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Our certified technical specialists expertly repair devices with cracked screens, damaged displays and touch issues arising from physical damage and electronic failure. Devices we service include phones, laptops, tablets, MacBooks, gaming consoles and smartwatches.

"What is a screen, exactly?"

The screen of an electronic device generally refers to the component that shows a display. More than just displaying an image the screen can also consist of other components, for example, a backlight, protective glass and a responsive touchscreen. When describing all of these components together we often use the term "screen assembly," most often found in mobile devices such as phones or smart watches. Screens for laptops are typically a basic component consisting of only the display component, yet the inclusion of a touch screen is becoming more of a common occurrence. Tablets are similar to phones and smart watches in that they also have touch screens, otherwise known as a digitizer, but commonly replaced as a separate component.

Displays and touch screens require very little diagnosing as they are the visual component of any device. When the display or touch is compromised its evident that the part needs to be changed. After brief inspection and testing of the component replaced you'll be back on track with using your device.

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Phone Screen Repair Toronto Mississauga

Screen Repairs for the following phone brands:
iPhone Samsung Google HTC Sony Motorola Huawei Nokia OnePlus...

Without a properly functioning screen your phone may not display information properly or touch sensitivity might be compromised..

Tablet Screen repair Toronto Mississauga tablet

Screen Repairs for the following tablet brands:
iPad Asus Microsoft Samsung BlackBerry...

Tablet screens vary widely in terms of specs: size, resoution, connector type, etc. Follow the above link for more information about your device's screen needs...

Laptop Screen Repair Toronto Mississauga Laptop Screen Repairs

Screen Repairs for the following laptop brands:
Acer Compaq Fujitsu HP Lenovo MSI Sony Asus Dell Gateway LG Samsung Toshiba...

Your laptop screen is very easy to break - but luckily the vast majority of laptop screens are available in stock or within 2 to 3 business day...

Macbook Screen repair Toronto Mississauga Macbook Screen Repairs

Screen Repairs for the following MacBook Series':
Air Pro Retina...

Up to 60% less than the dealer when we replace your MacBook screen..

Smart Watches Screen repair Toronto Mississauga Macbook Screen Repairs

Screen Repairs for the following Smart Watch brands:
Apple, Samsung..


Can a Screen Break By Itself?

It is a common misconception that replaced screens can spontaneously break on their own or that the only way a screen breaks is by dropping the device.

There are many ways that a screen can crack, or break without the device having been dropped.  You may not have even noticed the event.

"I watched the screen break by itself in front of my eyes."

The battery has swelled up to the point that it puts so much pressure against the screen assembly from the inside that it cracks the lcd, glass or both.

"My phone was 'safe' in my handbag and when I took it out it was broken."

You may have placed the phone in the bag in such a way that it lay against the side of the handbag and taken a knock while walking, placing the bag down, stepped on, sat on, leaned on, or some other object in the bag has impacted the device.  

"I put the screen in my jacket pocket and it came back out broken."

Very common! You've left your phone in your pocket, and hung your jacket on a coat-rack or back of a chair. Especially if you have not installed a case on your phone, a gentle-seeming tap against the metal of the chair or a wall can cause a slight chip in the glass or notch in the frame which will extend to a noticeable crack or cracks in the screen.

"I was holding it in my hand and the screen shattered in front of me."

Impossible without some other influencing factor - such as a defective battery swelling and causing pressure from the inside. A swelling battery is not uncommon after a device has been exposed to liquid.

"I placed my phone facedown on the table 'like I always do' and the screen cracked.

We agree.   Placing your phone facedown IS one of the ways a screen can break.  

We don't reccommend placing your phone facedown onto ANY surface.

"I placed my phone on the table and went to bed - in the morning the screen was shattered. "

It isn't difficult to deduce that your pet has knocked it down or someone - perhaps your child - has used it unbeknownst to you.

Should you find yourself in one of these situations - although we cannot offer warranty coverage - please bring your device in, we will inspect it and may offer you:

  • A discount to replace the screen again.
  • A free tempered glass screen protector.

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