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Motorola Nexus 6 Repair Mississauga & Toronto

Motorola Google Nexus 6 repair at our convenient Toronto and Mississauga locations for all Motorola Nexus 6 issues and problems. Google Motorola Nexus 6 Screen Replacement, charging port, headphone jack, power button, and other component replacement, 7 days a week.


Part & Labour Included - Parts In Stock
Completed in 1 Hour - No Appointment Needed

Screen Replacement Price
Motorola Nexus 6 Screen Repair 199.95


The Techknow Space is your one stop shop in Toronto and Mississauga for all Motorola Nexus 6 repairs. We are open 7 days a week, and conveniently located across from Square One and near the Rogers Centre to serve you better.The Motorola Nexus 6 is the latest in Google’s line up of smartphones. The Nexus 6 is the first “phablet” Google has offered to the market.

The phone-tablet hybrid is meant as an answer to users who wanted a larger phone from Google, and as a competitor to Samsung’s Galaxy Note series, and to Apple’s iPhone 6 Plus.

The Nexus 6, or “N6” for short, is a capable smartphone that offers high quality screen resolution and a clean, updated Android operating system (which is currently version 5.1, “Lollipop”).

The Nexus 6 is Motorola’s first chance at designing and manufacturing a Google Nexus smartphone. Other smartphone manufacturers who have partnered with Google for previous models in the Nexus smartphone line include Samsung, HTC, and LG.

Drop in any time
to our convenient 
Mississauga and Toronto locations.
We are easy to access:
near the Rogers Centre and
across from Square One,
with extended hours, 7 days a week.

Meg Bastable

3 months ago-

I brought my Nexus 5 to TechKnow Space for a screen replacent and I'm very happy with the service I received. I received great customer service and I appreciated how quickly my phone was repaired.


Common Problems with the Google Nexus 6

Many users need their phone for a lot of daily tasks. Without a phone that works 100%, you can find yourself becoming frustrated, or worse – missing out on important tasks or notifications.

You might be experiencing a problem with your Nexus 6, such as:

  • Dropping your N6 and breaking the glass
  • Parts of the screen or all of the screen is blank or very dark
  • The display shows flickering, static, weird colouration, or lines
  • Some or all of the touchscreen doesn’t respond when you touch it
  • The screen shows glitches such as the screen jumping or moving without any input, or apps opening and closing on their own
  • The display appears to have an ink stain spreading underneath the glass
  • Your Motorola Nexus 6 doesn’t turn on, will only display a logo on the screen, or is stuck in a boot up loop
  • The battery in your phone doesn’t charge up fully or takes a very long time to finish charging
  • Your phone won’t charge up at all
  • You can’t hear anything coming from the speakers, ringtones don’t work, or there is no sound coming from your Nexus 6 when you use it in speakerphone mode during a call
  • Headphones or microphone headsets don’t work with your phone, or will not plug in all the way
  • You can’t hear people while on a phone call or the person on the other end of the phone call can’t hear you
  • The volume buttons on the side of your Nexus 6 don’t work or need a lot of force to work
  • The power button is stuck in or doesn’t work
  • You see error messages on your phone such as “No network found”, “Emergency calls only”, or “No SIM card detected”
  • You are unable to connect to Wi-Fi or LTE networks, or the connection is very weak or spotty
  • You tried rooting or jail-breaking your Motorola Nexus 6 and now the phone is frozen or doesn’t work or turn on

Dealing with a malfunctioning phone can seem impossible at times and getting inventive with crazy shortcuts to work around the problem is definitely not a long term solution.

Your best option for a long term fix is to visit the Techknow Space. Our technicians work on site to offer a quick turnaround so you can get your phone back in working order with almost no interruptions.

We have two easy to access locations that are open 7 days a week, so we can provide you with the best repair service possible for all you Motorola Nexus 6 needs.

Find us in Toronto near the Rogers Centre, or across from Square One in Mississauga and bring your broken, damaged or malfunctioning N6 to the friendly faces at the counter.


You can relax in our comfortable customer lounge
while your phone is repaired and
enjoy free Wi-Fi and coffee,
or go run some errands and
return in an hour to a fresh-faced, happy Google Nexus 6!

Our technicians are experts in diagnosing and repairing any illness or ailment your Nexus 6 might be having.

When you bring your phone to the Techknow Space, you can rest easy knowing your N6 is in good hands.

Trying to save money by trying to repair something on your own is sometimes a good idea, like retiling your bathroom, or changing the oil in your car.

Applying that do it yourself philosophy to a smartphone repair is anything but smart.

Not only is repairing the Google Nexus 6 quite complicated, but the way the phone is constructed means a lot of opportunities for errors to occur.

Breaking more things than you fix is probably the opposite of what you want from a DIY repair! Avoid all of that and come directly to the Techknow Space.

david Pivrnec

2 months ago

Great service with extremely knowledgeable and helpful staff. These guys are the real deal.

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