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Common iPhone Problems
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iPhone Screen Problems

You may have experienced one or more of the following issues with your iPhone including display, charging, power or others after a drop or impact, getting it wet or something you didn't even know had happened.



iPhone Glass is Cracked - Common Problems

If your phone screen is cracked you have to be careful not to cut your fingers on it. The other problem a splintered glass can create is it can open up little gaps that will allow moisture to seep into your screen. This can create spots on your display and render the entire screen - or even your entire iPhone - totally unusable. 

Broken glass on iPhone 8
iPhone got chipped glass
Crushed screen
destroyed glass
Cracked iPhone 7 screen
Fractured screen
scratched screen
Shattered glass
Smashed Glass
iPhone 8 plus Busted Touchscreen

iPhone Glass is Lifting - Common Problems

Bulging iPhone screen
Lifted screen on iPhone 7 Plus 
Misaligned screen
Protruding Display
Screen popping out



iPhone Has No Touch Response

When your iPhone touch screen stops responding to touch, moves on its own, or is otherwise jittery or shaking without any signs of physical damage - the typical solution is to replace the entire screen assembly. However, in some cases the issue can be caused by a malfunction of the logic board of the iPhone. You can bring your iPhone to the experts at The TechKnow Space and we will diagnose and fix whatever issue your malfunctioning iPhone screen is having.

Screen glitches
Non functioning digitizer
Touch gesture doesn't work
touch not working
Unresponsive touch screen

Erratic Touch

Faulty touch screen
Lagging touch screen
iPhone screen slow to respond
Screen pauses
Slow swiping
Jittery swipe
Sluggish touchscreen
Ghost touch (phantom touch)
Screen hot to touch


LCD Display

iPhone Display Problems

If the outer glass of your iPhone screen is not cracked, but you are seeing lines on the display, the display is blank or has black spots - the LCD of the iPhone has suffered some physical damage. Sometimes, over time the display on the iPhone may start to appear washed out, faint or foggy. The solution to these problems is to replace the LCD display on your iPhone.  

When the screen on your iPhone appears black or very dim, your backlight is having a problem. There can be two solutions to the failed backlight problem: in most cases replacing the screen takes care of the problem, but in some we would have to troubleshoot the circuitry that powers the backlight in your iPhone. 

iPhone has black display
or blank display
bleeding display on droped iPhone 6
Blinking display
Blurred display
Color seeping on iPhone display
iPhone LCD colours distorted
Damaged iPhone 5 lcd
damp screen
Dark image on iPhone 6 Plus
Dark lines on screen
Defective LCD
iPhone 7 has dim display
Discoloured Display
Dull display
Dusty Screen
Faded display
iPhone 6s failed backlight 
failed LCD
Failing display
Faint screen
Flashing screen
Flawed display
Flickering screen
foggy screen
Glitching display
Grey display
Ink spots
Jerky screen
Jittering screen
LCD Malfunction
Leaky LCD
Liquid in screen
Moving image
Pale screen
Rainbow display on iPhone 6S Plus
Raised screen
Shaking display
Vertical lines on display
Washed-out display
Water marks on image
Water spill on screen


iPhone Charging Port Problems

Common iPhone charging port related issues:

Even though replacing the charging port on an iPhone may not seem like a very challenging task to a person with no phone repair experience, you should take our advice and do not attempt to do it yourself! You need a wide set of tools and an ESD compliant workstation. The most you can try doing is to try to blow the gunk out of the port with a can of compressed air, but do not stick anything like tweezers, toothpicks or anything else into the port because you run the risk of shorting the pins and rendering your iPhone an irreparable paperweight!

Bring your iPhone to the TechKnow repair experts, who will fix your charging port problem within an hour and have peace of mind as we stand behind our work.


