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About Huawei Repair

At The TechKnow Space, we are able to repair most Huawei problems within an hour. All you need to do is drop in with your phone to one of our locations in Toronto or Mississauga and leave your device in our healing hands.

We always have technicians on-site and on duty and we carry nearly all Huawei parts in stock at each of our locations. This helps us to minimize the amount of time you have to wait to get your phone back.


Huawei Repair Prices

What is the price cost to repair fix my broken, cracked or damaged Huawei in Toronto, Mississauga & Brampton?

Does Toronto have a store for repairing my Huawei?

A store to fix repair replace Huawei in Markham Oshawa Whitby

Model Screen Display LCD
Glass Touchscreen Replacement
Charging Port Repair Battery Replacement Button Replacement
(Home, Volume, Power)
Audio Repair
(Headphone Jack, Earpiece, Speaker, Microphone )
Front & Back Camera & Lens Replacement Housing Replacement SIM Tray Repair Antenna Repair (WiFi, Bluetooth, Cellular) Proximity Sensor Repair
Ascend P7 $149.95 $89.95 to $109.95 $69.95- $79.95 $79.95 - $119.95 $79.95 -$99.95 $79.95 - $99.95 $79.95 -$109.95 $79.95 -$189.95 $79.95 - $119.95 $79.95 - $119.95
Ascend G7 $119.95
GR5 $129.95
Honor 8 $129.95
Mate 7 $99.95
Mate 8 $139.95
Mate 9 $149.95
Nova Plus $129.95
P9 $129.95
P10 $179.95
P10 Lite $129.95
P10 Plus
Nexus 6P

Huawei Specialized Services

While anyone can replace screens and other Huawei components when they break - these specialized services require expert skills and experience, using tools, techniques and processes you may not find available at most other places - we even perform these services for other repair shops and their customers.


1 - 3 Days

In some cases, your Huawei may be damaged beyond being worth repairing, but we can retrieve your data. Get your contacts, pictures and everything else back!

1 Day

If your Huawei came into contact with water you have to bring it in ASAP! Leaving your phone soaking wet inside is deadly, do not wait!

1 - 4 Days

We are experts at repairing Huawei logic boards. There is no board-level problem we cannot tackle!

1 - 2 Days

Huawei phone not turning on? Not sure what to do? There can be a number of possible causes. Bring it in and we'll take care of whichever problem it is.

Huawei Component Repairs

30 - 50 Minutes

Broken screen or a malfunctioning LCD or touch screen? Whatever screen issues your Huawei might have, our experts can resolve it within an hour.

  • Black display
  • Blank display
  • Bleeding display
  • Blinking display
  • Broken glass
  • Chipped glass
  • Color seeping display
  • Cracked glass
  • Crushed glass
  • Damaged lcd
  • Dark image
  • Dark lines on screen
  • Defective LCD
  • Display glitching
  • display is dim
  • display mangled
  • display ruined
  • Dull display
  • Faint screen
  • Faulty touch screen
  • Flashing screen
  • Flawed display
  • Flickering screen
  • Fractured screen
  • Frozen touch screen
  • Ghost touch (phantom touch)
  • glass destroyed
  • Grey display
  • Half screen white
  • Hazy LCD
  • Ink spots
  • Jittering screen
  • LCD colours distorted
  • LCD failure
  • Leaky LCD
  • mutilated screen
  • Rainbow display
  • scratched screen
  • screen backlight failed
  • Screen patches
  • screen trashed
  • Shattered glass
  • Smashed screen
  • Splintered glass
  • Stained touch screen
  • Unresponsive touch screen
  • Vertical lines on display
  • wrecked display

40 - 50 Minutes

Your Huawei has charging port issues? Bring it to the real experts here. We can fix it in less than an hour.

  • Doesn't hold a charge
  • Charging slowly
  • Loose charging port
  • Need to hold charger at an angle

30 - 40 Minutes

Does your Huawei run out of battery very often? Maybe its better that you replace your battery. We carry most Huawei batteries in stock and our experts can replace it for you in less than an hour.

