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Our Passion: Repairing Mobile Devices
Our Obsession: Making Customers Happy
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Toronto: 416 987 9860 
 Mississauga: 905 897 9860

At The TechKnow Space, we are able to repair most Samsung problems within an hour. All you need to do is drop in with your phone to one of our locations in Toronto or Mississauga and leave your device in our healing hands.

We always have technicians on-site and on duty and we carry nearly all Samsung parts in stock at each of our locations. This helps us to minimize the amount of time you have to wait to get your phone back.


All Samsung Phone Models

Galaxy A5

Galaxy A5

Galaxy Note 3

Galaxy Note 3

Galaxy Note 4

Galaxy Note 4

Galaxy Note 5

Galaxy Note 5

Galaxy Note 8

Galaxy Note 8

Galaxy S3

Galaxy S3

Galaxy S4

Galaxy S4

Galaxy S5 Neo

Galaxy S5 Neo

Galaxy S5

Galaxy S5

Galaxy S6 Edge

Galaxy S6 Edge

Galaxy S6

Galaxy S6

Galaxy S7 Edge

Galaxy S7 Edge

Galaxy S7

Galaxy S7

Galaxy S8 Plus

Galaxy S8 Plus

Galaxy S8

Galaxy S8

All Samsung Repairs

Samsung Service Solutions

Data RecoverySamsung data being recovered1 - 2 Days

Liquid Damagea liquid damaged Samsung being cleaned and repaired 1 - 2 Days

No PowerRepair for Samsung that Don't Power On 1 - 2 Days

Samsung Hardware Repairs

30 - 50 Minutes

Charging Port 40 - 50 Minutes

30 - 40 Minutes

Headphone Jack
30 - 50 Minutes

Cameras 30 - 40 Minutes

Power Button
40 - 50 Minutes

40 - 50 Minutes

40 - 50 Minutes

40 - 50 Minutes

Sim Tray 40 - 50 Minutes

40 - 50 Minutes

30 - 40 Minutes

Cellular Antenna 30 - 40 Minutes

Home Button
20 - 30 Minutes

Proximity Sensor 20 - 30 Minutes

Volume Button 40 - 50 Minutes

Out Of Warranty Samsung Service Centre

Samsung Service Centre Toronto & Mississauga locations. Samsung authorized phone repair.

  • Samsung Galaxy Phone Repair

Samsung Repair Toronto: Steps from Rogers Centre.
Samsung Repair Mississauga: Across from Square One.


Samsung Service Centre: 1 Hour Samsung Phone repair in Toronto & Mississauga

Toronto location:
Street level store, steps from the CN Tower and Rogers Centre Dome Stadium.

South east corner of Front and Spadina.

Mississauga location:
Street level across from Square One Walmart near Missisauga City Hall.

Corner unit of the 5 story RBC building REPAIR on the Window.

We provide Samsung out of warranty services for Samsung Phones & Tablets.

Your damaged Samsung smartphone will be:

  • Diagnosed, serviced & repaired by Samsung trained technicians,

  • Repaired typically within 1 hour,

  • Returned to you smiling and once again connecting you to the world!

***We have GALAXY NOTE 2, NOTE 3, NOTE 4, NOTE 5 S-Pen Styluses in stock!***

Samsung Screen Replacement Prices

Jump To All Samsung Phone Component Repairs
Popular Samsung Models - Screen Repair & Replacement

Part & Labour Included - Parts In Stock
Walk-In Samsung Service Centre
Repairs Completed in 1 Hour - No Appointment Needed

(LCD & Touchscreen Assembly)
Prices Include Part & Labour
Select Your Model for More Info:
Samsung Galaxy Note 3 III 239.95