Not Charging

If your iPhone isn't taking a charge at all and there's no charging indicator showing up when you plug your charging cable into the Lightning port it is nearly certain that your iPhone charging port needs to be replaced.  

broken iPhone 7 Plus charging port pins
lightning port pins are corroded
iPhone charging port not working
iPhone is charging too slow
my iphone stops charging
has bent connector contacts


You probably use your phone a lot during a normal day, and that can eat up power pretty quickly. Technology has made charging your phone while on the go pretty easy.  But if the charging port in your phone is not powering it, you might soon have a fancy looking brick for a cell phone.

  • Your charger is bad
  • Your charging port is damaged
  • Your charging circuits on the main logic board (motherboard) have been damaged.

Loose Connector

The charging cable connector wiggles or doesn't go into te port all the way. 

  • Dust, dirt, or other small bits and pieces stuck inside the port
  • Using third-party lightning cables or chargers
  • Water or liquid damage
  • Physical damage, like bumping it or dropping the iPhone
  • iPhone charging port has bent connector pins
  • Lightning cable won't go in
  • Loose charging cable on iPhone 8
  • must hold cable to charge my iPhone
  • Lightning port not accepting charger
  • Something stuck in the port of my iphone
  • lightning cable won’t attach to port
  • my iPhone charger is wiggly in the port
  • Can't connect charger to my iPhone
  • iPhone charger keeps falling out
  • iPhone disconnects from power
  • iPhone 5s intermittently charges

iPhone Battery Problems

  • Dead iPhone battery
  • Service battery error message
  • iPhone Battery won't hold a charge
  • charges to "full" in just a few minutes
  • doesn't last as long
  • drains fast
  • doesn't charge to full
  • gets hot
  • iPhone Randomly shuts off
  • Fluctuating battery level
  • Inflated battery
  • Pushed out screen
  • iPhone shuts off playing video & opening apps
  • Slow iPhone
  • Swollen battery
  • iPhone turns off at high battery level


iPhone Headphone Jack Problems

Having a working headphone jack on your iPhone allows you to:

  • plug in a microphone headset or headphones
  • listen to music, watch movies,
  • use FaceTime,
  • make and receive phone calls quietly and hands-free. 

Spare yourself the frustration of using your iPhone with a broken or damaged headphone jack and come to the TechKnow Space.

Within one hour, you can be in and out of our store with a repaired or replaced headphone jack.


The most common problems we see people have with the headphone jack on their iPhone are:

  • muffled, fuzzy or unclear sound is coming out of plugged-in headphones
  • the sound is only coming from one ear of the headphones
  • the headphones are not sitting correctly in the jack – the connection between the headphones and the headphone jack is wiggly or not holding the headphones plug properly
  • your headphones will not plug into the jack at all – usually because something is stuck inside the jack

A few consumer reviews have revealed the iPhone to have a slightly modified headphone jack input which causes some headphones, especially third-party headphones not sold by Apple, to create static, stop headphones from working fully or even remotely activate Siri.

Many issues with the headphone jack can be fixed with a little DIY, but why risk breaking your phone?

Your phone is often the most important item in your pocket at any given moment. Don’t try to live with the frustration of a non-functional phone. Bring your iPhone to the TechKnow Space and let us do the hard work for you.

  • Muffled sound
  • No audio
  • Audio from one speaker
  • Sound from one side
  • Static through headphones
  • Loose headphone jack
  • Malfuntioning audio jack
  • Connector broke inside headphone jack
  • Dirt buildup in jack
  • Something stuck in jack
  • Failed headphone jack
  • Connector falls out of headphone jack


iPhone Camera Problems

  • Camera won't focus
  • Camera screen goes black
  • Dark screen in camera app
  • Cracked lens
  • Dark spots in photos
  • Doesn't flash
  • Takes bad pictures
  • "Cannot Take Photo" error message
  • Shutter not working
  • Camera not working black screen
  • Front camera not working
  • Back camera not working
  • Selfie camera not working
  • Can't shoot videos
  • Video camera not working
  • Facetime camera not working

Front Camera


Most phones and all iphones phones come equipped with a front-facing camera near the top of the screen, and can be very useful for video calls, self-portraits, or even as a makeshift mirror.