  • Battery drains fast
  • Huawei is running slow
  • Battery does not hold a charge
  • Battery charge level fluctuates
  • Huawei randomly shuts off
  • Swollen battery - screen pushed out from inside
  • Battery charge level never reaches 100%
  • Charges to "full" in just a few minutes
  • Battery app under settings shows a "service battery" message
  • You have charged your Huawei more than 500 times
  • Battery doesn't last as long as it used to
  • Huawei shuts off when opening camera app
  • Huawei turns off at 40%

30 - 50 Minutes

Headphone jack issues? Distorted sound or sound from only one side can be due to headphone jack issues. Why wait when you have a solution ready with our experts for all your Huawei headphone jack issues.

  • No audio
  • No sound coming from one side

30 - 40 Minutes

Your selfies are blurry or have dark spots? Just bring your Huawei in and we will fix all camera related problems it has. Get it done and enjoy your happy selfies once again.

  • Blurry image
  • Shaky cam
  • Cannot focus
  • Spots on image

40 - 50 Minutes

Even though it is possible to use your Huawei without a working power button, it is a real struggle. If your power button is acting up, you know who to call

  • Power button not working
  • Power button damaged
  • Power button doesn't turn on
  • Power button doesn't click
  • Power button activates on its own
  • Power button pressed in

40 - 50 Minutes

Whether the problem is with your ear speaker, or loud speaker, we can fix the problem for you on the spot. You’ll be happy to be able to hear your phone calls clearly again.

  • Muffled sound
  • No sound

40 - 50 Minutes

We will diagnose and identify problematic microphones and provide a solution within an hour.

  • Cannot hear me
  • Mic is broken

40 - 50 Minutes

If your Huawei has gotten beaten, bruised and dinged over the years, we can replace the housing on it and make it look – quite literally – good as new!

  • Smashed phone
  • Cracked plastic
  • Broken cover

40 - 50 Minutes

If your Huawei doesn’t detect the Sim – it can hardly be called a “phone”. We can fix any Sim Tray problem on an Huawei smartphone.

  • No sim card
  • No network connection
  • SIM card not detected
  • "Insert SIM card" error message
  • No cellular signal
  • Broken SIM slot pins
  • SIM card jammed in slot

40 - 50 Minutes

If your WiFi doesn’t work and you only use your mobile data you will rack up some serious bills and endear yourself to your service provider. Whether your WiFi has weak signal or doesn’t turn on at all – we’ll take care of it.

  • Smashed phone
  • Cracked plastic
  • Broken cover
  • No internet

30 - 40 Minutes

Your Huawei not pairing with your car? Cannot use a Bluetooth headset? No worries. We have fixed lots of Huawei devices with Bluetooth problems. We’ll fix yours too.

  • Doesn't pair
  • Cannot sync
  • Device isn't visible

30 - 40 Minutes

If you find that your calls drop abruptly or you don’t have service in areas where other people don’t experience the same issues – your antenna might be having a problem. Bring it to us and we will replace your antenna with a brand new one within an hour

  • No signal
  • Cannot connect to network
  • Can't make or receive calls
  • Signal drops out

20 - 30 Minutes

If you find some issues with your home button, the culprit behind could be the logic board which is connected to the button. So bring it right away and we will do some diagnostics and find out the actual problem and fix it for you.

  • Can't go to home screen
  • Have to press really hard to make the home button work

20 - 30 Minutes

The proximity sensor sends a signal to your screen to turn off when you hold the phone to your cheek while making a phone call. If your phone fails to do that, the people you call will hear a beeping screen instead of your voice! You need us to replace your proximity sensor.

  • Dialing numbers while on a call
  • Screen always stays on

40 - 50 Minutes

Not being able to adjust your Huawei’s volume may seem like not a big deal at first, but you will soon run into situations when you really wished you could. Just drop by one of our stores and we will replace your malfunctioning volume buttons with a brand new ones.

  • Buttons don't work
  • Stuck button


Huawei Phone Models We Repair

Ascend P7

Ascend P7

Ascend G7

Ascend G7



Honor 8

Honor 8

Mate 7

Mate 7

Mate 8

Mate 8

Mate 9

Mate 9

Mate 9 Pro

Mate 9 Pro

Mate 10

Mate 10

Mate 10 Pro

Mate 10 Pro

Nova Plus

Nova Plus





P10 Lite

P10 Lite

P10 Pro

P10 Pro

Phone Repair FAQ

Screen Issues

There are very few phones being manufactured today with the glass touchscreen as a separate component. Therefore most phones require the replacement of the entire screen assembly as one part. See a list of all phone models with screen, glass & LCD replacement pricing.

