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Mobile Phone Ringer and LoudSpeaker Repair

Also commonly referred to as speakerphone, ringer, or external phone speaker, a loudspeaker can be more of a necessity than a luxury for many.



Our Smartphone Speakerphone Repair Services

You’re probably familiar with putting your phone up to your ear whenever you place a call, but to take advantage of hands-free talk, you’ll need to rely on your loudspeaker. Having a damaged speakerphone not only makes it relatively impossible to place hands-free phone calls but it also interrupts the performance of your ringer. Imagine being in a situation where you aren’t able to hear your phone ring when you’re across the room. It’s also impossible to listen to music hands-free while working out or cleaning.

If you’re beginning to notice your speakerphone is intermittently working and becoming more and more of an inconvenience, choosing a smartphone speakerphone repair will become more time sensitive than ever.

Loudspeaker problems are not always related to the speaker itself especially if you are experiencing additional audio-related issues. If replacing the loudspeaker doesn't restore functionality a mainboard repair is probably necessary.

What is a Phone Loudspeaker?

The simplest explanation of a ringer/loudspeaker is it is the component that allows you to talk to contacts, listen to media, and hear alerts hands-free and without needing headphones. There are plenty of devices that have loudspeakers and at The TechKnow Space in Mississauga, we offer repairs on them all, including smartphones, computers/MacBooks/laptops, and tablets.


The Importance of Speakerphone Repairs

You'll never truly understand the importance of having access to a working ringer until yours becomes faulty. If you find you're in dire need of help with your smartphones such as Blackberry speakerphone repair, LG speakerphone repair, OnePlus speakerphone repair, or Samsung speakerphone repair, The TechKnow Space is here to help! We work with an assortment of different phone brands and device models when it comes to smartphone repairs in Mississauga.


Getting Rid of Headphones

Even though headphones can be quite beneficial in most circumstances, such as when you’re travelling or in public and don’t feel like sharing your music with the whole world, they can also be a pain. With the help of ringer repairs, you have access to high-quality sound at any time. For example, if you’re sitting on the couch scrolling through Instagram or Facebook and pull up a quick video, who has time to find a pair of headphones in order to hear anything? You’re going to want to be able to press play and have the sound start immediately.


Saving Money on Sound Accessories

Let’s face it, sound accessories can be incredibly expensive, especially if you’re looking into brands that are endorsed by celebrities or that offer high-quality sound. Not everyone has the budget to spend hundreds of dollars on headphones, only to lose them or break them at some point (even though here at The TechKnow Space we offer headphone repairs). Opting to listen to music through your phone is far less expensive and can be quite convenient when you’re alone.


Hands-Free Talk

Take a moment to think of all the times you’ve been doing the dishes, cooking dinner, or cleaning around the house and your phone rings. Is it really a necessity to stop what you’re doing to hold the phone up to your ear? No, and it’s inconvenient. A functioning phone ringer is the future of making it easier to answer and place calls to where you can continue with your daily activities without any interruptions



Conference Calls

Not everyone has access to the fancy VoIP (Voice over IP) programs and components that large companies have, and when it comes to conference calls you’re going to need to use what you have: speakerphone. You’ll easily be able to hold meetings with people in your immediate area and others that are further away, without the extra expenses. Without the help of smartphone speakerphone repair, you’ll be faced with the task of hold the phone to your ear and relaying information from the person on the phone to the people right beside you.

At The TechKnow Space in Mississauga and Toronto, we can easily help with LG ringer repair, OnePlus ringer repair, Blackberry speakerphone repair, Samsung ringer repair, iPhone ringer repair, and more.


Access to Alerts and Alarms

In today’s day and age, it’s fairly uncommon to find people buying alarm clocks unless they’re integrated into a phone charging dock. In most cases, they are going to rely on their phones for their alarms to wake up for work, remember important deadlines, and more. When your alarm rings, it goes through your loudspeaker and it would be relatively impossible to rely on the fact the alarm is loud enough when ringing through your headphones.

This same principle applies to alerts such as phone calls and text messages. All of the notifications you currently have programmed (aside from vibration and messages that appear on the screen) rely on your loudspeakers to make noise.

Without them, you’re going to have to rely on visual cues and vibration to know when there’s an update to an app or an incoming call or text. Then imagine if the vibrator motor in your phone starts to experience problems, you’ll surely be out of luck! Choosing to get a smartphone ringer repair is the better option than waiting until it's too late.


