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LoudSpeaker Repair For Tablets


Much like your laptop-speakers and smartphone loudspeakers, your tablet speakerphone function might be one of the most important components you rely on. Tablets are commonly used for playing games, watching videos, and having FaceTime or Skype conversations with friends and family. Without working loudspeakers, you’re not going to be able to hear notifications from incoming calls and alerts.



Common Tablet Speakerphone Problems We Fix and Refurbish

There are plenty of common issues tablet users might experience when dealing with faulty loudspeakers. If you notice your device is experiencing any of the following, be sure to bring it into our team of expert technicians at The TechKnow Space. We're available with extended hours to serve you best! Not to mention we have an assortment of other tablet repair services readily available to assist you.


Can’t Hear People on the Phone

The most talked about issue people experience with tablet speaker-phone problems is not being able to hear the other person on the end of the line when they receive a call. There’s nothing worse than awaiting a call from a friend or family member only to realize you can’t hear them because your loudspeaker function isn’t working.


Inaudible Alarms and Notifications

Your alarms are essentially your lifeline, and the same applies to notifications. If you’re unable to hear your alarms in the morning, how are you going to wake up for work on time or remember that very crucial deadline? As for alerts, how are you supposed to know a text has come through or an app is ready to be updated? Without functioning loudspeakers you’ll have to rely on the visual cues such as flashing lights from notifications popping up on the screen.


Intermittently Working Loudspeakers

If you find that while you’re watching a video on your tablet your sound keeps going in and out, that’s also known as intermittently working loudspeakers. At times this can be even more frustrating than dealing with ringers that are entirely broken because you’ll find yourself thinking the speaker-phone functions fixed themselves every time you hear a sound. At The TechKnow Space, we know all about the frustrations of tablet ringers that only work less than half of the time.


Muffled and Unbalanced Audio

Two other common concerns tablet users have with their loudspeakers is when their audio is both muffled and unbalanced. It might sound like your speakers are inside of your pocket or that all of the sounds are coming out of one speaker instead of both. This can really take away from the quality of sound you’ll experience.



The Benefits of Tablet Loudspeakers

It’s important to consider the benefits of having access to working tablet loudspeakers. Not only do they allow you to watch your favourite TV shows and movies without headphones, but they also give you the ability to use your tablet similarly to how you would use your phone.


Hands-Free Communication

Maybe you’ve brought your device into The TechKnow Space for smartphone repair or maybe you just can’t find your phone buried somewhere in your couch. In today’s day and age, tablets can operate similarly to your mobile devices, just with the help of the internet. Whether you’re receiving a FaceTime call or if you’re using your tablet as a communication proxy to your traditional phone, you’re going to need access to the loudspeakers. Otherwise, you’re not going to be able to hear the person on the other end of the line.

Hands-free communication is also a great choice for answering calls while your hands are busy with cleaning, washing dishes, doing laundry, etc. We’ve all used our tablet’s speakerphone function at one point or another!


Sharing Media with Friends and Family

There are plenty of times when you’ll opt to use your tablet to share media with friends and family, whether it’s a hilarious prank video that you’ve found online or a video you’ve made on your own time. The only problem is, how are you going to share the sound with people other than yourself without a working loudspeaker?

You can’t use headphones because everyone would need to have their own set in their pockets (which is simply unrealistic). In most cases you would simply be able to click “Play” and sound would be transmitted directly through the loudspeakers on the device. The inconvenience of trying to share media with friends and family can be overwhelming without working speaker-phone functions.


Who Needs Headphones?

Headphones aren’t only a pain if you want to share media with others, but if you want to watch something by yourself in your own home. We think everyone can agree that there’s nothing worse than trying to go through all of your belongings to try to find a pair of headphones to watch something as small as a 10-second video.

The real question is: who needs headphones when you have repaired loudspeakers with the help of the TechKnow Space?


Hearing Notifications and Alarms

Much like alarm clocks were necessary in the past, our tablets and smartphones have quickly taken their place. The only problem is, if you don’t have a smartphone or can’t find it before bed, you’re going to need to rely on your tablet. You'll need to set an alarm and rely on it to let you know if you have any important notifications. There’s no possible way you’ll be able to wake up to an alarm playing through headphones - especially if you’re a heavy sleeper!

Imagine receiving an important FaceTime call from family only to find that you left your phone at your friend’s house and your tablet is across the room. You’re not going to know that anyone is trying to get in touch with you until you boot it up, which might not be until the next day. Without the help of tablet ringer repair, it’s nearly impossible to expect your tablet to light up bright enough to catch your attention when it’s not in your lap.

It’s best to take your tablet into one of The TechKnow Space tablet ringer repair locations in Toronto or Mississauga for service as our technicians will have your device up and running in no time!



How We Can Help

Don’t worry, help is right around the corner with our two tablet speakerphone repair locations in Mississauga and Toronto! The professional team of technicians available at The TechKnow Space will take in your device, inspect the damage, and repair the faulty loudspeakers as easily as 1, 2, 3! There’s no need to put yourself in a position where you don’t know if your repairs were successful or if you ended up damaging something inside of your tablet that you can’t see. Drop into one of our locations Monday through Sunday to have us take a look at your device!

Tablet Speaker Repair Brands

We repair speakers for the following tablet brands:

iPadApple iPad Repair Air, Mini, Pro

Microsoft Microsoft Surface Tablets Repair  Surface Pro, Pro 2, Pro 3, Pro 4, RT, RT 2, 3

SamsungSamsung Galaxy Tablets Repair   Galaxy 7", 8", 9". 10", 12"

AsusAsus Tablets Repair Nexus 7, Transformer, ZenPad

BlackBerryBlackBerry Playbook Tablets Repair Playbook


iPad Speaker Repair

We repair speakers for the following iPad models. All repair prices include installation.

 iPad Model Speaker Repair Price Typical Repair Time
iPad $99.95 - $119.95 2 hours - 2 days
iPad 2
iPad 3
iPad 4
iPad Air
iPad Air 2
iPad Mini
iPad Mini Retina 
iPad Pro

Microsoft Surface Speaker Repair

We repair speaker for the following Microsoft Surface models. All repair prices include installation.

Microsoft Model Speaker Repair Price Typical Repair Time
Pro $ 2 hours
Pro 2 $
Pro 3 $
Pro 4 $
RT $
RT 2 $
Book $

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