Having a working front-facing camera on your iPhone is vital for day to day usage of their phone, and fixing or replacing a broken or damaged front camera can be a pain if you go to Apple to get it looked at. Make that repair process worry-free by bringing your iPhone in to the TechKnow Space, and within one hour your iPhone selfie camera will be working and taking terrific videos and pics.

You should get the front-facing camera on your iPhone replaced if you experience:

-blurry or unfocused photos and videos,

-“dead pixels” or black spots in your photos and videos,

-a cracked or shattered camera lens, or

-a blank or black screen when you open the camera app.


There have been reports from users and consumer blogs that the front facing camera on the iPhone 6 (so far there are no reports on whether this occurs in the iPhone 6 Plus as well) can become misaligned in its housing, revealing a small grey crescent on one side of the camera lens. Rather than risking damage to your iPhone 6 to fix this issue, bring it to one of our conveniently located TechKnow Space locations in Toronto or Mississauga and let us do the “heavy lifting” for you.

Camera problems can also happen if your iPhone has experienced physical damage like a drop, or liquid damage like water getting inside the phone. Secondary damage to the camera can happen after one of these occurrences, but don’t worry because the TechKnow Space is prepared to repair or replace your front facing camera within one hour.


Replacing a front camera on an iPhone is a very detailed and delicate repair. It involves carefully disconnecting cables, removing parts and screws, … This is delicate work! Leave it to The TechKnow Space where we repair iPhone front cameras in under an hour so you can get back to what matters….(let me take a selfie!)


Back Camera


The iPhone back camera takes high resolution photos and videos.


Your iPhone back camera needs to be replaced when:

  • You open the camera app and the “shutter” doesn’t open;
  • You open the camera app and the screen is black;
  • Your camera is blurry;
  • Your camera lens or glass is cracked or scratched;
  • Your camera has dark spots or other problems with the image.


If you are experiencing any of the above issues – bring it in and our skilled technicians will replace your iPhone main camera in about an hour, so you can get back to taking photos of your breakfast and sharing them with your friends!


Camera phones have made taking photos and sharing them with friends, family or even the entire Internet easy, quick and fun. For some iPhone users, the quality of the camera on the back of their phone is a major part of their decision-making process when thinking about buying a new cell phone. Capturing the perfect moment is important to a lot of people, so why waste time using a cell phone with a broken camera? Bring it to the TechKnow Space and within one hour we can fix or replace your damaged iPhone back camera.

Apple is constantly releasing new camera technology that promises to push iPhone photography to levels few have experienced. The iPhone 7 Plus, for example, features both an f/1.8, 28mm wide-angle lens and a 56mm telephoto lens on the back. A lens is only as good as the sensor and processing pipeline behind it. The iPhone 7 sports a 12-megapixel sensor behind its 28mm wide-angle lens, while the iPhone 7 Plus packs another 12-megapixel sensor behind that portrait-friendly telephoto lens. These modules are optically stabilized, which minimizes the blurriness of photos shot with shaky hands.

Look Sharp: The killer app on the 7 Plus is a 2x optical zoom. Tap an onscreen button to jump from the wide angle to the telephoto lens. Yes, all smartphone cameras let you zoom, but most of them use a digital zoom. That means the lens doesn’t move, the camera merely enlarges the pixels in each photo for a bigger view. Such images degrade as you increase the zoom. The new iPhone has digital zoom too, but because you’re starting with 56mm telephoto glass, you’ll see less degradation in resolution as you start moving in with the 10x digital zoom. Apple also touts the expanded dynamic range and colour capabilities of the new shooter, and a RAW mode saves images in DNG format—a feature common to higher-end cameras, but absent from most phones.