 ~1 Hour 

Samsung Galaxy Note 4 IV 219.95
Samsung Galaxy Note 5 V 249.95 299.95
Samsung Galaxy Note 8 VIII 389.95
Samsung Galaxy S3 99.95
Samsung Galaxy S4 149.95
Samsung Galaxy S5 169.95
Samsung Galaxy S5 Neo 239.95
Samsung Galaxy S6 219.95 259.95
Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge 259.95 289.95
Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge+


Samsung Galaxy S7 239.95 289.95
Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge 339.95 349.95
Samsung Galaxy S8 $339.95 359.95
Samsung Galaxy s8 Plus $399.95 489.95
Samsung Galaxy A5 2017 $199.95 $239.95

Samsung Repair Toronto, Samsung Repair Mississauga:

Galaxy Ace 2x repair.
Ativ S - i8750 repair.

Behold 2 - T939 repair.
Corby Plus - B3410 repair.
Corby Pro - S5310 repair.
Corby Touch -T566 repair.
D807 repair.
Dart T499 repair.
Elevate - T356 repair.
Entro repair.
Flight A796 repair.
Focus - i917 repair.
Galaxy 551 Callisto repair.
Gravity Touch repair.
Hype - a256 repair.
i607 repair.
Impact - T746 repair.
Infuse 4G- i997 repair.
Jack - i637 repair.
Wave repair.
Galaxy Ace repair.
Galaxy Ace 2 repair.
Galaxy Apollo repair.
Galaxy S Captivate repair.
Galaxy S Fascinate - i500 repair.
Galaxy S Fascinate -T959D repair.
Galaxy S Glide repair.
Galaxy S Vibrant - i9000M repair.
Galaxy S5660 repair.
Galaxy Spica - i5700 repair.
Galaxy W - i8150 repair.
Google Nexus S repair.
Omnia 1 - 910 repair.
Omnia 2 - i8000 repair.
Omnia 2 - i920 repair.
Rugby - A836 repair.
Touchdown - F480 repair.
Forever - A886 repair.

Samsung Galaxy Repair Services - More Info

At The TechKnow Space, our Samsung Smartphone Experts professionally service all popular Samsung and Samsung Galaxy smart phones.  

If you've dropped or bumped your Samsung phone resulting in:
We provide Samsung repair in Mississauga and also Samsung repair in Toronto. 1 Hour Samsug Authorized Service Centre.

  • Cracked LCD display screen
  • Damaged digitizer / touch screen not working
  • Broken or smashed glass

We can perform a Samsung screen replacement in  1 HOUR.    

If your Samsung Galaxy has  stopped charging,  we can also repair your charging/sync/USB port in 1 HOUR

Are you experiencing  dropped calls  or having problems getting a strong antenna signal?

We can fix the antenna, making your phone as good as new -- again in just  1 HOUR .  

Any of the following not working on your Samsung or Samsung Galaxy?

  • Microphone
  • Camera
  • WiFi

Have no worries - we can fix it!

We are also experts in repairing liquid damages for all Samsung Galaxy's. To find out more about how we fix liquid damaged Samsung smartphones, please see our  liquid damage page
We have two locations, promptly and efficiently, making you and your beloved Samsung phone smile:

Our flagship store is located in downtown  Toronto  steps from the CN Tower and Rogers Centre -- at the corner of Front St. W & Spadina Ave. 

Our newest location is across from Square One on City Centre Dr. in  Mississauga

Tags: Samsung service centre. Convenient Locations: Toronto near Rogers Centre, and Mississauga near Square One.             

Andrew Lawson

a year ago-

In my opinion, The TechKnow Space (around Square One) was comprised of very friendly and knowledgeable people. I truly appreciated the quick service and pleasant interactions from Alicia and the rest of the staff.

Out of all places checked, The TechKnow Space seemed to be the most reasonable (regarding pricing) for the repairs that I needed to have done (specifically, a screen change, front camera replacement and mic. cleaning for a Samsung Galaxy S4), and because this place is partnered with Samsung, I like the fact that they use legitimate Samsung parts (as opposed to knockoffs that may not work as well). Further, within an hour, I had my cell phone back and in excellent working condition.

