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Screen Repair For Tablets

When other repair shops can't solve your tablet screen problem we can guarantee a tablet screen logic board repair 9 times out of 10. 

Logic Board Repair For All Devices


 A Tablet Screen may be called a LCD, Glass or Digitizer

“The screen on my iPad is shattered. What’s the difference between the digitizer and a screen assembly?”

   The glass on most tablets is a separate part from the display, which is good because it can keep the cost of repairs relatively inexpensive, but it can also add to the bulk and size of the tablet, because of the additional space two parts take up in the tablet’s real estate.

With the exception of the 2nd generation iPad Air, all iPads are made with the two-layer combination of LED display and glass touchscreen on top as seperate pieces.

The digitizer is simply another name for the glass and touchscreen layer. A screen assembly is the digitizer and display as a single piece.

With most iPads, the screen damage is actually only on the digitizer. The expert technicians at the Techknow Space are always available at our Mississauga and Toronto locations, with all iPad parts in stock to replace the digitizer or screen assembly in your tablet quickly and affordably within two hours!

The Techknow Space prides ourselves on providing all of our customers with the highest quality and efficient device repair services in the GTA and Toronto, visit us today to see for yourself!

   So you dropped your iPad, dented the corner and smashed the screen.  Now you've ordered the correct replacement screen online, done the replacement using the cheap little tools that came with the kit (breaking almost every one in the process).  But hey it worked!  You iPad powers on, and you can swipe-to-unlock (swipe your unlock gesture, or enter your password).Only problem is now it's a day or a week later and the adhesive has either loosened (or something!) and your screen is sticking out at the edges. No matter how often you press it back in with your fingers or even replace the adhesive you can't get it to sit flush and/or stay in place...and there's still that dent on the corner you couldn't press out. What do do?The iPad enclosure is factory designed to be as thin as possible and the fit to the screen assembly is essentially perfect.  Even the smallest dent or ding to the housing will often cause the above-described poor-fit issue.  When we replace iPad screens damaged as a result of drops, bangs or knocks we use precision milling tecniques to repair the housing damage. With at-home iPad repairs your best bet is purchasing a new housing/back cover as well as the screen. Wait -- now the cost (and time & effort involved) makes it not cost effective to repair.  Why don't I just buy a new ipad? Because the TechKnow Space is here ready to expertly replace your damaged iPad screen, LCD or glass in just 2 hours at a reasonable cost avoiding the potential struggles the at-home DIYer is likely to experience.Remember -- there's no warranty on a Do-It-Yourself repair!


Tablets Screen Repair Brands

We repair screens for the following tablet brands:

iPadApple iPad Repair Air, Mini, Pro

Microsoft Microsoft Surface Tablets Repair  Surface Pro, Pro 2, Pro 3, Pro 4, RT, RT 2, 3

SamsungSamsung Galaxy Tablets Repair   Galaxy 7", 8", 9". 10", 12"

AsusAsus Tablets Repair Nexus 7, Transformer, ZenPad

BlackBerryBlackBerry Playbook Tablets Repair Playbook


Common Tablet Screen Repairs

We diagnose, restore, Fix, and replace the following damaged iPad, Galaxy Tab, Tablets Screens situations:

“What are good resources for DIY iPad 4 screen repairs?”

The Techknow Space doesn’t recommend anyone trying to complete a screen repair on any tablet, but some devices are definitely more complicated than others.  

The iPad screen removal process is very complicated because it requires you to carefully heat up the adhesive holding the glass layer to the rest of the iPad.

This heating process is easy to get wrong, and breaking the glass touchscreen layer on your iPad while trying to open it up is a very real and likely possibility.

Another problem you might encounter with separating the glass from your iPad is scratching or otherwise damaging the second layer of the screen, the display.

The LCD is separate from the glass, but that definitely doesn’t mean it isn’t in any danger from a mistake or slip of your hand while trying to DIY an iPad repair.

So now you’ve miraculously managed to remove all of the adhesive strips under the glass without breaking it. All you need to do now is get the screen off without ruining any of the cables attached to it.

Yay! You finally reached the USB charging port component. Replace and reassemble – fingers crossed you did everything right and you’ve fixed your problem on the first attempt…


But instead of going through all of that craziness, there is an easy and fast alternative – visiting the Techknow Space.

iPad Screen Repair

When other repair shops can't solve your iPad screen problem we can guarantee an iPad screen logic board repair 9 times out of 10. 

Logic Board Repair For All Devices


We repair screens for the following iPad models. All repair prices include installation.

 iPad ModelScreen & Digitizer Replacement PriceTypical Repair Time
iPad  $99.95- $129.95 2 hours - 2 days
iPad 2  $79.95- $139.95
iPad 3 $99.95- $139.95
iPad 4 $119.95- $139.95
iPad Air $109.95- $169.95
iPad Air 2 $289.95  Screen Assembly With LCD
iPad Mini $119.95- $129.95
iPad Mini Retina  $119.95
iPad Pro $CALL

Microsoft Surface Screen Repair

We repair screens for the following Microsoft Surface models. All repair prices include installation.

Microsoft Model Screen Replacement Price Typical Repair Time
Pro $CALL 2 hours
Pro 2 $259.95
Pro 3 $309.95
Pro 4 $309.95
RT $199.95
RT 2 $249.95
Book $649.95

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