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When Apple Replaces Your iPhone iPad Macbook Is It New or Refurbished?
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Apple`s Refurbished Replacement Devices


Many of us already know that when you have a problem with your ipad, iPhone, Watch, MacBook or other Apple device and you choose to go to Apple for their "repair" services your device is not actually repaired in store.

Instead, Apple provides you with a replacement device which had been previously brought in to Apple by another customer for a repair solution. Your device will go through a similar repair cycle and then be given to another customer who brings in their damaged device, just like you did.

You will receive a refurbished replacement that's been returned earlier by someone else, shipped to China, repaired, and now provided to you.  

Sometimes, and depending on the country, you can identify a refurbished Apple device by its model number. Some google searching might be required :)

A replacement unit is typically a serviced unit used to replace a damaged or faulty device. Units may be repaired devices returned by customers, or they may have failed some factory inspection that required repair and were removed from the standard line and end up (once fixed) as a replacement device.

Apple will also ask you to first log in to your device (if possible) and take a deep bow to Apple's iCloud Geniuses, and remove your account from the device.

TechKnow Space will actually repair your device typically within 1 to 2 hours and return your device with all your data and apps just like when you left it with us. 

You and others probably assume that Apple is replacing your damaged device with a new one. Dream on...


Apple Repair, Replacement, Refurbish Cycle


Consider this: Purchase --> Break - Refurbish - Replace device cycle:Apple repair refurbish replace cycle 

  1. You buy a brand new iPad Pro.
  2. Your iPad Pro is damaged.
  3. You seek repair service from Apple.

  4. Apple replaces your device.

  5. Your broken device is shipped to China to be refurbished (repaired).

  6. Another iPad Pro owner seeks repair service from Apple in the future.

  7. They receive your iPad Pro now "refurbished" as a replacement for their broken one.


From Apple: 

"Apple may repair or replace your iPhone and iPhone parts with a comparable iPhone model or parts."


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