When your phone seems to be working (i.e. it's ringing etc.) but the display stays off the most probable cause is LCD failure requiring screen or LCD replacement.  In some very rare cases the display controller circuits on the logic board could be damaged instead or even as well.

There are a few known cases of touch response issues due to motherboard failure however the vast majority of touchscreen problems require the screen to be replaced.

Your phone has a component behind the screen called a proximity sensor. This sensor detects when you hold the phone to your ear and turns off the display and touchscreen preventing functions from being activated by your cheek.

This sensor rarely fails on its own -- it can easily be damaged if the glass covering it is shattered.

If your device has sustained damage during drops and impact, sometimes the frame or housing of the device becomes warped or bent.

This can create a problem when installing a new screen - as the mounting points may not align, or the frame is bent inward impeding where the new screen needs to be.

Fortunately in most cases we are able to straighten and/or repair the frame and proceed to install your new screen.

Screen damage is probably the most common reason phones and tablets are brought in for repair. 

Sometimes the event that precipitated the glass to break (or maybe the glass didn't break but the screen is black) caused unseen damage beyond the screen assembly itself affecting other functions or preventing a new screen from working.  In such cases the unseen damage will need to be repaired before a new screen replacement will revive your device.

Screen Repair Solutions
Problem Typical Repair Solution Additional Potential
No touch response
The screen doesn not activate when you swipe or tap
Screen Replacement Logic Board Repair
No backlight on display
The image on the screen is very dark - almost impossible to see
Lines on screen image
Vertical or horizontal bars across the display
Black screen
no image on display but phone can be felt to be working

Usually only damaged as a result of screen breakage due to its being directly behind the glass. 

Proximity Sensor Repair Solutions
Problem Typical Repair Solution Additional Potential Solution 1 Additional Potential
Solution 2
Proximity sensor doesn't activate
(screen stays on while holding phone to your ear)
Proximity Sensor Replacement Logic Board Repair
Proximity sensor stays active
(display won't turn on and the screen is cracked)
Screen Replacement Proximity Sensor Replacement Logic Board Repair

Power & Charging

Panic! Your phone won't turn on. What now?

It's diagnostics time.  We will perform a thorough inspection and determine where the fault lies.  

No power problems could include the following possible causes:

Behaviours that may be related to a battery problem could include:

  • Phone turns off suddenly
  • Running slow
  • Laggy touch response
  • Won't fully charge
  • Battery swelling
  • Screen has broken (seemingly on its own) from internal pressure

If your charger won't plug in it's pretty obvious that there is physical damage and the port needs to be replaced. wink

... But damage to the charging is port is not always readily visible. 

Symptoms of charging port damage or failure may include:

  • Loose connecter - charger doesn't firmly plug in
  • Charging stops or is intermittent
  • Does not detect when a charger is plugged in
  • Does not detect on a computer

You plug in your device to charge - no beep, no charging indicator - you think: "oh no I need the charging port replaced".  

Often it is that simple, however the charging port is related to other functions and components like the battery and mainboard charging circuits.

We look at all possible scenarios when diagnosing a faulty port and provide the solution(s) that solve your charging problems!

Charging Port Repair Solutions
Problem Typical Repair Solution Additional Potential
Additional Potential
Solution 2
Charging Port Loose Port Replacement Housing Replacement
Not charging at all Logic Board Repair Battery Replacement
Charges very slowly

Battery problems come in different flavours.

Often it is easy to know when your battery needs replacing - most devices will give you a message leading up to it.  

When replacing the battery isn't a solution or only partially improves the functionality - we will need to to look deeper.

Battery Problem Repair Solutions
Problem Typical Repair Solution Additional Potential
Additional Potential
Solution 2
Not taking a charge
Indicates a charger connection but never goes to up and doesn't turn on
Charging Port Replacement Logic Board Repair Battery Replacement
Drains fast
For example goes from 90% to 40% in an hour
Battery Replacement
Phone shuts off randomly
or when launches certain apps and playing videos
Phone running slow
Lagging touch response, choppy transitions

Power button issues may make it difficult - or even impossible - to turn your phone one or off. 