Processing Power: In both the single-shooter iPhone 7 and the dual-lens iPhone 7 Plus, Apple claims this processor uses machine learning to scan a scene for faces and other recognizable objects, then pays particular attention to them when focusing and setting exposure. It also optimizes everything from the white balance to noise reduction to tone mapping

Many users and consumer reviews have agreed the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6+ has a greatly improved camera, compared to previous versions of the iPhone. The camera itself is still the same 8-megapixel camera that has been a staple of all iPhones since the iPhone 4S, but the software supporting the camera in the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus has been significantly upgraded. Apple has added “Focus Pixels,” which are meant to focus the camera on the intended subject faster and more clearly. This should allow iPhone 6 and iPhone 6+ users to get the photo they are hoping for on the first try, and also spend less time fussing with camera settings before snapping a picture. These pixels, in addition to focusing better, allow for manual exposure settings and better face and blink detection. Another function added to the rear camera on the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus is the second option when in slow-motion video mode, giving the user the option of slowing down high-speed action even further than the iPhone 5/5S/5C is capable of managing.

iPhone Power Button Problems

Your iPhone power button on your phone can become damaged over time, simply by use, or drops.
You’ll be able to notice once it has become damaged, it will look like its sinking into the phone, or it may be slanted, eventually if it is not repaired it will become impossible to turn on or off, so before it gets to that point, or if it is already at that point bring it in and we can replace your iPhone power button in 1 hour.

The power button does more than just turning the screen on and off, or at least it does in iOS (Android users are not as lucky, unless you are willing to download a totally new OS, or reprogram the button yourself – both options have risks and rewards attached). The lock button, when pressed at the same time as the home button, saves a picture of what is currently displaying on your screen. This is called a “screenshot.”

The lock button on the iPhone 6/6+ has been moved from the top of the phone, unlike in all the previous models, from the side of phone. Reviews from users and consumer blogs have been divided pretty evenly. Some users have adjusted to the change fairly seamlessly while others have noticed issues with the placement of the button directly opposite to the volume adjusters on the other side of the screen.

According to these users, the way both sets of buttons are placed on the phone makes it pretty difficult to avoid pressing both sets of switches when you only want to hit one. Problems associated with the new design as noted by users have been:

  • Pressing the volume button accidentally and opening the camera app and then taking photos without meaning to (the volume buttons trigger the camera shutter when the camera is on)
  • Locking the phone instead of changing the volumes
  • Having to place your hand in a weird way to avoid either of the above issues (which is fine if you are some kind of hand contortionist or double jointed, but not for the rest of us).

If the power button on your iPhone 6 or iPhone 6 Plus is not working, the current workarounds built into the software are pretty unwieldy and annoying to use. To lock or power down your phone without a hold button, you need to:

1. Search through your settings

2. Turn on Accessibility/Assistive Touch

3. Create a shortcut to use the Assistive Touch feature because without it there is a pretty annoying grey box taking up a portion of the screen

4. Triple- clicking the home button will activate the Assistive Touch menu (which is additional wear and tear on the home button, on top of your already malfunctioning lock button)

5. And then select the function you want, lock or screenshot or camera, etc.

You need a fully working phone. There’s no question about that. So why would you live with a broken phone? When you bring your iPhone to the Techknow Space for a power button repair, you will soon be able to do all the things you used to with your phone, like:

  • Using the power button to silence incoming calls, or dismiss the call entirely (click the button once for mute, twice to reject the call)
  • Take screenshots of what is currently displayed on your screen by clicking the home button and the power button at the same time
  • Lock and unlock your phone’s screen with one touch
  • Turn the screen on while on a phone call

Don’t settle for less with your broken iPhone. Don’t struggle daily to use your phone. Phones are supposed to make your life easier, not more frustrating. Bring your iPhone to the Techknow Space and get the lock button replaced within one hour by our certified, expert technicians.

Apple has admitted to problems with the power button on previous models. They have even been sued a time or two in the US over the faulty construction of the cable which connects the button to the rest of the phone’s guts, especially in the iPhone 4 and 4S. But that doesn’t exactly mean they are eager to help users fix the problem. That’s not to say you should try fixing the problem yourself either.

Fixing the power button on your own is a complicated mess and really, who needs more mess in their life? Unless you’re Mr. Clean or maybe an army of Roombas (or is the plural Roombi? Roombus? Roombopodes?), no one wants a messy situation. Just let us do the hard work for you.

