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The Apple iPhone Screen can also be called the iPhone LCD, glass, touchscreen or just iPhone display.

Happy Customer 5 years ago

We have been replacing iPhone screens since 2007 when the first iPhone was launched. Of all the iPhone repairs we do, upwards of 70% are screen replacements.  

The TechKnow Space started repairing (replacing) iPhone screens in 2007. Over the years we have repaired every new generation of iPhone model and have acquired expertise in repairing all iPhone touch screen and LCD problems. With over 75,000 iPhone screen replacements successfully completed, we are always ready for you - the moment you break your iPhone screen - to replace it within 1 hour!

Our repair service is unmatched in terms of technical skills and product quality. Our certified technicians do their magic and within an hour you and your iPhone with a brand new screen are on your way!

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Review By Beth Leduc

"Thumbs up to TechKnow Space. I've used them several times and recommend them to all my friends. They've always had my repairs done in the amount of time quoted."

iPhone Screen Solutions FAQ


Are there any additional fees or labour charges other than the prices published here?

No, the final price for the screen replacement is what you see (plus HST).


What if something else is wrong with my iPhone?

We do full testing of your iphone prior to, during, and after the repair. If we discover any additional problems, we will call you and obtain your consent before proceeding with any repairs.


Can you really do the iPhone screen replacement within an hour?

Yes! Our Certified Techs and have been fixing iPhones ever since the very first iPhone in 2007. They have tens of thousands of screen replacements under their belt!
(It could take longer if we need to do any diagnostics, in addition to a simple screen replacement.)


No appointment needed, I can just walk in anytime?

Yes, you can just drop in any time when it’s convenient for you (as long as we have an hour before closing).


  • Convenient locations, easily accessible from highways;
  • Fastest repair turnarounds - iPhone screen replacement is completed in 1 hour
  • Highest quality iPhone Screens

Jessica Stepic

a year ago-

I dropped and cracked the screen of my iPhone 5 and was dreading having to go all day without a phone in order to get it fixed. I was recommended The TechKnow Space in Mississauga by Square One Mall and had an amazing experience! And it was done within an hour! I will definitely come back if I ever need a phone, laptop or tablet repair again. Everyone should come here!

DIY iPhone Screen Replacement At Home Example Steps

The screen of your phone is the most important part while being the most vulnerable. The screens of most phones are primarily composed of highly engineered glass composites, which means even the smallest bump or fall can cause damage or even break the glass.

Unless you are an expert, trying to replace the digitizer/touchscreen yourself is an endeavor hazardous to your happiness. These screens are composed of several functional layers which are very fragile and costs a lot. The glass is fused with the digitizer (or capacitive touch film) which is fused to the display/LCD, and the display is tightly fitted to the iPhone's frame. This screen replacement is best left to experienced technicians.

Unfortunately, we have had a number of DIY-enthusiasts, victims of the many online videos, straggling into our store clutching their newly purchased screens and their iPhone looking for help.

Our experts provide you with a brand new iPhone screen in 1 hour.

 The screens of all smartphones are made of three different layers:

  • glass on top,
  • touchscreen/digitizer in the middle,
  • the LCD display underneath.

The three parts of the screens on iPhones are fused together into one component called a screen assembly, and cannot be repaired or replaced separately.

Because the screen is only one piece, you might feel it is an easy part to replace on your own. And while you could possibly be right, do you really want to risk being wrong after you have spent a few hours trying?

Let’s talk about the most popular models out there, the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus (not to mention the iPhone 6S and iPhone 7 are even more complex).

