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Mobile Phone Charging Port Repair Information

This is where the charging port is located on most phones and what it looks like, on iPhones anyways.

The USB charging port might just be one of the most critical components of your phone -- if the charging port has failed it may fail to sync or take a very long time to reach a full charge if it charges it at all. If your phone isn’t charging fully or even at sufficient current it could even damage your battery.

"My Phone Won't Charge"

If you can't get your phone to charge, then there is likely a problem with your phone USB charging port, located on the bottom of most phones. We replace the USB charging port for most phone brands and models.

"How does the charging port break?"

USB charging ports, otherwise known as a USB port, power jack, sync plug, etc., is the most common point of external electrical contact. By using a USB cable we are able to connect our phones to chargers, computers and other devices in order to transfer personal data, audio/video content and, most often, charge the device. These small contact points experience a great deal of wear over time from being physically plugged in and unplugged. Naturally, the effectiveness of these ports degrade over time and need to be repaired or replaced.

"How do I know it's a problem with the charging port?"

When the device doesn't charge you can be almost certain that the USB charging port needs to be replaced. Sometimes, you can visibly see the damage that has occurred from overuse, rough usage, mishandling or plugging in cables the wrong way. Other times the damage may not be visible. The connections itself are very small making it difficult to see physical wear. In these cases, it may be a problem that arose from using an aftermarket charger, cables in poor condition and liquid or water damage.

"My phone charges but my computer doesn't recognize it when its plugged in."

Intermittent problems with the USB charging port could be a sign that it's on its way out and needs to be replaced. This can be observed if it charges but doesn't sync, charging is interrupted, loose connections or you need to keep it in a certain orientation for it to work consistently.

We repair these issues and more. Our expert technicians will evaluate and identify the issues to have your phone fixed, normally within an hour. Read more for additional information on model-specific USB charging port repairs and services.

Mainboard Damage

Damage to a phone's charging port is one of the most common scenarios where the problem continues past the port itself and into the mainboard controller circuits. Most of the time a charging port repair will resolve the issue -- except when it doesn't.  In these cases the power control control circuits on the phone's mainboard will need to be repaired.


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