The best option for anyone is to keep your cell phone in pristine condition, take safe precautions (including purchasing a hard case and protective glass for screens), but if anything bad does happen, I highly recommend that you check this place out.

Samsung Galaxy Screen Replacement

The Galaxy series of Samsung phones are some of the most popular smartphones available today.

We carry all parts in stock for Samsung Galaxy display and touch screen replacement.

Visit us today, and get your Galaxy screen replaced in 1 HOUR!

Shams Alkari

3 weeks ago-

Went to Samsung a few times, and those idiots were no help.. Called in to complain and they recommended I visit this shop, and I have to say they really turned it around for me. Replaced my screen over night, if I had dropped it off sooner I would have prolly been able to pick it up a few hours later. Accommodating both in store and on the phone which was fantastic
Highly recommended!


About Our Samsung Screen Replacement Service

Two Convenient Samsung Service Locations: Toronto near Rogers Centre Dome Stadium, Air Canada Centre & the CN Tower, and Mississauga near Square One across from Walmart.
Under the following conditons, your Samsung Phone needs the  screen replaced:

You've  banged or dropped your phone and the glass is cracked or worse it has shattered.
We can have it repaired with our 1 Hour Repair Service!    

Has your phone been dropped recently or have you dropped it in liquid *
This can cause your touch screen to act erratically or not respond at all.
Our One-Stop Repair  service will have you messaging again fast.

Did your phone recently get liquid  damage * and now your screen is pink?
All is not lost. Your best chances are to take it to a professional to be repaired.
We are professionals when it comes to Samsung water damage.


No worries.
Bring your smart phone to us.
Have  it professionally repaired with our 1Hour Repair Service.
This is due to cracks in the LCD panel -- even if the top glass is not broken.  
Usually occurrs after a drop, bump or knock.

Sometimes after a bump, drop or knock, your screen can begin to develop internal problems
Internal damage to the LCD screen components can cause intermittent and unusual touch response and image display behaviours

We can make your Samsung Phone dance again in a flash!


This may be the result of a bump or drop which in turn has damaged the frame that holds the glass in place.
We can repair this for you with our  While-U-Wait Repair Service.


You have a damaged display.
Our 1 Hour Repair Service   will have you straightened out in no time!

They call it the "screen of death".
Not so. Leave it with our professionals.
We are able to fix all Samsung Smart Phones.


Are you seeing spots on your screen?
Scattered, groups or individual black dots on your display are called dead pixels --
- Your  LCD display must be replaced.
Bring it to our experts. We'll have you picture perfect in no time.  

*   Liquid damage repairability depends on the amount of damage your device has incurred.
    Visit our "services" page, to learn more on liquid damage repair.

LET US TURN THIS   Be a Happy Customer at Techknow Space for Samsung Repair in Toronto.       INTO THIS     Be a Happy Customer at Techknow Space with Samsung Repair in Mississauga.

Kevin Smith

7 months ago-

Great staff and quick service , S5 screen fixed in an hour just liked they said

Samsung Smart Phone Problems

Not only are we able to repair your screen, our professional experts can also repair/replace:    

  •  your  Samsung LCD ( Liquid Crystal Display) 
  •  the touchscreen  or Samsung digitizer 
  •  the glass  or Samsung lens 
  •  your USB Port or Samsung Sync / Charging Port 
  •  earpiece 
  •  loudspeaker 
  •  microphone
  •  keypad/keyboard 
  •  headphone jack
  •  housing
  •  faceplate 
  •  bezel 
  •  back cover 
  •  sim tray
  •  antenna/wifi  

Trust your Samsung phone service needs to the professionals!

Tags: Samsung service centre.

Samsung Glass Replacement Policy

Samsung smartphone display screens are comprised of 3 layers:

  • An outermost protective Glass.
  • A middle layer Touchscreen / Digitizer for accepting your touch input.
  • An inner-layer Display / LCD for displaying images.