A stuck power button may make your phone appear to be stuck in a boot loop.

Power Button Repair Solutions
Problem Typical Repair Solution Additional Potential
Power button doesn't work
Moves but doesn't turn phone on or off
Power Button Replacement Logic Board Repair
Requires too much force to activate Housing Replacement
Button is jammed
Either won't push in or stuck in

Camera Problems

Whats going on when lining up for a nice shot and the image is always blurry or the view is constantly shaking?

These are some possible causes

  • Scratches on the external camera lens
  • Scratches on the inside camera lens
  • Damaged or broken focus

Blurry or out of focus images can be a result of a dirty or scratched lens, either the external protective lens or the internal camera lens itself. If cleaning the lens doesn't resolve the issue then either the camera or the lens needs to be changed

If the image is shaky or appears to be vibrating then the focus mechanism within the camera is damaged and can be fixed by replacing the camera.

In some cases you might see dark spots in the image while trying to take a picture and also appear in the final image. These are likely caused by a scratch to the internal lens and can be fixed by replacing the camera component. 

Typically, this occurs when the external lens has become damaged, exposing the internal camera mechanism which has become scratched. Other times, this can happen from liquid or dust particles getting inside the camera.

Let us change your camera or lens so you can go back to taking awesome photos.

Most phones come with at least 2 cameras (front camera for selfies or video calls and back camera for hi-res photos and videos).

Different camera problems may have different causes and/or solutions.  

Phone Camera Repair Solutions
Problem Typical Repair Solution Additional Potential
Additional Potential
Solution 2
Camera not working / Camera app crashes Camera Replacement Logic Board Repair
Blurry image / photos Lens Replacement
Camera won't focus
Lines in image / photos
Dark Spots
Spots show up on screen and in photos

Audio Problems

Having already tried another pair of earphones wink you've still got no sound.

Here's what could be wrong:

  • Damaged connectors inside the audio jack
  • Damaged audio jack mainboard connector (especially if the phone has been opened)
  • Water or other liquid inside the jack

Most phone audio jacks (headphone jacks) are replaceable as a component and we stock jacks for most common phone models.


"Are you there?"

You answer your phone but it seems no one can hear what your saying.  

The microphone has failed. Most phone mics can be replaced within 1 hour.

When you answer the phone and it seems like there's no one there - you can't hear anything - you quickly switch to speakerphone and all's well you probably have an earpiece (receiver speaker) failure.

Most phone earpiece speakers can be replaced within 1 hour.

The speakerphone function usually relies on the loud-speaker to produce sound -- the same speaker that plays music, notification sounds and ringtones.

If the functions above aren't working you will need your loudspeaker replaced.

Earpiece issues interfere with your ability to hear the other party when on a call - unless you switch to speakerphone.

Often a straightforward replacement of the earpiece speaker will solve this problem. 

Sometimes (and depending on the nature of the damage be in water or impact or ...) the problem could run deeper.

We have even seen (though rarely) software to be the culprit of earpiece problems - especially in the absence of an apparent damage. 

Earpiece Speaker Repair Solutions
Problem Typical Repair Solution Additional Potential
Additional Potential
Solution 2
Additional Potential
Solution 3
No sound Earpiece Replacement Logic Board Repair Cable Replacement
Distorted sound or static Software / Firmware Restore
Low volume Earpiece and grill cleaning

Headphone jack problems are usually easy to identify and are rarely caused by deeper issues.  However for those few cases where it is not the jack itself here are the possibilities:

Headphone Jack Repair Solutions
Problem Typical Repair Solution Additional Potential
Jack is Loose Jack Replacement Housing Replacement
Sound only on one side Logic Board Repair
Muffled or distorted sound

Loudspeaker problems are generally part-focused - meaning the problem usually lies in the speaker itself. In rare instances there may be an underlying or secondary issue.

Loudspeaker Repair Solutions
Problem Typical Repair Solution Additional Potential
Additional Potential
Solution 2
Additional Potential
Solution 3
Phone doesn't ring Loudspeaker Replacement Logic Board Repair Cable Replacement Software / Firmware Restore
No sound on speakerphone
Low music volume Grill & speaker cleaning

"Hello?" ... "hello?" ... when you're calling party can't hear you your microphone may have a problem.  The mic on a phone may be integrated into the logic board or may be a component itself.

