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Mobile Phone Battery Replacement

The lithium-ion batteries used in phones today all have one thing in common: their capacity decreases with use.

A new battery should last typically 500 full charge and discharge cycles before capacity is reduced to 80%.

Once a battery reaches this threshold it should be replaced.

Typically, you will find that after using the phone for over a year the ability of your phone’s battery to hold the charge is reduced and you might have to charge the battery more than once a day. Within 2 years and with regular use most phones are due for battery replacement.

Mainboard Damage

Changing your battery when you first notice symptoms is especially important to avoid mainboard damage. 

When a battery is nearing the end of or has exhausted its useful life:

  • the mainboard controlllers which manage electricity use in your phone do not distribute power properly
  • the charging circuits may become overloaded or overheat trying to pump power into a compromised battery

Either of these situations may (or are likely to) result in circuit damage which will require a separate mainboard repair.



    There are two kinds of batteries, depending on your phone's make and model:

    Internal Batteries

    Internal installable batteries are built-in to the phone and require often complex dissasembly to replace.

    (We would need to open up your phone and use soldering and other tools necessary to replace your old battery.)

    The prices of internal batteries reflect the cost of the new battery and associated service charges for the labour.

    Replaceable Batteries

    Replaceable or swappable batteries can easily be replaced yourself.

    (Open battery compartment, remove the old battery and insert the new one)

    We carry both internal and replaceable batteries in stock at each of our locations.


    How is an iPhone battery replaced?

    1. Power off your iPhone
    2. Remove the two screws on either side of the lightning port
    3. Gently lift the bottom of the screen with a plastic spudger or guitar pick
    4. Glide the pick towards the top corner to separate the screen from the frame
    5. Open the iPhone like a book with the home button end of the front panel assembly, using the top of the phone as the spine
    6. Lift the display to about a 90º angle, and lean it against something while you're working on the phone
    7. Remove the two screws holding the battery connector bracket
    8. Remove the bracket and unclip the battery connector from the socket
    9. Peel out the battery adhesive tab from the bottom edge of the battery
    10. Pull the adhesive tab away from the battery and repeat for the second adhesive
    11. Alternatively, glide a piece of dental floss between the case and battery
    12. Once the battery is free replace the adhesive and reposition the replacement battery
    13. Plug the new battery jack into its socket
    14. Reverse the steps to replace the bracket and screws
    15. Close the iPhone and power it on, done :)

    What causes a battery to swell?


    There is a lot of technical information available about chemical reactions and 'outgassing' and about how batteries work internally.  

    From over a decade of experience, having repaired hudreds of thousands of devices, we know there a typically 3 possible reasons for battery swell:

    • Logic board damage ~50% of the time.

      Things like liquid, impact, long exposure to sunlight or freezing temperatures can cause damage to the mainboard - shorting the battery and causing it to overheat.

    • Continuing to charge an old battery.
    • Using a damaged charger.


    Original Vs Aftermarket Battery Replacement

    We are often asked why our battery prices are higher than the ones found online, via Amazon, eBay, etc.

    The answer is quite simple, really. We carry only original (OEM) batteries, whereas the cheap batteries typically found online are really made by third parties. These 3rd party batteries are really something you should be wary of, as they are prone to:

    • not outputting correct power that your phone requires and damaging your phone’s circuits;
    • having a much shorter lifespan;
    • in some cases, defective aftermarket batteries may swell & rupture risking a fire :(


    Phone Battery Warranty

    All Phone Batteries we replace are warranted for 6 months.Warranty

    See: Full warranty details


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