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Mobile Phone Headphone Jack repair

The cell phone/smart phone audio connector is also known as phone jack, audio jack, headphone jack or jack plug. This is an electrical connector that is most commonly used for analog signals and primarily audio.

Common wear and tear is the most common reason for headphone jack failure.  Secondarily the accumulation of dirt and debris causes damage to the electrical contacts inside the port.

Mainboard Damage

In some cases the the cause of headphone jack problems can be damage to the mainboard, and vice-versa - failure of the mainboard circuits can be a result of headphone jack damage. In either situation you will likely need a replacement headphone jack as well as a mainboard repair.

Customer Questions:

“The headphone jack on my Apple iPhone 6 is not working properly How can I fix it?”

 iPhone broken headphone jack

Having a faulty headphone jack is not fun. If you’re having trouble listening to music, podcasts, and other kinds of audio, it’s a complete bummer.

 Not only that, if your iPhone thinks headphones are plugged in when they aren't, a broken headphone jack can mess with sound through the speaker too. Other issues that pop up could include: crackling or audio cutting in and out irregularly.

 If any of these sounds like something you're experiencing, a repair is definitely needed. 

The Audio jack on the iPhone 6 is actually part of the dock assembly. This means you'll be replacing the entire dock in order to restore functionality.

 This is not an easy repair to accomplish as it would be very easy to destroy fragile components on the dock itself and lead to even a bigger issue if you tried doing this on your own. 

So, come on in, and see the experts at TechKnow Space! We offer you high quality, 1-hour headphone jack replacements for all smartphones.

“My Samsung Galaxy S7 edge is having audio problems when I plug in my earbuds”

Samsung broken headphone jack

Are you a gamer or someone who streams media all the time? If so, sound issues are among the most annoying problems that could happen to you.

There are many contributing factors that can cause audio/earphone jack issues; it can range from being a firmware issue to an audio amplifier of the phone, which means it’s suffering from a hardware issue.




Instead of trying to figure out what could have went wrong, let our trained professionals take a look for you. With our fast service, your phone’s audio port will back to normal in no time!

  “While using my Blackberry Curve with both Bluetooth or wired headphones, I have been hearing crackling noise, what’s going on?”


broken headphone jack on a phone

There are few reasons that can cause audio/earphone issues. Some include: software related problems, physical damage or faulty hardware components can also do this.

When you're a person who is always on the go, and your phone get’s you through your day for business or personal needs, the last thing you want on your list is having a non-functional Jack.

For easy and effortless solution, drop by to any of our convenient locations at Techknow Space and let expert to take a look.

Did you know?Headphones from history 

In 1895 people started rocking out tunes of the local opera house right from the comfort of their own home. They’d jam to the music wearing headphones that looked more like stethoscopes. I must say, we have come a long way!



IPhone 7, no headphone jack? What does that mean to me?

 Here are some quick facts you need to know:  the iPhone 7 has no headphone jack

  • This change calls for new headphones, Yes, that’s right, you’ll be receiving new Bluetooth wireless earbuds. 
  • Not only will you be using that lighting connector to charge your phone, the new change will have a headphone adapter so you can insert your own standard headphone’s if you’re not big on Wireless audio streaming.


Just got your new iPhone 7 and having connection issues? Tried many other wireless headphone’s and still no good?

With our up-to-date experienced technicians, we can help you resolve you Bluetooth/Audio connection problems.

What are you waiting for? Come and see us today!


You will notice almost right away if your phone has a headphone jack problem. Usually, if the sound is distorted, one side is not producing sound (or both sides not working) or it is missing out on the outstanding earphone sound quality you expect, your headphone jack is damaged. Headphone jack replacement is performed by our expert technicians, typically within 1 hour. So if you’re not hearing the crystal clear sound you're used to through your standard OEM headphones that came with it or your super-duper high-end earphones, stop by and we can replace it today.

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