To fix the lock button yourself you would need to:

1. Remove all the itty bitty screws from the outside of the phone

2. Carefully take the screen off. This is not as easy as it sounds: you can run the risk of shattering the glass or damaging the connecting cable. This step also either requires a special suction cup tool or very steady hands and a good quality suction cup. (Not one of those ones that slide off the car window 30 seconds after attaching your fuzzy dice to the windshield.)

3. Veeeeeeeeery carefully undo the clips holding the screen to the frame and disconnect the cable between the phone and the screen

4. Remove more screws – don’t mix these ones up with the other ones from the outside (still think this is a good idea? The difficulty level shoots up soon, hope you’re ready for it)

5. Pry up the cable connectors BUT not the actual sockets of the home button, digitizer and display (you might need an old timey Sherlock Holmes-type magnifying glass for this (ok, you don’t actually need an old timey one, but those totally look cool, right?)).

6. Remove EVEN MORE screws (also don’t mix these up. By this point you should be drowning in loose screws – and I don’t just mean the ones from the phone haha)

7. Remove internal cables powering the phone.


9. Remove the antenna cable and logic board – also very important parts


11. Finally!!! You have reached the power button. You did it! Now all you have to do is install a new one and do all of that IN REVERSE.

12. Good luck!!!!!!

  • Power button doesn't work
  • Doesn't turn phone on (or off)
  • Jammed or stuck power button
  • Won't move
  • Requires force
  • Inoperative power button
  • Broken power button
  • Broken power button plastic
  • Power button fell out


iPhone Loudspeaker / Ringer Problems

Damage to the loudspeaker can occur … as a result of drops or falls, or water damage, among other reasons. As any other electrical component, an iPhone loudspeaker can fail over time on its own. Being forced to use your iPhone a malfunctioning loudspeaker can be very frustrating.

Without a working loudspeaker:

-you will not hear your phone ringing to alert you of an incoming phone call or text message

-you will be forced to use headphones to listen to music, watch movies, etc

-you will not be able to use FaceTime

For your convenience and ease of use, we suggest bringing your iPhone  to the TechKnow Space as soon as you are able to do so. Our expert in-house technicians will replace your broken or damaged loudspeaker within one hour, so you can get back to your day-to-day life with no interruptions.

  • Distorted sound on speakerphone
  • No sound from speakerphone
  • Low volume on speakerphone
  • No sound from ringer speaker
  • Phone isn't ringing
  • Static or clicking noise
  • Loudspeaker not working during calls
  • Quiet loudspeaker


iPhone Earpiece / Receiver Problems


The earpiece is the receiver speaker located just above the display of your iPhone.

There can be many reasons for the earpiece to fail, like physical or liquid damage, electrical failure, etc. The only solution is to get your iPhone earpiece replaced. 

Replacing the iPhone earpiece will solve the following problems:

  • Muffled sound coming from the phone
  • Distorted or static-like sound
  • No sound at all


iPhone Microphone Problems

  • Can't record sound
  • Noise in recording
  • Low recording volume
  • Microphone not working during calls
If your microphone isn’t working properly you’ll notice the problem pretty quickly. If your caller cannot hear you on the phone, even though you can hear them, most likely your microphone is failing.

If this is happening to you, bring in your iPhone and our technicians will have your problem fixed in 1 hour.

If your iPhone microphone has failed or is failing, you might experience one of these issues when you make a call, or try to record audio:

  • People can't hear you during a phone or FaceTime call
  • You sound unclear to others during a phone or FaceTime call
  • Siri is unable to detect your voice when you speak
  • When playing back recorded audio, the sound you hear is unclear, or you don’t hear sound 


The microphone is an important part of any phone this is the component that lets you be heard during a phone call, and for iPhones also allows you to use voice commands with Siri.

The microphone might become less effective through normal wear and tear on your iPhone, or it can become damaged by something such as an impact or liquid damage.

