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iPhone Headphone Jack Solutions

All models made before the iPhone 7 came with a standard headphone jack / audio port that wears and weakens over time and with use.

The headphone jack on any phone is a very small but important part of the phone’s function. The headphone jack is where you plug in a microphone headset or ear/headphones. The headphone jack is located on the bottom of the phone, next to the charging port.

 If your iPhone headphone jack it is acting up, stop by and we can fix it today.

Headphone jacks usually fail or break as a result of physical damage, overuse or simply wear out.  If your headphone jack issue seems sudden or not as a result of any force you could be looking at a mainboard issue.  A failure of the audio controllers can result in the need for a repair to the iPhone mainboard.


iPhone Camera Solutions

Most of us rely on our phone secondarily for its use as a camera or for taking videos - so when your iPhone camera fails or the image doesn't look quite right it is a significant problem. Any of these symptoms may indicate a camera failure.

Dark spots, or broken glass on the camera itself is an obvious sign that the camera needs to be replaced, but if after replacement there's more trouble - like the camera app won't open or crashes, or the camera app shows only a black screen - the mainboard may also have taken on some damage. In this less frquent situation the mainboard may need to be repaired.


iPhone Power Button Solutions

A seemingly simple part of your iPhone - the power button - you probably rarely think of relying on it until it has a problem, but when it doesn't work it's the most important!

Although much less frequent than having a broken power switch - damage or failure in the logic board itelf may be causing a power button not to operate in which case you may need a power circuit repair to the iPhone's mainboard.



The power button on your phone is vital to locking the screen to prevent pesky butt-dialing (my butt always calls the pizza place) and also for waking your phone back up from a locked state or powering it down completely (although in this day and age, turning off your phone is probably less common than chewing your own arm off). This button is also sometimes referred to as:

  • The sleep/wake button,
  • The on/off button,
  • The hold button, or
  • The lock button.


iPhone Loudspeaker Solutions

Problems with your loud speaker? We can fix all the following loudspeaker failure within an hour. What good is your iPhone if you can't hear it or it can't hear you? wink

Loudspeaker problems may not always be related to a failure of the speaker itself -- especially if you are experiencing additional audio-related issues. If changing the loudspeaker doesn't bring back your high-fidelity loud music or crystal clear speakerphone conversations we'll have to look at a mainboard repair.

The loudspeaker on an iPhone if damaged by liquid or through extensive use, once it’s damaged you may not be able to hear your phone ring, music, or the caller on speakerphone setting.


We can replace your iPhone loudspeaker in an hour, so stop by so you don’t have to worry about missing your calls.


iPhone Earpiece Solutions

The earpiece speaker is attached to the frame that holds the screen from the inside and connects to the logic board through the same cable, which connects the front camera and the proximity sensor. When it fails it becomes very inconvenient to use the phone – you would have to talk to everyone on speakerphone or via a headset. 

As with loudspeaker problems replacing the earpiece will usually bring back sound for regular phone conversations. But sometimes the failure is deeper and replacing the earpiece again and again will only result in the same cold silence. A mainboard repair may be the solution.


iPhone Microphone Solutions

Did you know that most iPhones have 3 separate microphones? One is typically used when shooting videos, the other when you talk on speakerphone, and the third one for regular phone call conversations. 

Microphone failures can be a result of dirt or liquid exposure, simply an electronic failure, or in rarer cases may be a result of another problem that has affected the main logic board.  if this is the situation our technicians will diagnose the problem and reccommend a logic board repair for the inoperable microphone function.


iPhone Housing Solutions

Over time your iPhone housing will incur scuffs, dings - even dents - becoming unsightly. Instead of hiding it in a thick opaque case - a housing replacement will have your iPhone looking like new.

Drops, dents dings and scratches serve to make your iphone look worn and tired. Multiple impacts can have a more dastardly effect internally i.e. damage to the mainboard - sometimes not even noticeable until the iPhone is dissasembled and put back together as in the case of a housing replacement.


iPhone WiFi Solutions

If your WiFi doesn’t work and you only use your mobile data you will rack up some serious bills and endear yourself to your service provider. We repair WiFi connection issues in all the scenarios below.

WiFi and internet connections can be affected more seldomly by a mainboard problem and when the problem is not the WiFi antenna and replacement doesn't reconnect your phone to your router we may have to diagnose and repair a mainboard problem.


iPhone Bluetooth Solutions

Your iPhone not pairing with your car? Can't connect your Bluetooth headset? We have fixed lots of iPhones with Bluetooth problems. We’ll fix yours too usually within an hour.

Bluetooth problems are not as common as some of the more obvious damages. Sometimes a simple antenna repair is all thats needed. Other times we need to do a deep-dive and repair damage to the mainboard to restore bluetooth functionality.


iPhone Cellular Antenna Solutions

If you find that your calls drop abruptly or you don’t have service in areas where other people don’t experience the same issues – your antenna might be having a problem. Bring it to us and we will replace your iPhone antenna with a brand new one within an hour.

Carrier connection problems are often a result of a failing or damaged antenna. When looking at the antenna fails to deliver a solution it's time to delve into repairing the controllers on the logic board that handle your cellular connection


iPhone Home Button Solutions

Home button problems are especially frustrating as the home button is a critical method of navigating your iPhone. Come on home to TechKnow Space - we can repair or replace it within an hour.
Home button damage i almost always obvious: to you - in the case a physical damage to the button itself, and to a technician in the case of internal damage to the cables and connections (especially in the case of screen breakage).  When the problem is not so obvious and the standard repairs don't restore thumb-command we'll likely need to repair the mainboard to make your home button work again.

iPhone Proximity Sensor Solutions

The proximity sensor sends a signal to your display to turn it off when you hold the phone to your cheek while making a phone call. This component can be damaged along with glass breakage.

Rarely does a proximity sensor fail independantly.  When it does it usually because it has been smashed and needs to be replaced.  In very rare cases the logic-board mounted connectors become damaged or the on-board controllers have become overheated or shorted requiring a mainboard repair.


iPhone Volume Button Solutions

Not being able to adjust your iPhone’s sound level may seem like not a big deal at first, but you will soon run into situations when you really wished you could. Just drop by one of our stores and we crank up the volume on your malfunctioning volume button.

Volume woes can usually be resolved by replacing the buttons, straightening bent frames, or replacing cables. Sometimes even after all this the problem may persist - which indicates the mainboard has suffered trauma and need to be repaired to give you back control of your sound levels. 

The volume buttons are found on the left side of your iPhone - they control the sound output and ringer volumes for your phone.


If one of these keys becomes damaged, you may not be able to adjust the volume during calls.If you’re experiencing difficulty with your volume buttons, bring your iPhone in and we can repair it for you.


iPhone Mute Button Solutions

One of the great features of any iPhone is a physical switch that allows you to mute the sound instantly. If your mute switch doesn’t work you could still turn the sound off through the settings in your iPhone, but you would get frustrated pretty quick. We can fix any issues with your mute switch within an hour.

Mute buttons rarely fail wihtout some kind of physical impact damaging the button, the frame around it, or the tiny switch and cables inside the phone.  Replacing the switch, button or cables usually will fix the problem but when it doesn't it means the damage is more extensive and likely in the mainboard itself.

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