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Why Call?

Why Call?

Why Call?



Select your Apple Watch model and repair solution:

Apple Watch

Apple Watch Component Repairs


Screen Repair
1 - 2 Hours

Battery Replacement
1 - 2 Hours

Not Turning On
~1 Days

Screen Popping Out
Battery Swelling
Not Charging
Liquid Damage

Apple Watch Models We Repair


Apple Watch Series 6 40mm
Apple Watch Series SE 44mm
Apple Watch Series 6 44mm
Apple Watch Series SE 40mm
Apple Watch Series 5 44MM
Apple Watch Series 5 40MM
Apple Watch Series 4 40mm
Apple Watch Series 4 44mm
Apple Watch Series 3 42mm
Apple Watch Series 3 38mm
Apple Watch Series 2 38mm
Apple Watch Series 2 42mm
Apple Watch Series 1 38mm
Apple Watch Series 1 42mm


Q: Will my Apple Watch still be water resistant after being repaired?

A: The water resistance properties of your Apple Watch are compromised once the damage has occurred.  According to Apple the water-resistance properties are temporary and will diminish over time.  See About Apple Watch water resistance. After sustaining damage your Apple Watch will not have the water resistance like when new, however, we use the very best of sealants and adhesives to effect the best possible quality of repair.



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About Apple Watch Repair

Apple has been a leader in smartphones and tablets for years, but has significantly lagged behind in the smartwatch and “wearables” market. Other smartphone companies such as Samsung and Motorola have been producing smartwatches for years now, but haven’t been able to quite crack into the mainstream market.

The Apple Watch, or iWatch as it was rumoured to be named, was touted as the wearable to do just that, and the outpouring of pre-orders and lines of people out the door of Apple stores all over the world proves that theory.

Common problems or repair issues you might notice with your Apple Watch can include:The Techknow Space is your best solution for all Apple Watch smartwatch repairs in <<Toronto and Mississauga. We are open 7 days a week with extended hours, near the Rogers Centre and across from Square One for convenient access.

  • Cracked, shattered, or broken glass on the watch face
  • The screen on your Apple Watch doesn’t light up or is very dimmed
  • Parts or all of the watch screen don’t react to your touch input
  • The screen doesn’t react when you hold your arm up in front of your face
  • Your iWatch screen is slow to respond or load
  • Glitches such as icons opening or closing by themselves or other similar software problems
  • Apps load slowly or tasks run poorly
  • Your Apple Watch won’t turn on, or doesn’t charge fully
  • The magsafe wireless charger takes a long time to charge the watch, or the watch drains power quickly
  • The speakers, BlueTooth, or Wi-Fi don’t work
  • You consistently lose the pairing connection to your iPhone, or miss out on notifications
  • Software issues that make it difficult to use your Apple Watch properly

If you are experiencing any of these hardware or software problems, your first instinct is probably to visit the Genius Bar at your nearest Apple Store.

But with that option, it can take you over a week before there is an available appointment slot, and then on top of that, it can take weeks to get your Watch back fully repaired.

Another option if you are reluctant to spend time waiting on the Apple Geniuses is to try doing the repair yourself.

Think about the entire DIY process before you begin and really take into consideration all of the possible costs and risks.

Firstly, the risk of ruining your Apple Watch during your at-home repair is pretty high., a popular repair website, has rated the iWatch as a very difficult device to successfully complete repairs on.


Risking your Watch, which probably cost you anywhere from $550 to well over $1000, just to save a few bucks with a DIY repair is definitely not worth it.


Secondly, the cost of the replacement part, plus all the special tools and equipment you’ll need to do the repair, on top of all the time, effort and stress you’ll expend on the repair can add up to be much more expensive than bringing your Apple Watch to a repair store.

If neither of these options appeals to you – don’t fret! The Techknow Space is your best answer. We provide a fast 1 hour repair turnaround at an affordable price.

Our technicians work in-house to provide you with quick and efficient repairs combined with the technical knowledge and wide skill set of certified experts.

We have extended hours at our convenient location in Mississauga, across from Square One Shopping Centre.


Bring your unhappy Apple Watch to the friendly customer service desk at the Techknow Space, and in one hour, you can be reunited with your smiling, shiny Apple Watch.


Water Resistance

Water resistance in the Apple Watch is a nice feature and can give you some peace of mind that your watch will be safe if gets splashed or a little wet during normal activities or (for Series 2 and newer) performing a swimming workout.

Apple's Watch water resistance should not be taken to mean water-proof.  

When new, Series 2 (and newer models) are able to withstand some water exposure such as washing your hands shallow swimming and water-only showers -- although showering is not necessarily recommended while wearing your watch due to the likelihood of exposure to other substances (shampoo, etc.).

Exposure to soap, shampoo, conditioner or any substance other than water will compromise the seals and cause internal damage to the watch.

Exposure to steam (such as a sauna or a very hot shower) will affect the water resistance negatively.

"Water resistance is not a permananent condition."

The water resistant properties of the Apple Watch diminish over time even in the absense of any additonal damage. 

Any additional damage will render the watch no longer water resistant.  

Water resistance after repair.

From Apple: "Apple Watch can't be rechecked or resealed for water resistance". Period.


Apple Watches Repair: Locations & Areas Served

While-You-WAIT Apple Watch repair service is great!  -- But what about the wait part?

You may want to take advantage of local culural attractions, grab a bite to eat, quench your libational thirst, or maybe see a show while we do our repair magic on your Apple Watch!

Some local destinations to help you bide your wait-time smile :

Things to do in Toronto Our Toronto Local Guide     Things to do in Mississauga Our Mississauga Local Guide


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