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Mobile Phone Screen Replacement


When other repair shops can't solve your screen problem we can guarantee a phone screen logic board repair 9 times out of 10. 

Logic Board Repair For All Devices


Usually the cost-effective way to deal with screen problems is to have the screen assembly replaced.

Problems with one layer of the screen assembly, whether it is the glass, touchscreen, or LCD / LED display, are usually best fixed by replacing the entire three-layer component. Although some discount shops will do glass-only replacement the result is often less-than-desired in terms of quality, usability and durability.    

Select your phone brand for screen replacement pricing by model:

1 Hour (or less) turnaround time for phone screen repair



Outer Screen (associated with the phone digitizer, glass, or the touchscreen) problem symptoms include:

  • not responding to your touch
  • glass is cracked or broken
  • glass moves downwards when touched
  • You can’t “slide to unlock” 
  • The screen is badly scratched and difficult to see through

Your phone’s LCD will likely need to be replaced if you experience of the following:

  • Cannot see any image on the screen
  • The screen is displaying lines
  • The display is intermittent
  • The display has bleeding (the liquid in the Liquid Crystal Display is bleeding through the hairline cracks in the LCD glass.
  • The screen is dark/black 

For any of the above, your screen assembly needs to be replaced. Bring your phone to The TechKnow Space and let our expert technicians replace the screen within an hour. Trying to repair an individual layer of the screen assembly like just the LCD, is more expensive in both time and cost compared to simply replacing the entire part.


Often, the digitizer or the LCD part of the phone screen may not be visibly broken, but does fail to work due to repeated knocks, dings and drops. So, while the glass screen has no visible crack, it might be white or unresponsive to the touch. After suffering multiple knocks and drops over time, just the slightest impact may render it inoperable. This is a perplexing but common experience for many users who can’t understand why a very slight impact resulted in the failure of their touchscreen..

A damaged LCD can also be bleeding the liquid that is sealed within it. This impact often results in hair-line cracks that are often invisible to the naked eye. Over time, however, repeated knocks can widen and deepen the cracks until they are large enough to seep out liquid.

Using your phone with a partially non-responsive or a fully dead screen is very frustrating. It means you can’t access a portion of your apps or are not able to see any display at all!

Frame Damage

Sometimes when the drop that damages your phone screen also causes damage to the frame as well. The phone’s case may become dented, bent and otherwise deformed, preventing the new replacement screen from being installed properly.

It is crucial to address the issue with the frame before installing the new screen, as doing the installation on an imperfect frame could cause stress on the glass, and make the screen crack with a minimal amount of force applied to it.

In the event if we find damage that requires some minor adjustment, we will perform the repair at no extra charge to you. If the frame is severely deformed (and sometimes that can only become evident after the cracked screen is removed) we will call you and inform you of an additional charge (typically less than $20) for realigning the frame and with the costs of replacing the housing entirely.

Again, when we discover any issues with your device beyond just a screen replacement, we will inform you and ask for your confirmation before we do any phone screen repairs.

Unseen Damage

Further Damage not Addressed by a Screen Replacement

Typically, your display or LCD gets damaged because of a hit, bang or a drop. When this happens, you are unable to use your phone since you cannot see what is displayed on the screen. It is possible that the bang or the ding has also damaged other components on your phone, like your headphone jack, loudspeaker, earpiece, wifi antenna, etc. We can often only discover these failures once we have replaced the screen, and can observe the behaviour of your phone functions on the display. Should we identify any additional repairs needing to be done to your phone, we will call you for confirmation before completing any repairs. 

In situations where your phone screen is not the only problem we may need to perform additional diagnostic work to determine the cause of the problem and the repair approach which can take more than an hour and sometimes up to a day.  (We will always keep you posted during the repair process!)

Review By Beth Leduc

"Thumbs up to TechKnow Space. I've used them several times and recommend them to all my friends. They've always had my repairs done in the amount of time quoted."

