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Sony Xperia Z Screen Repair/Replacement Price

Sony Xperia Z repair at our convenient Toronto and Mississauga locations for all Sony Xperia Z issues. Xperia Z Screen Replacement, charging port, headphone jack, power button, and other component replacement, 7 days a week.


Part & Labour Included - Parts In Stock Screen Replacement Price
Xperia Z 99.95

' Waterproof' Sony Phones and Repairs

Please be aware that after your Sony phone is repaired the water resistance properties will be compromised.


kyra thomson

4 months ago-

Customer service on point here! Thanks guys!

Sony Xperia Z Repair Information

Xperia Z brings you 1080 progressive scan which is the highest level of HD available that gives you incredibly crisp pictures and no jagged edges. The HD on Xperia Z is engineered by BRAVIA TV engineers to bring you the same quality you do expect from a top quality HDTV. The 5" full HD Display has 443 pixels per inch which is relatively high pixel density to give you optimum bright images and razor sharp colors.

Sony Xperia Z brings Ture Screen intelligence by incorporating contrast enhancement, high quality color management , noise reduction and sharpness filters. Mobile BRAVIA Engine 2 works dynamically to display the content in the best way.

Sony Xperia Z screen replacement will resolve the following issues:
  • Sony Xperia Z lock screen is pixilated and flickers
  • Sony Xperia Z screen is blacked out
  • Sony Xperia Z screen resolution is dark
  • Dead spots on the screen
  • Sony Xperia Z screen blinks
  • Screen colour changes from white to a yellowish colour
  • Sony Xperia Z beeps and then the screen looks like a tv without a signal
  • Sony Xperia Z shows almost a full circle on a white or black page.
  • Sony Xperia Z screen turns to a distorted view after pressing the power or home button while on sleep mode

Repairing the Sony Xperia Z Yourself

Unless you are an expert, trying to replace the digitizer/touchscreen yourself is hazardous to your happiness. These screens are very fragile and expensive. The glass or the digitizer is fused to the display/LCD, and the display is tightly fitted to the Note's frame. This screen replacement is best left to experience technicians.

Unfortunately, we have had a number of DIY-enthusiasts, victims of the many online videos, straggling into our store clutching their newly purchased broken screens and their Sony Xperia Z, looking for help.

Our experts can fix your Sony Xperia Z screen in 1 hour.

Common Sony Xperia Z Problems

Cracked or broken touchscreens/LCDs are the most common problem with the Sony Xperia Z. Many people mistakenly believe that the Gorilla glass is unbreakable, which is untrue. Gorilla glass is a great improvement for smartphones, making it less easy for the digitizer or screen to get scratched, but it is still easy for the display to crack or break.

Often, the digitizer or LCD may not be visibly broken, but does fail to work due to repeated knocks, dings and drops. So, while the display has no visible crack, it might be white or unresponsive to the touch. After suffering multiple knocks or dings over time, just the slightest impact may render the screen inoperable. This is a perplexing but common experience for many users who can't understand why a very slight impact resulted in the failure of their screen.

Screens can also bleed the liquid that is sealed within the LCD glass. This can occur weeks or months after the first serious impact/drop suffered by the screen. This impact often results in a hair-line cracks that are typically invisible to the naked eye. Over time, however, repeated knocked can widen and deepen the cracks until the cracks are large enough to seep out the liquid.

Bottom Line, never leave home without protection! Check out our Otterbox cases. Your phone can endure all kinds of banged and drops, with the protection of a Defender Otterbox case. It is inevitable that our phones will get banged and dropped. Only the very paranoid will escape this fate. Given this reality, if your phone is valuable, please ensure your always protect your phone with a good quality case...like Otterbox! Check out our price comparison for purchasing an Otterbox case or a broken screen on your phone.

The alternative : "Hello TechKnow Space!"

Holly Unruh

4 months ago-

Good service! Very friendly.

Sony Xperia Z Problems

      Sony Xperia Z Problems we repair:
  • Sony Xperia Z screen replacement or Sony Xperia Z LCD replacement
  • Sony Xperia Z touchscreen replacement or Sony Xperia Z digitizer replacement
  • Sony Xperia Z glass replacement or Sony Xperia Z lens replacement
  • Sony Xperia Z USB Port Repair or Sony Xperia Z Sync / Charging Port Repair
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