In 50% of the cases, when a Samsung phone screen gets damaged / cracked, it is only the outer glass that gets damaged / broken:

Many repair service providers will replace your glass only. This is a cheaper solution than replacing the entire screen. However, here are the problems with this solution:

1. The glass used to replace your phone glass is not a Samsung part and therefore voids your warranty.

2. Being a non-Samsung part, the quality is at best questionable, and any subsequent damage of your non-Samsung glass could potentially render your phone unusable and / or unrepairable.

3. Replacing the glass will result in a cosmetically unacceptable solution transforming your sleek and beautiful Galaxy device to a cheap phone. Cosmetically:

a. The replaced outer glass, not being factory-sealed to the inner digitizer / lcd assembly, will result in a touch-screen operation that will be noticeably different from what you would experience with a brand-new Samsung screen assembly.

b. Occasionally your device may freeze when the screen is pressed harder-than-normal. The immediate solution is to lock and then unlock your device to resume normal operation.

c. Minor discoloration of the screen resulting from the separation process

d. Minor scratches

e. Dust particles between screen layers

4. You will now want to buy a case to dress up your cosmetically less-than-pristine device

5. The result could be even more unacceptable if your beautiful Samsung Galaxy phone lost its waterproof capabilities, and becomes a cosmetically ugly phone that is no longer waterproof and water resistant.

The optimal and safe solution is to insist on a Samsung solution:

* using authentic Samsung screens

* provided by Samsung certified technicians

* using Samsung-designed tools and techniques.

The TechKnow Space only replaces your damaged screens with an original Samsung integrated screen assembly.


Protecting Your Samsung Screen

It is inevitable that our phones endure bumps, bangs and drops. We carry them with us everywhere we go, making it impossible to escape this.

The best way to protect your Samsung phone from getting a screen replacement, is with a good quality case.

After reparing your Samsung in Toronto & Mississauga protect it with a top quality case. We Have Brand Name Phone Cases In Stock at The TechKnow Space both our Toronto and Mississauga locations.   We carry a full selection of brand name cases in stock such as:

Otterbox, Moshi, iSkin, iLuv and more:   Visit Our  Phone Cases Page

Should bad luck strike -- using a high quality case can help:

  • Protect your phone
  • Give you with peace of mind
  • Leave your money in your pocket

Samsung Mississauga. Samsung Toronto.  Your one stop while you wait 1 Hour for your Samsung Phone to be fixed.
Landmarks: Mississauga: City Hall, Celebration Square, Square One, Kariya Park.  Toronto: Rogers Centre Dome Stadium, CN Tower, Entertainment District: Samsung Toronto. Samsung Mississauga.

Samsung Smart Phone Information

The Samsung and Samsung Galaxy series of smartphones has become among the most desired mobile devices available.

We are your Samsung Authorized Service Centre offering expert trained Samsung Repair in Toronto and Samsung Repair in Mississauga. The latest models always offer a wealth of features and functionality satisfying the needs of both technical savvy users as well as the uninitiated:  

  • Experienced smartphone users are able to take advantage of the latest developments in smartphone technology. 
  • At the same time new smartphoners are able to understand the basic functions of the device quickly and easily,while progressively learning its more enhanced features.

1. Our flagship store is in  downtown Toronto , steps away from the CN Tower, at the corner of Front & Spadina

2. Our newest store is located across from Square One in  Mississauga (with free wifi and cozy customer corner).

Contact us for more information. You and your phone will be happy you did!

In summary a Samsung smartphone is a great choice in mobile communications and computing.
It's certain to provide a revolutionary and exciting experience for people of all ages and walks of life.

Quynn Nicholson

11 months ago-

Friendly and helpful, fixed phone with no problem and was really fast about it. Would definitely recommend.

Samsung Inquiry Form

Toronto: 416 987 9860   Mississauga: 905 897 9860