Microphone Repair Solutions
Problem Typical Repair Solution Additional Potential
Additional Potential
Solution 2
Doesnt record sound Microphone Replacement Logic Board Repair
Recorded sound volume low Grill & mic cleaning Microphone Replacement

Signals and Antennas

Only after a thorough diagnostics will our technicians be able to determine if the antenna is a cause of your WiFi woes.

WiFi problems could be caused by software issues, a failed WiFi transceiver, the antenna, or even logic board damage.

Bluetooth connection issues could be a result of:

  • Impact - affecting the logic board
  • Heat problems
  • Antenna connections
  • Software

We will diagnose your bluetooth connectivity problems and advise accordingly. 

There are many possible casues of a loss of carrier signal - meaning no voice calls & no data connection.

Possible causes include:

Our technicians will perform diagnostics and determine the cause of the connection loss and advise the you of the necessary solution.

What does it mean when a phone is blacklisted?

A phone's IMEI may be blocked by the original issuing carrier for any number of reasons - for example having been reported stolen.

This means that your device will not be able to work with any North American carrier network.  

How to check if a phone is blacklisted.

WiFi problems? Don't run up your data bill - get your WiFi connection fixed ASAP!

WiFi Connection Repair Solutions
Problem Typical Repair Solution Additional Potential
WiFi will not turn on Logic Board Repair
Can't connect to WiFi WiFi Antenna Replacement Logic Board Repair
Can't find any networks
Weak WiFi signal

Bluetooth is vitally important to many people these days - to onnect to your earphones, wireless speakers and your car.

Bluetooth Connection Repair Solutions
Problem Typical Repair Solution Additional Potential
Bluetooth will not turn on Logic Board Repair
Can't find any devices Bluetooth Antenna Replacement Logic Board Repair
Weak Bluetooth signal

Hit and miss communications - "can you hear me now?" - a damaged cellular antenna will be sure to keep you mostly offline.

Cellular Antenna Repair Solutions
Problem Typical Repair Solution Additional Potential
No cell signal Cellular Antenna Replacement Logic Board Repair
Weak signal / drops calls

Buttons & Housing

Sometimes the physical button itself has worn or broken and requires replacement. We stock buttons for most common models of phones. 

In other cases the switch underneath the button is the problem - which we also repair.

Housing replacement on many phones is intricate -- requiring complete dissassembly.

Back covers can be replaced on most phones within 30 minutes.

We stock housings, and back covers for most popular phones.

There's no plastic or amunimum goop that can fix a bent, cracked or warped phone housing. There's only one way to go:

Housing Repair Solutions
Problem Typical Repair Solution
Housing dented Housing Replacement
Scratched plastic
Housing finish worn away

On models that have it - possibly the the single most important control!

Home Button Repair Solutions
Problem Typical Repair Solution Additional Potential
Solution 1
Additional Potential
Solution 2
Home Button doesn't click doesn't work Home Button Replacement Logic Board Repair Home Button Cable Replacement
Requires extra force to activate

You've gotta be able to crank it up - (or turn it down) -- volume control frustration relief is a 1 hour visit to TechKnow Space!

Volume Button Repair Solutions
Problem Typical Repair Solution Additional Potential
Solution 1
1 Volume button doesn't work at all Volume Button Replacement Logic Board Repair
Volume button(s) stuck Housing Replacement
Both volume buttons don't work Logic Board Repair

Instant silence at the flip of a switch. Your mute button immediately silences the ringer giving you privacy when you need it.

Mute Button Repair Solutions
Problem Typical Repair Solution Additional Potential
Solution 1
Button does not mute sound Mute Button Replacement Logic Board Repair
Button moves but phone stays muted
Button is stuck (physically won't switch) Housing Replacement

Logic Board Repairs

Logic board replacement for phones can often be as expensive (or more) than replacing the entire device. 

We do however do logic board repairs.

A Motherboard or main-board or logic board is the Central Nervous System or the Brain of a devices.

All components on a device, be it the screen, charging port, microphone or any other component on the device has a corresponding software or functional counterpart on the logic board that communicates with the component.

