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Blackberry Repair

We professionally and expertly repair many Blackberry devices. If you have dropped your Blackberry and it has a broken screen or cracked screen, we can easily replace your Blackberry screen in 1 hour. If your Blackberry is no longer charging we can quickly repair your charging/sync port. Are you experiencing fuzzy, weak signals or dropped connections, we can repair your Blackberry’s antenna while you wait. Is your keyboard or trackpad not working properly? We can repair those in no time at all.

We are also experts in Blackberry liquid damage repairs, did you spill a drink, or drop your blackberry in a puddle? Please read our liquid damage policy!

We have two locations one downtown Toronto steps from the CN Tower at the corner of Front & Spadina and our newest location across from Square One in Mississauga.

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Blackberry Components We Repair

BlackBerry Charging Port Repairs

Blackberry Information

Research in Motion was founded in 1984 by Mike Lazardis & Doug Fregin, in Waterloo, Ontario. RIM worked with RAM Mobile Data and Ericcson to turn the Mobitex wireless data network into a two-way paging and wireless email network. The first Blackberry was released in 1999, and now 3% of mobile devices worldwide are Blackberry making RIM the 6th most popular device maker. Blackberry is known for its ability to send and receive push email and instant messages with a high level of security through on-device message encryption. Blackberry was commonly referred to as “Crackberry” in North America, because of its excessive use by its owners and its addictiveness.

Blackberry Batteries and Chargers

We have a complete lineup of Blackberry Batteries & Blackberry Chargers available for pickup. We have two convenient locations that are open 7 days a week. One downtown Toronto steps from the CN Tower at the corner of Front & Spadina and our newest location across from Square One in Mississauga.

We carry batteries and adapters for all the Blackberry models in the list above. Remember, although we do carry batteries and chargers for all of these models, we are not limited to these models alone. If you do not see your Blackberry model listed above, call us for more information.


Blackberry Antenna Repair

If you’re having an issue with your Blackberry antenna, you will notice low signal strength, or dropped calls, or fuzzy connections, your Blackberry antenna could be broken, damaged or have come loose.

If you’re experiencing any of those issues, or if you can’t make or receive calls, come in and our experts can repair your BB antenna problem while you wait! 

Blackberry Data Transfer

Have you got a new Blackberry? Do you want to transfer all your old data from your old Blackberry to your new one? We can migrate all of your Blackberry data into your new phone for you. We are open 7 days a week, stop by and we can easily transfer all your Blackberry data within an hour.

BB Earpiece Repair

One of the most common problems with the Blackberry earpiece is a blown speaker, you’ll mostly hear a static noise, and the only solution is to have it replaced. Other problems we see often are that the person on the other end may sound distorted, fuzzy, or you may not be able to hear them at all. That means you will need to repair or replace your Blackberry earpiece (speaker). We always have Blackberry earpieces in stock, and we can repair Blackberry earpiece in 1 hour

BB Headphone Jack Repair

If you have a Blackberry headphone jack problem, you will notice almost right away. Usually, if the sound is distorted, one side is not producing sound (or both sides not working) or it is missing out on the outstanding earphone sound quality you expect, your blackberry headphone jack is damaged. Blackberry headphone jack replacement is performed by our expert technicians, typically within 1 hour. So if you’re not hearing the crystal clear sound your used to through your standard oem headphones that came with it or your super-duper high end earphones, stop by and we can replace it today.

BB Housing Repair

Blackberry housing is the plastic casing or the case that covers the inner components of your Blackberry device. You should always replace your housing if it has become, cracked or damaged, not only because it is more pleasing to the eye, the housing is what protects your phone from damage. If your phone has been dropped, and becomes cracked, moisture, dust particles, and liquids can easily harm your phone.

BB Keyboard Repair

Is your Blackberry keyboard not working? Blackberry keyboard and keypads can sometimes become worn over time, keys can stick or stop working all together and then it will become very difficult – if not impossible to send text messages or emails. Stop by and we can give you a Blackberry keyboard replacement in 1 hour.


BB Microphone Repair

Your Blackberry microphone is the mouth piece that you speak into when you are having a phone conversation. If your microphone isn’t working properly you will notice straight away. If your caller cannot hear you on the phone, even though you can hear them, most likely your microphone is failing. The Blackberry microphone rests inside the casing of your Blackberry device, and so you’ll need an experienced technician to open up the phone and replace the blackberry microphone. Our experienced technicians can replace your Blackberry microphone in under 1 hour

BB Trackball Repair

Blackberry trackball are often broken or damaged over time, BB trackball repair and replacement are a simple procedure that can be completed in less than 1 hour. If you are having trouble clicking, scrolling or if the trackball sticking when you’re using it you need to have your BB trackball repaired or replaced. If you need your Blackberry trackball fixed, than bring it and we can fix your blackberry trackball.

BB USB Port Repair

Blackberry phones typically use a mini usb port to charge or for data connection to a computer, if your usb port isn’t working correctly it might take forever to charge or not be able to connect to your computer to transfer files. Blackberry USB ports are either Mini USB or Micro USB, our experienced technicians will look at your power connector and determine whether or not it is best for a usb repair or replacement. Blackerry usb ports can be a fairly tricky process, but it is usually completed in under one hour.  

Blackberry Problems

BB Problems we repair:

  • BB Antenna Repair
  • BB Bezel Repair
  • BB Charging Port Repair
  • BB Data Transfer
  • BB Earpiece Repair
  • BB Faceplate Repair
  • BB Flex Cable Repair
  • BB Glass/Lens Replacement
  • BB Headphone Jack Repair
  • BB Housing Repair
  • BB Keyboard Repair
  • BB Keypad Repair
  • BB LCD Screen Replacement
  • BB Microphone Repair
  • BB Trackball Repair
  • BB USB Port Repair
Toronto: 416 987 9860   Mississauga: 905 897 9860

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