most MacBook Trackpads in stock!  

We replace MacBook Trackpads in 2 hours


MacBook Models Trackpad/TouchPad Repair Price Typical Repair Time
Original MacBook $99.95 to $129.95 2 Hours to 2 Days
MacBook Pro & Air Standard & Retina $129.95 to $169.95 2 Hours


All MacBook Repairs




We diagnose, restore and replace the following damaged MacBook, MacBook Air, MacBook Pro / Retina Trackpad/Touchpad situations:

MacBook Misaligned Trackpad
MacBook Trackpad not Responding
MacBook Damaged Trackpad
Liquid Spill on MacBook

The advent of the computer mouse was an important step in making computers easy to use for the average at-home user. The next step in interfacing evolution is the trackpad, which allowed laptops to become a versatile and portable option for everyone.

The trackpad, or touchpad as it is sometimes called, is a touch-sensitive part of your MacBook used to control the cursor for clicking on links, selecting files and to prompt actions from your laptop.

The trackpad on your MacBook can register many different multi-touch gestures to perform specific tasks, such as:

  • Swipe up or down with two fingers for scrolling
  • Swipe left or right with two fingers in a web browser or PDF document to go backwards or forwards a page
  • Swipe left or right with three fingers to switch between apps or windows
  • Pinch in or out with thumb and one finger to zoom in or out on images, documents or web pages

You can enable these in System Settings on your MacBook if they are not already turned on by default.

Issues you might notice with your trackpad

Some common problems people experience with their MacBook trackpad are:

  • Unable to move the mouse at all
  • Cursor moves without trackpad being touched
  • Cursor difficult to manipulate or move
  • Can’t click on anything
  • Mouse selects or clicks on things without any input from you

These are signs that you will need to replace the trackpad on your MacBook

Your MacBook’s trackpad can malfunction or stop working for many different reasons, such as:

  • Liquid spilt on the keyboard or trackpad
  • Physical damage to the trackpad, like dropping your MacBook or dropping something on the trackpad
  • Wear and tear on the surface of the trackpad

When your trackpad needs to be replaced you may notice any kind of problem, most users notice that the cursor jumps or moves without the touchpad being touched. Some users notice that the cursor starts acting odd and hard to use after a period of time, it doesn't click properly or it doesn't respond. If any of those problems are happening to you bring your MacBook in and we can replace your MacBook's touchpad.

You might feel that without a working trackpad, you can just plug in an external computer mouse and use that instead. But for many users, that is more of an added inconvenience because the whole reason they use a laptop is that it is easy to pack up and move around.

Needing to remember to bring an extra mouse with you everywhere will definitely begin to get tiresome for you very fast, but fixing the trackpad on your own is certainly not recommended.

Taking your MacBook to Apple’s Genius Bar can be a difficult option

They can often take weeks to even look at your problem, and then a few weeks on top of that to do the repair. That's after waiting for an appointment just to be seen.

The Techknow Space is your best option for all MacBook trackpad repairs and replacements

Our certified in-house technicians can replace your MacBook trackpad within 2 hours, so you can get back to your normal daily life sooner rather than later.

The trackpad is such an important part of your MacBook, so why would you want to use your MacBook without it? Visit the Techknow Space today to get a fast and easy solution for your broken trackpad.

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