When the function, say for the microphone, gets damaged on the logic board there is no way for a microphone to work unless the logic board is replaced, or the functional software capability for the microphone on the logic board is repaired.

Replacing a logic board is rarely cost-effective. New logic boards can only be sourced from the manufacturers who will not typically supply these to repair shops. Also, since your data and apps reside on the flash memory on the logic boards, all your data is lost when you replace the logic board.

Logic boards can however be more cost-effectively repaired. There is a 50% success  rate with repairing logic boards. This has the advantage of having all your data and apps available for you to use. smile

Damaged SIM trays can often be repaired. On some phones it is a separate component and can more cost-effectively be replaced on its own.  

More often than electronic failure - the connector pins which contact the SIM card get bent or broken off from inserting an object into the slot, or even inserting the SIM backward.

We repair and replace damaged SIM reader trays typically within 1 to 2 hours.

With a SIM tray problem your phone isn't much use as a PHONE surprised!  You won't be able to make or receive calls and text messages and data won't work.

SIM Tray Repair Solutions
Problem Typical Repair Solution Additional Potential
Not detecting SIM card SIM Reader Replacement Logic Board Repair
No signal message
Broken Pins in SIM slot
SIM card stuck in slot

Saving Data

Depending on the nature and extent of the damage your data may be able to be saved.

For example your phone's LCD has failed but it's an old model and a screen replacement is more expensive than buying another phone. In ths case we can extract your phone's data to external storage media such as a flash drive or onto another phone. 


FAQ - About Us

For answers to common questions customers ask about our services including:

  • Fees & Payments
  • Stores & Locations
  • Warranties
  • Repairs & Parts
  • Data Security

Go to the About Us FAQ


Huawei Repair: Locations & Areas Served

The TechKnow Space Walk In Repair Centre - 387 Front St West, Toronto Ontario 


In the heart of the Entertainment District
near Rogers Centre & CN Tower

The TechKnow Space Walk In Repair Centre - 33 City Centre Drive, Mississauga Ontario 


City Centre Drive, across from Square One
in the RBC building

The TechKnow Space Walk In Repair Centre - 33 City Centre Drive, Mississauga Ontario - Samsung Authorized Repair Centre 


City Centre Drive, across from Square One - ground floor - in the RBC building

The TechKnow Space Walk In Repair Centre - 387 Front St West, Toronto Ontario - Samsung Authorized Repair Centre 


In the heart of the Entertainment District - street level - near Rogers Centre & CN Tower

The TechKnow Space Walk In Repair Centre - 33 City Centre Drive, Mississauga Ontario - Samsung Authorized Repair Centre


City Centre Drive, across from Square One - ground floor - in the RBC building

TechKnow Space Toronto & TechKnow Space Mississauga Map


 Take the VR tour of our stores

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We're rocking the cradle in the centre of the entertainment, business and fashion districts near Toronto's waterfront. Our original location, which has been open since 2006, is still serving thousands of customers every year.

Within walking distance from Air Canada Centre, Hockey Hall of Fame, the Rogers Centre and the CN Tower. Its a short drive up from the Gardiner Expressway, a 10-minute walk from the Union Station or a 5-minute walk from the TTC street-car & bus stops.

Proudly serving customers from around the GTA, including Etobicoke, North York, Mimico, Long Branch, North York, Liberty Village, Scarborough, Leaside, Parkdale, and Weston.

Techknow Space Mississauga Virtual Tour

Located at the crossroads of Square One, one of the largest shopping malls in Canada and the largest mall in Ontario, Mississauga City Centre, Celebration Square, the entertainment and business district, and the Marilyn Monroe Buildings.

Near Hurontario exit from HWY 403 and Bus Terminal for both GO and Mississauga Transit, we are conspicuously visible across the street from Square One Shopping Centre (opposite the Walmart Store and Mr. Lube + Tire). We have free parking and a comfortable lounge with free Netflix, WiFi, popcorn and magazines.

Proudly serving customers from Mississauga, Oakville, Burlington, Port Credit, Erin Mills, Streetsville, Cooksville and Lakeview.

TechKnow Space Toronto Ontario: 416 987 9860TechKnow Space Mississauga Ontario: 905 897 9860