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We remain open to serve you during the Government of Ontario ordered closure of non-essential businesses.

5 Tips To Improve Your Phones Battery Life
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Tips to improve the lifespan of your phone battery

  1. Once every few months or so, use your phone until the battery runs down all the way, to the point that the phone shuts down, and then charge it all the way up. With many devices this helps to “recalibrate” the battery.
  2. Turn off location services. Tracking your location uses GPS and drains your battery a lot. If you switch it off completely, you will commonly see up to as much as a 50% improvement in your battery life! If you must use location services for certain apps, most phones will allow you to select which apps have access to location data. Preventing apps you don’t use on a daily basis from having location information is a good solution for extending your battery life.
  3. Lower your screen brightness or turn on automatic brightness. As simple as it sounds, most people forget about this. Your screen is typically the one component of the phone that consumes the most of your battery. Lowering the brightness of your screen is a sure way to get more out of your battery.
  4. Turn off Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. If you travel around a lot you can switch your Wi-Fi off when you cannot use it. When switched on, your phone’s Wi-Fi is constantly searching for networks to connect to, which takes a toll on your battery life. Bluetooth is similar, if you don’t use it often you can keep it switched off, and only turn it on when you need it. When you are in a Wi-Fi zone however, make sure to switch to Wi-Fi as opposed to using your mobile data.
  5. Close apps running in the background. A lot of apps, once started, keep constantly running in the background, ready to provide you with notification updates. Try fully closing the apps you don’t use too frequently.  

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