Mainboard Damage

It is always possible that a damaging event - especially an impact - can affect the phone beyond just the screen. The mainboard of the phone also controls how the screen operates and although fairly well protected inside can still be susceptible to damage.  In many cases we can repair damage to the phone's mainboard affecting display and touch functions.


Phone Screen Repair FAQ


What are possible issues for a screen needing to be replaced?


If the screen doesn't respond to touch.
An unresponsive touchscreen can be fixed by replacing the screen 90% of the time. In other cases, there is an issue with the microchip that controls the touch functions which requires the logic board to be serviced.

If there is a faint image but no light
When you can barely make out an image since it's mostly black the screen is not being illuminated. When this happens the backlight is not functioning. 80% of the time replacing the screen will fix this issue, other times the logic board needs to be serviced when the backlight is not receiving power.

If the screen is always black
Second most common reason to replace the screen. Although a screen that doesn't work can be daunting, it is often fixed with a routine part replacement. If you're finding that the device still responds to charging or the notification LED is still blinking, then chances are the display component of the screen is damaged. Other times there can be more serious problems with the device; possible liquid damage or another logic board issue if it's not powering on.

Looks like black ink leaked inside the screen
When a pitch black spot appears on the display it is a clear indication of being physically damaged. This component needs to be replaced not only for esthetic purposes, but more so because that black spot can spread like ink. This happens most often when the display component of the screen has had some blunt trauma. Even though the image may have spots, the touch should still respond as normal.

Glass is cracked or broken
Glass is glass. A broken drinking glass can cause harm, so it gets replaced. Same thing with glass on phones, only in this case the glass is laminated to the display and touch components, so the screen assembly needs to be changed. Glass breaks, it happens and its nothing we should be surprised about. We're not in the space age where ultra-thin pieces of glass are impervious to breaking. Not yet, anyway ;)

Vertical or horizontal solid line on display
If a green, pink or purple straight line appears on your screen the only solution is to replace the screen. Pixels that make up the display are electronically controlled by a matrix of signals and are pinpointed by vertical and horizontal coordinates. When one or more of these super fine and delicate signal lines are damaged it will result in lines or other artefacts appearing on the screen.

Distorted image
In rare cases, a distorted image being produced might result from an issue with your graphics processor on the logic board. A clearer indication of the cause would be any evidence of physical damage to the screen like a crack or dent. If damage can be observed or you know it took a hit then replacing the screen quickly solves this issue.

Stain in screen
"How does something get stained under glass?" You might ask, well it does. It happens when water or other liquid has entered the device and soaked into the layers of the display components. The result is most often bright spots that appear to be stained into the image. These stains cannot be cleaned, but a screen replacement will fix the screen problem. Any other issues will need to be addressed with a water damage cleaning.

Bright spots in screen
Something that happens much less often than other issues yet, is still fixed by replacing the screen. These bright spots might be singular spots of brightness or an excess of brightness near the top or bottom of the screen. For bright spots that look like stains, check the section about screen stains. For all other inconsistent brightness issues, replacing it with a new screen assembly will make the problem disappear.

Screen is flickering
A flickering screen can result from a few different causes. There are some nuances that would identify if the flickering is caused by the graphical display signal, backlight issue, graphics processing issue, software, logic board or something completely different. Our technicians can easily identify that the problem is, so drop in to get it fixed and don't worry about it anymore.

Screen is frozen
A This is most likely a software or logic board issue. Rarely, if ever, does replacing a screen resolve a frozen screen issue. We will be running diagnostics on a device in this situation and let you know a solution and price before continuing with the repair.

What components make up a screen?
A screen assembly is made up of two major components. The part that displays the image and the part the responds to when you touch the screen, known as a touch screen or digitizer. The display component itself normally has a separate backlight to project the image into our eyes (except Sony projection LED screens). For esthetics and safety, a hardened piece of glass is bonded to the touch screen. All these parts are laminated together. On their own they are extremely fragile, but have a higher resistance to damage when its all put together. 

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