Sharing Videos with Friends and Family

There’s always a moment when you find something hilarious on your Instagram or Facebook page and you NEED to show it to a friend or a family member. It’s pretty unsanitary and really inconvenient to share headphones with others, especially if they’re ear buds.

The better option? Playing the media through your speakerphone function. Though if it's faulty or not working at all, it’s going to be impossible and you’ll have to resort to the headphone method.

If you’re concerned about experiencing any of these common issues with phone loudspeakers, we suggest bringing your device into The TechKnow Space in Mississauga where our technicians will be able to diagnose the issue and replace either the loudspeakers themselves or at worst, the logic/motherboard of your phone.



Common Issues with Loudspeakers

  • When placing a hands-free call you can’t hear the person on the other end of the line
  • Voices will sound muffled when using the smartphone loudspeaker
  • Music and sounds will play intermittently through the loudspeaker
  • External speakers will give off “popping” noises before going silent
  • Your headphones will work perfectly but no sound will come out of your loudspeaker
  • Sound is unbalanced when playing through the speakerphone function
  • Your smartphone ringer and alerts don’t play through the loudspeakers


Choosing Professional Smartphone Speakerphone Repairs

The first thing you need to do is not panic! Speakerphone problems are common and can be as a result of a few different things such as water damage or damage from dropping your device.

You might be experiencing one (or many) of the issues above and although it might feel like it’s the end of the world - it’s not. Replacing the loudspeakers on your smart phone will give you the ability to clearly hear calls from friends and family as well as music and alerts.

It’s important to know that these repairs are not something you should attempt to complete on your own. With extended hours, The TechKnow Space is available to help 7 days a week. Instead of trying to fix your device on your own time, we have expert technicians to disassemble and reassemble your phone in less time and with the perfect level of skill.

Loudspeaker or speaker phone repairs in Mississauga at The TechKnow Space are the right solution for your needs to help you get the most use out of your phone.


“Why Isn't My Smartphone Speakerphone Working?"

If you’re not 100% sure that your ringer is the problem (and in many cases, it might not be), our diagnostic services are exactly what you’ll need. Our team of technicians will run thorough tests to ensure that all other components of your phone are working to the best of their ability. During the diagnostic process, we are able to single out the problem and determine whether it’s as a result of a faulty loudspeaker or as a result of a faulty connection to the mainboard/logic board.

Mainboard Damage

Sometimes when replacing speakers we find the problems persist which usually means you will need a main logic board repair

Symptoms include: no sound after speakers replaced, speakers only working sometimes, speakers crackle.


When you bring your device into The TechKnow Space for smartphone speakerphone repairs in Mississauga, our technicians can often determine the true cause for failing or failed loudspeakers within an hour.


"How Do I Fix the Ringer on My Smartphone?"

When it comes to DIY loudspeaker repairs it’s best for you to have the right experience to prevent excessive damage to your phone. It’s important to remember there are many delicate steps involved with the process that not only require skills but also the right tools.

You’ll need the right items to secure your phone in place, remove tiny screws, delicately remove the screen of your phone, remove spacers, and more. Keep in mind that in the event of any excessive force you might do more damage than good to the delicate parts inside of your phone.


As an example, here is a brief summary of the steps involved with repairing an iPhone 6 speaker:

Step 1: Remove the tiny screws at the base of the phone near the lightning charging port

Step 2: Use a prying tool to pull the screen apart from the remainder of the device

Step 3: Prop the screen open but be sure to keep it at a 90-degree angle to prevent strain on the important cables inside of the phone

Step 4: Pry off the cable connector, making sure not to remove their components from the logic board

Step 5: Use a tool to remove the small screws surrounding the speakerphone function

Step 6: Remove the ringer component

Step 7: Install the new ringer

Repairing your speakerphone, as you can tell from the brief instructions, is an intricate process not for the faint of heart and sometimes, it’s best to leave the professionals to do the work!


How We Can Help

Whether you think you’ve found a secret online tutorial to repair the loudspeaker in your phone or if you have absolutely no idea as to what you’re in for - we’re here to help. If you need to have your phone fixed before the end of the work day or before a big vacation, come into The TechKnow Space for LG ringer repairs, Blackberry ringer repairs, OnePlus ringer repairs, iPhone ringer repairs, and more!

The best part? You can walk in without an appointment to one of our locations in either Mississauga! Plus, we offer extended operating hours.

If you've been experiencing other difficulties with your smartphone including an iPhone, Blackberry, OnePlus, LG, or Samsung, be sure to visit our additional repair pages to learn about how we can help!

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