Without a working microphone you will not be able to:

  • make or receive calls without a microphone-equipped headset plugged in
  • communicate with Siri using voice commands
  • use FaceTime
  • record video with audio

With a repaired microphone you will be able to communicate with others with the convenience and simplicity you know and love your cell phone for. Tasks like:

  • getting a phone call with good news
  • gossiping about the latest episode of Game of Thrones with your friends
  • shooting a video of that special moment

...would be impossible without a working microphone in your cell phone.

Don’t miss out on life’s greatest offerings by waiting to fix your iPhone. Drop by the Techknow Space any time and let us help you get back to business with one hour!


iPhone Housing Problems

  • Cracked plastic
  • Dented housing
  • Worn finish
  • Warped housing
  • Scratched plastic


iPhone SIM Tray / Slot / Reader Problems

If your sim card isn’t being detected properly you probably already know because your iPhone is bombarding you with notifications.

Sim tray problems can happen over time, or through liquid damage.If your sim card is properly installed and placed properly in the sim tray and you’re still receiving notifications bring your phone in and we can repair or replace it for you.

  • Broken SIM slot pins
  • If your iPhone doesn’t detect the Sim – it can hardly be called a “phone”. We can fix any of these Sim Tray problem on an iPhone:
  • No cellular signal
  • SIM card jammed in slot
  • SIM card not detected "insert SIM card" message

When your iPhone is showing a “No SIM” message all of a sudden, even though you made sure that the SIM card is actually in the phone – there could be a problem with your SIM reader and/or tray. You can try removing or transferring your SIM card, insert the tray completely and in the same orientation that you removed it (it will fit only one way).

The SIM card is a small plastic and metal card your cell service provider gives you to put inside your phone so you can use the phone on your provider’s network.

A functioning SIM card in your phone allows you to:

  • Make and receive phone calls,
  • Send and receive texts, and
  • Access your cell phone provider’s LTE or 3G network and use the Internet.

The SIM card tray is one of the parts inside your phone you definitely want to make sure is undamaged and functioning properly so that your phone is connecting to your cell service provider’s network, letting you use your phone for its intended purposes. Apple changed the size of the SIM card tray in the iPhone 5 and 5S to fit a “nano” SIM, which is thinner and smaller than the previous model, the “micro” SIM. This new SIM size carried over to the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus as well as all of the iPad Air and iPad Mini models. This change allowed Apple to make their devices, especially the iPhones, slimmer and lighter.

If your iPhone is showing an error message such as:

  • “No SIM detected”,
  • “Emergency calls only”, or
  • “No network found”,

You should remove and then reinsert the SIM card, found on the right side of the screen of the iPhone. If the error message is still there, try putting a different SIM in your phone (borrow one from a friend or family member) and if the message goes away, it is a problem with your SIM and you need to take it to your cell service provider and replace it. However, if it doesn’t, there could be something wrong with your SIM card tray. Issues with the tray can happen for reasons such as:

  • Ejecting or reinserting the tray incorrectly,
  • Liquid damage
  • Physical damage like dropping your phone or hitting it against something
  • Bent or broken connector pins
  • Electrical shorts caused by the metal of the SIM touching another part inside the phone
  • The tray won’t eject or stay inside the phone

The TechKnow Space can troubleshoot SIM tray issues quickly and we are prepared to fix or replace the parts that are malfunctioning, any day of the week.

Without a working SIM card reader in your phone, your phone is essentially a really nice looking brick. You will be unable to:

  • Update Facebook and Twitter without Wi-Fi (gasp!)
  • SnapChat or Instagram your exciting adventures (shock!)
  • Watch your friends’ Vines or check their Tumblr posts (fright!)
  • Or use your cell phone as, you know, an actual phone (horror!!!)

Don’t deprive yourself of the constant connection to social media, calls and texts your iPhone offers. You paid good money for that phone; you should make the most of it, instead of trying to create inefficient workarounds.


iPhone WiFi Problems


When reliably connected to a WiFi network iPhones can provide users with a full multimedia experience.



WiFi allows you to do things like:

  • stream movies,
  • download music, books and apps,
  • keep tabs on their personal health or home security,
  • use social media, or
  • surf the Internet.


