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Due to the COVID-19 situation we are indundated with an unusually high number of repairs - being that 1. Other repair centres are closed, 2.Apple Store is closed, 3.Staffing is constrained (among other factors) EXPECT DELAYS in he completion of diagnostics and repairs.

We remain open to serve you during the Government of Ontario ordered closure of non-essential businesses.

Mobile Phone Antenna Repair Toronto Mississauga
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Mobile Phone Antenna Repair

iPhone with a repaired antenna 


The antenna is a component that allows your Phone to connect to your carrier’s cellular and LTE network.




If you’re having an issue with your phone antenna, you will notice low signal strength or dropped calls, or fuzzy connections, your antenna could be broken, damaged or have come loose.

If you’re experiencing any of those issues, or if you can’t make or receive calls, come in and our experts can repair your cellular antenna problem while you wait! 

If you drop your phone or it gets something spilled on it, the antenna can get damaged. The antenna cable can break or become disconnected, causing a problem with the signal.

If people you call complain that you are “cutting out”, or you find that you only have 1-2 bars beside the carrier’s name, or the dreadful “No Service” message – you should bring your Phone to one of our locations in Toronto or Mississauga to get your cellular antenna replaced.

Our trained technicians can do the antenna replacement on your Phone within an hour, while you enjoy a coffee and Netflix in our lounge!

It can be frustrating to have a phone with a damaged or malfunctioning antenna, because the antenna controls many of the functions that make cell phones such an important part of many people’s lives. Simple tasks such as making and receiving phone calls, sending text messages or using your cell phone service provider’s LTE network suddenly become annoying or impossible when your cell phone has a broken or damaged antenna cable.

The antenna cable in the Phone is connected to the rest of the internal “guts” of the phone, which is called the logic board, and if the connection holding the antenna to the logic board becomes damaged or broken, you might experience issues such as:

  • dropped calls,
  • calls where the person on the other side of the call complains you are cutting out,
  • a “No Service” or “Emergency Service Only” message where the signal strength bars should be,
  • only 1 or 2 signal strength bars filled instead of 4 or 5, or
  • you are unable to connect to LTE or 3G networks.

Signal antenna problems are often a result of a failing or damaged antenna. If replacing or repairing the antenna doesn't restore your signal the mainboard will often need to be repaired.


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