  1. Before you can even get started replacing your screen yourself, find or buy the following tools:
  2. P2 Pentalobe Screwdriver (this is a tool specifically for iPhones, don’t risk ruining the screws with the wrong tools!)
  3. Special suction cup tool, like’s iSlack or a high quality suction cup to help you open the iPhone up
  4. Plastic Opening Tools (these are meant to safely lift up connectors without accidentally shorting out your iPhone)
  5. Tweezers
  6. Phillips #00 Screwdriver
  7. Find a compatible replacement screen (there are lots of disreputable sources on the Internet, and very few good returns policies. How can you be sure you are getting quality spare parts?).
  8. Wait for a couple of weeks for the part to come in. Don’t mind the fact that you have an unusable phone for the time being.
  9. Once the screen comes in, you carefully open the package to ensure it wasn’t damaged in transit. Phew.
  10. Time to free up some space on your desk and get your tools ready.
  11. Remove the small screws from the bottom of the iPhone (you will need the first special screwdriver for these).

(Screw count: 2)

  1. Carefully open up the front of your iPhone, without damaging the cables which connect it to the rest of the iPhone (there is very little slack in these cables – be very cautious!)
  2. Remove the 2 screws holding the shield that covers the battery. Remove the shield and disconnect the battery. Make sure you don’t lose any of the screws or mix them up. Oh, how can you mix up 2 screws, you say? Just wait, there are plenty more to come.

(Screw count: 4)

  1. Unscrew the 5 screws holding the small metal panel in front of the cables for the screen and home button (And these screws are different lengths too – don’t mix them up either!)

(Screw count: 9)

  1. Disconnect the 4 cables from the motherboard. The connectors are very fragile, so be careful there. If you do happen to damage one – let’s just say you’ll now need to order more parts, a sophisticated soldering station and go take some courses on board level soldering. Or buy a new phone.
  2. Remove the 2 screws holding the home button bracket and detach the home button. Just to let you know, because of the Touch ID built into the home button, it is the only home button in the world that would work with your phone. So God forbid you damage it.

(Screw count: 11)

  1. Remove the 8 screws holding the back plate and remove the back plate while carefully prying off a glued cable underneath.

(Screw count: 19)

  1. Remove the screws holding the earpiece, remove the bracket and the earpiece and keep them aside along with everything else.

(Screw count: 21)

  1. Remove the cable assembly that holds the microphone, front camera, proximity sensor and the ambient light sensor. Do I even need to mention that the cable is very fragile?
  2. Now you are ready to repeat all of these steps in reverse order and assemble your phone with a new screen. Should be simple enough, eh? Just please make sure that you don’t mix up any of the screws, I just can’t stress this enough.

OK, now that the phone is reassembled, but the screen isn’t displaying anything? Or the touchscreen doesn’t respond? Well, you can try checking if there’s a loose connection somewhere… But more likely you just received a defective screen. No biggie, just go through the entire replacement process again to uninstall the screen, pay for shipping it back to the seller and hope he will send you a free replacement. You are a determined one, aren’t you?

Another possibility - you try to boot the phone up it gives you a brief blue or red screen before restarting all over again. Good job, you probably did mix up the screws and have now damaged the motherboard of your iPhone. It is now a paperweight.

The iPhone actually booted up and seems to work fine? Except that now you notice that the screen had been obviously refurbished and has visible discoloration spots? Now you’ll have to choose whether to just suck it up and live with the problems or go through uninstalling the screen and sending it back to the supplier. We already covered how straightforward that process is. Ugh.

Make a test call just in case and make sure that the proximity sensor (the thing that makes your LCD go blank when you put the phone against your ear when on a call). If it stopped working – disassemble your phone again and try readjusting it. You might need to tinker around a few times before you get it right. At least next time you do an iPhone Screen Replacement it’ll be a breeze.

There’s another option I have briefly mentioned before.

Take your iPhone to the TechKnow Space for a screen replacement! They have been replacing iPhone screens since the first iPhone launched in 2007, and have yet to encounter a broken or cracked screen replacement challenge they have not tamed!

Here’s what repairing your iPhone at the TechKnow Space is like:

  1. Leave your iPhone with one of our friendly customer service representatives
  2. Come back in an hour
  3. Receive your newly fixed iPhone
  4. Pay and walk out with a smile.


Alas, my adventurous friend, the choice is yours.

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