To do any of these tasks, your iPhone needs to connect to the Internet, either by using a nearby Wi-Fi hotspot or connecting to the LTE or 3G network offered by your cell service provider. Using the Internet on your iPhone with a LTE or a 3G network for everything can mean a costly phone bill at the end of the month from your cell service provider.  In order to lessen the impact on your wallet every month, connecting to Wi-Fi with your iPhone is a big part of most users’ phone usage. When you can’t use the Wi-Fi on your cell phone, doing all the multimedia things you are used to doing on your phone becomes expensive and slow. 

Sometimes the Wi-Fi connection problems on your iPhone can be fixed with a factory reset of the phone, but that means if you don’t have the data such as photos and apps that are on your iPhone 6 or 6+ saved somewhere else as a backup, you will have a blank iPhone without any of those files after the reset, and it still might not solve the Wi-Fi connectivity problem. Instead of fussing with all of that, you should bring your iPhone to the TechKnow Space and let our expert in-house technicians fix your Wi-Fi connection problems.

Repairing the Wi-Fi connection will fix issues such as:

  • a “greyed out” Wi-Fi signal or connection,
  • a very weak Wi-Fi signal, or
  • not being able to connect to nearby Wi-Fi networks that appear in the network list on your phone.

Why live with the frustration of using a phone with no Wi-Fi connectivity? Bring your phone to the TechKnow Space any day of the week and get your phone back in tip-top shape! If you are facing issues being reported include not being able to connect to a Wi-Fi network, getting incorrect password prompt, Wi-Fi settings grayed out, dropping connection intermittently or speeds being extremely slow you can drop in at you can walk into one of our locations in Mississauga/Toronto & our technicians will be happy to assist you.

  • Can't see any networks at all
  • WiFI cannot be enabled (WiFi won't turn on)
  • WiFi not showing all networks (including mine)
  • WiFi shows network but cannot connect
  • WiFi signal is weak or disconnects often


iPhone Bluetooth Problems

  • Bluetooth has limited range
  • Bluetooth will not enable or turn on
  • Phone cannot see any Bluetooth devices
  • Phone won't connect to car via Bluetooth
  • Won't pair with wireless headphones


iPhone Antenna Problems

  • Can't find network
  • Dropping calls
  • No cellular signal
  • Weak signal


iPhone Home Button Problems

The home button may actually be the most important button on your iPhone and probably the button you use the most!

It’s the button you click to go back to your home screen. If your home button becomes damaged or broken, you won’t be able to do many things easily as you were before. You’ll still be able to do things, it will just take much longer to do so. So if your iPhone home button is sticking or simply not working at all, bring it in and we can replace it for you in 1 hour.

  • Broken home button
  • Damaged home button
  • Delaying Home Button
  • Erratic home button
  • Faulty home button
  • Home button fell off
  • Home button rotates freely
  • Loose home button
  • Malfunctioning home button
  • Misaligned home button
  • Noisy home button
  • Pressed Home button
  • Sensitive home button
  • Sticky home button
  • Stiff home button
  • Stuck Home button
  • Sunken home button


On iPhone models that are equipped with Touch ID (fingerprint unlock) the home button itself contains electronics that assist in sensing your fingerprint and unlocking the iPhone.  The home button is matched 1 to 1 with the mainboard of the iPhone.   

After a home button replacement on an iPhone with Touch ID the fingerprint sensor will no longer operate.

