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Camera Repair for Tablets

Similar to phone rear cameras and front cameras, your tablet cameras are two of the most important components on your device. If you want to take a picture at the family picnic or if you want to capture a moment happening right before your eyes, you're going to need a functioning camera. At The TechKnow Space our team of expert technicians will reach into our bag of hands-on skill and experience and pull out a magic trick just for you. A fully functioning tablet camera in approximately less than 4 hours!

Our Tablet Front Camera Repair and Rear Camera Repair Services

The majority of tablets including the Apple iPad, Samsung Galaxy Tab, Asus tablets, BlackBerry Playbook, and Microsoft Surface have cameras similar to your phone camera. Since these devices are portable, it’s quite likely you’ll find yourself in need of a front camera or back camera repair at some point. This is especially true if you’re the type of person to snap photos and record videos with your tablet more than your phone.

There’s nothing worse than not having access to a functional tablet camera, especially when you’re trying to capture the perfect moment on the fly. Even if all of the components inside of the tiny camera are functional, a crack in the lens or dust caught behind the lens can impede your photo taking capabilities.

For all repairs related to tablet cameras, be sure to bring your device into The TechKnow Space so our technicians can assist you with your tablet camera repairs ASAP! With locations in both Mississauga and Toronto (with extended hours!) you’ll be back to your normal picture-taking self in less time than you thought.

How to Test a Tablet Front Camera and Rear Camera

The process for testing your tablet’s front camera and rear camera is identical to how you would test your phone cameras, in most cases, such as with Apple products. All you will need to do is open the camera app, analyze the quality of taken photos, clean your camera with a soft cloth (if necessary), and test the lens in different lighting conditions.

For step-by-step instructions, please refer to the “How to Test a Phone Front Camera and Back Camera” section.



The Importance of Tablet Front Camera and Rear Camera Repairs

When you’re faced with the decision of choosing a tablet front camera repair and rear camera repair or not, it’s important to consider how often you really use your tablet’s camera. Even if you’re not a frequent user, you’re going to want to have access to all of the features you originally paid for. There are plenty of common reasons as to why people seek our assistance when it comes to repairing the cameras on the tablets including having access to better video conferences to entertaining their children at home.


  • Access to Larger Video Conferencing Screens: Even though you could easily use applications such as Skype and FaceTime on your phone, your tablet gives you a much bigger screen to work with. This is particularly important if you’re trying to show a friend, family member, or colleague something interesting while on a video conference call. Without a working camera, they’re either A) going to see blurry images that look terrible for such a large screen size or B) be unable to see anything at all.


  • Having Portable Video Chats: Not all of us have our smartphones at our sides, particularly when you make your first tablet purchase. In fact, there’s a high probability you’ll be more likely to use your tablet while you’re hanging around your house. Picture this: a friend or family calls you on FaceTime with exciting news and they want to see your reaction. Uh oh, your tablet camera doesn’t seem to be working. For those instantaneous moments you always need to be prepared for, it’s important you bring your device into The TechKnow Space for tablet camera repair today.


  • Entertaining the Kids: Kids love tablets. In today’s day and age, more parents are buying their kids tablets than ever before because they keep them entertained for hours. Whether it’s by playing different games that you’ve downloaded or messing around with the camera application - tablets are where it’s at! Now, imagine you’re on a roadtrip with no internet connection and the only application that will keep your kids from bickering is the tablet’s camera. But OH NO the camera stops working. Save yourself the headache and bring your device into our technicians today. We’ll have your tablet camera repaired in less time than you could ever imagine!


REVIEW: Aubrey Cottle

"Wonderful service. The manager is extremely friendly and helpful."


How We Can Help

Aside from giving you a fully functional tablet back, The TechKnow Space takes the stress and worry out of noticing your tablet camera needs repairs. No matter if you’ve begun to notice the camera is failing or if it has completely shorted on the motherboard, we’re here to help.

Drop into one of our locations in either Mississauga or Toronto today! There’s no need for an appointment and we’re open with extended hours! See, told you we’d make it easy!

Tablet Camera Repair Brands

We repair rear and front cameras for the following tablet brands:

iPadApple iPad Repair Air, Mini, Pro

Microsoft Microsoft Surface Tablets Repair  Surface Pro, Pro 2, Pro 3, Pro 4, RT, RT 2, 3

SamsungSamsung Galaxy Tablets Repair   Galaxy 7", 8", 9". 10", 12"

AsusAsus Tablets Repair Nexus 7, Transformer, ZenPad

BlackBerryBlackBerry Playbook Tablets Repair Playbook


iPad Camera Repair

We repair front and rear cameras for the following iPad models. All repair prices include installation.

 iPad Model Camera Repair Price Typical Repair Time
iPad $99.95 - $119.95 2 hours - 2 days
iPad 2
iPad 3
iPad 4
iPad Air
iPad Air 2
iPad Mini
iPad Mini Retina 
iPad Pro

Microsoft Surface Camera Repair

We repair front and rear cameras for the following Microsoft Surface models. All repair prices include installation.

Microsoft Model Camera Repair Price Typical Repair Time
Pro $ 2 hours
Pro 2 $
Pro 3 $
Pro 4 $
RT $
RT 2 $
Book $

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