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Mobile Phone Camera Repair

Many people refer to the cameras on their phone as rear cameras, front cameras, selfie cameras, and built-in webcams. For many, these unique components turn out to be more of a necessity than a luxury!

Phone cameras are usually an independant component and can be replaced.  When the camera has failed altogether, is taking blurry pictures, or has dark spots a replacement usually does the trick. 

In cases where replacing the camera doesn't solve (or entirely solve) the problem it is likely that the mainboard has incurred some damage as well. We will diagnose and advise the appropriate mainboard repair in this situation. 

“What Does My Phone Rear Camera and Front Camera Actually Do?”

Although you might think your front camera and back camera are essentially the same thing, they can serve very different purposes. For example, your front camera is best for selfies whereas your back camera is better for snapping images in front of you. You might also notice the specifications of your front and back cameras will differ, as one may have a higher level of quality than the other. Depending on your personal preference and how you use your smartphone cameras, you may be more likely to use one versus the other.


As an example, take these iPhone 7 front camera and back camera repairs into consideration:

iPhone 7
Back Cam
iPhone 7
Front Cam
Megapixels 12 7
Aperture ƒ/1.8 ƒ/2.2
Digital Zoom 5x 2x

Smartphones have essentially replaced your typical point-and-shoot cameras, simply because they offer superior quality and are available right at your fingertips. Truly, we’re already on our phones 90% of the time anyway! Even though these cameras are unique in the sense that they’re readily available and small in size, they’re also prone to experiencing damage.


"This was recommended by a colleague of mine. I have been here twice. Both times the service was efficient and friendly!"

Our Phone Front Camera and Rear Camera Repair Services

To put it simply - our front camera and rear camera repair services give you the ability to take beautiful pictures once again. Considering one of the main reasons as to why people opt for newer versions of their phone is for upgrades to the camera hardware, there’s nothing worse than being stuck with a broken phone camera.

If you’re starting to notice you’re more inconvenienced by having a broken front camera or rear camera on your phone, we’d say it’s time to bring your device into The TechKnow Space for camera repairs!

The Importance of Phone Front Camera and Rear Camera Repairs

Opting to have phone front camera repairs and rear camera repairs is an essential decision, especially if you’re the type of person that enjoys snapping pictures and uploading them to social media or sending them to family and friends. Regardless of if you use your camera for more professional or personal purposes, a faulty one can be incredibly difficult to live with.

  • Taking Professional Photos: In today’s day and age, there’s no point to worrying about buying a brand new DSLR camera to take pictures to post on your company’s social media profiles or your website. In fact, your phone probably has just as great of a camera and with the help of editing software, anything can look like it was taken in a professional studio. If you force yourself to not get phone camera repairs, you’ll be spending thousands of dollars on a DSLR camera and that doesn't include the cost of lenses you need.
  • Capturing Fun and Memorable Moments: You can’t really put a price on missing out on amazing family pictures, especially if you’re on vacation. Without a working phone camera, you’re going to be forced to try to remember those moments for the rest of your life. Even something as simple as seeing your favourite band in concert can’t be recorded without the help of a functioning camera. There’s no reason for you to miss out on memorable moments, especially when The TechKnow Space offers phone camera repairs.
  • Getting Rid of Blurry Photos: It’s one thing to deal with a phone camera that doesn’t work at all but it’s another thing to deal with a functioning camera that always seems to be blurry. Sure, you can get a general idea of the subject of your photos but it won’t be nearly as crisp and clear as they would be with a functioning camera. You deserve to take advantage of the true power of your device’s camera, regardless of what you’re trying to capture.



Mainboard Damage

Sometimes when replacing cameras they still present present problems. The cameras electornically speak to and are controlled by circuits on the logic board. If they are faulty you will need a main logic board repair

Symptoms include: camera doesn't work after being replaced, camera stops taking pictures/videos, camera stops working.


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