Related: How Touch ID Works

Without a working home button, you will not be able to use your phone for a lot of the things you usually use a phone for, such as:

  • returning to the Home Menu from a web browser or app
  • using Touch ID to make purchases
  • unlocking your phone’s screen with a fingerprint scan

Once your iPhone’s home button works, you will be able to:

  • Capture screenshots of what is displayed on your phone (press the home button and the power button at the same time)
  • Make secure credit card purchases and bank payments online with a swipe of your fingerprint
  • Exit out of apps or other open windows quickly
  • Use voice commands and access Siri for searches, contacts and more
  • Bring up all open apps in the “multitasking” window (press the home button twice to use this option)
  • Open up your list of recent calls and favourite contacts (double click the home button to find this list)

With such an important part of your phone out of commission, you will definitely find using your phone much more difficult. Bring it in to the Techknow Space and walk out within an hour with it back in action.


iPhone Proximity Sensor Problems

  • Display and touch screen stay on while on a call and holding phone to ear
  • Screen won't come on and touch doesn't repsond

iPhone Volume Button Problems

  • Can't turn sound down
  • Cant turn sound up
  • Neither volume button works
  • Volume goes up or down seemingly by itself

The volume buttons on your phone are a small but important part of your device. Imagine being unable to adjust the sound while watching movies or listening to music!

You probably never think about the volume buttons. But once they stop working properly, your phone might suddenly seem very frustrating.

Now you can’t change the volume while making or receiving a call, or asking Siri something, among other things. That might seem like something you can live with, but it will more than likely get annoying fast.

If the volume buttons are not working properly, or even worse – not working at all, let the experts at the Techknow Space get your iPhone back to full health in no time.

With a newly working phone courtesy of the Techknow Space, you will be able to enjoy perks such as:

  • Snapping selfies and other memorable moments with the touch of a button
  • Not blowing up your eardrums or straining to hear
  • Shamelessly taking advantage of the screenshot shortcut to immortalize your friends’ embarrassing SnapChats
  • Silencing the ringer quickly when your phone goes off during an important meeting or the dramatic climax of a Broadway play

Why deprive yourself of all these advantages? The Techknow Space is conveniently located in Toronto and Mississauga, ready to help nurse your phone back to 100%.

Our certified technicians can spin your broken volume buttons into beautiful, working buttons within one hour. So don’t live with the inconvenience – come on in!

Because the volume buttons seem like such a minor part of your phone, you might think they are an easy thing to fix.

But the “do-it-yourself” thinking is pretty dangerous for any electronic device. Repairing your phone is quite tricky and often requires special tools.

And that’s the only you thing you need to worry about – if you do it right. Doing the repair wrong means more headaches for you.

You run the risk of damaging it badly enough that it’s no longer useable. Let us do all the hard work instead!


If you bring your iPhone to us for a repair, your experience will include:

1. Pleasant decor

2. Great customer service

3. Free coffee and Wi-Fi

If you try to repair your phone on your own, you could experience:

1. Breaking your screen while trying to open your phone

2. Losing one or more parts from the inside of the phone while you take it apart

3. Damaging other parts of the phone while removing or reinstalling them

4. Getting everything out of your phone and not being able to put it back in again

5. Managing to get everything back into your phone, but the problem still exists

Don’t risk the chance you might do everything right on the chance you won’t do anything wrong. Bring your iPhone to the Techknow Space for a risk-free repair experience.


iPhone Mute Button Problems

The mute switch might not seem like an important part, but using your phone without can get pretty inconvenient at times. Phones are meant to make your life easier, not more difficult – so why live with a device that doesn’t work 100%?

Come to The TechKnow Space and let the experts fix your iPhone mute switch within the hour, and allow you to enjoy the benefits of a working mute switch:

  1. Allow you to attend meetings without interruption.
  2. Snooze at night with no annoying notifications or call from different time zones.
  3. Enjoy movies and other public entertainment without aggravating the “public” around you.
  4. Now that airlines allow in-flight mobile use, let your co-passengers enjoy their quiet meditation, work, or rest.

Living without a working mute switch can get really inconvenient – just imagine going into the settings of your iPhone to mute it every time you are sitting in class, library, going to the movies or theatre where you need to mute the phone! It’s definitely much easier to do that by just flipping the mute switch. If your iPhone mute switch needs to be repaired – bring it in to our expert repair gurus who will replace it while you wait in our comfy lounge drinking coffee and watching TV!

  • Button is jammed and won't move
  • Sound stay on when activating mute button
  • Sound stays off when unmuted
  • Switch moves freely and doesn't activate mute


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