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This is an in-store service, NOT a curbside process...

Simply walk into our store with your device
• Clearly explain the problem you are experiencing
• We will clarify and confirm our understanding
• You can demonstrate the problem, if required
• Before accepting your device for repair we will ensure you understand how we will help you (our solution)
Total interaction time for drop off may range from 2 minutes for simple problems to 20 minutes for complex issues.

Pick-up of your repaired devices can take from 5 minutes to 20 minutes this includes the time needed to test the solution.

Tablet Repair Centre - All Models - All Repairs - 2 Hours
Serving Toronto, Mississauga, Etobicoke, Brampton, Milton, Burlington, Oakville, Hamilton, St. Catharines, London, Kitchener, Waterloo, Cambridge, Guelph, Orangeville, Barrie

Apple iPad Asus Microsoft Surface Samsung Galaxy Tab BlackBerry Playbook
Screen Display Glass Charging Port Headphone Jack Camera Power Button Volume Buttons Home Button Speaker Mic WiFi Bluetooth Logic Board Battery Replacement Data Recovery Liquid Damage Repair

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The Tablet Charging Port may be called a USB Port, Power Connector, Charging Connector, or Sync Port.

The Techknow Space doesn’t recommend anyone trying to complete a sync port repair on any tablet, but some devices are definitely more complicated than others.


For instance, the charging port replacement on Apple’s iPad 4 is difficult to begin with, and is made even more challenging because the only way to access the internal components of the lightning connector port is to remove the screen assembly.

The iPad screen removal process is very complicated because it requires you to carefully heat up the adhesive holding the glass layer to the rest of the iPad.

This heating process is easy to get wrong, and breaking the glass touchscreen layer on your iPad while trying to open it up is a very real and likely possibility.

Another problem you might encounter with separating the glass from your iPad is scratching or otherwise damaging the second layer of the screen, the display.

The LCD is separate from the glass, but that definitely doesn’t mean it isn’t in any danger from a mistake or slip of your hand while trying to DIY an iPad repair.

So now you’ve miraculously managed to remove all of the adhesive strips under the glass without breaking it. All you need to do now is get the screen off without ruining any of the cables attached to it.

Yay! You finally reached the USB charging port component. Replace and reassemble – fingers crossed you did everything right and you’ve fixed your problem on the first attempt…


But instead of going through all of that craziness, there is an easy and fast alternative – visiting the Techknow Space.


The Techknow Space’s in-house experts are skilled at all tablet power adapter replacements, and can complete these repairs while you wait!

We have two great stores in Toronto and Mississauga with extended hours, 7 days a week, to serve you better.

When would a tablet USB charging port need repair?

  • Frequent low battery level warnings

  • No power at all

  • The tablet shuts off when you plug an accessory into the USB port

  • The tablet won't turn, or shuts off immediatley after powering on

Tablet Component Repairs


2 Hours


2 Hours

Power Button

2 Hours


2 Hours


2 Hours


2 Hours


2 Hours


2 Hours

Home Button

2 Hours

Mute Button

2 Hours

Volume Button

40 - 50 Minutes

The LCD / Screen on My Tablet is Not Working after Liquid Exposure

Depending on what parts of your tablet were exposed to the liquid spill, the screen itself may not have sustained the damage.

In some cases a cleaning and screen replacement may be the course of action. In other cases there is damage only to circuits which control the display. Sometimes there is damage to both.  We won't know the answer until we have completed the cleaning and diagnostic phases of the repair and we will advise you appropriately.

Tablet Repair: Locations & Areas Served

While-You-WAIT tablet repair service is great!  -- But what about the wait part?

You may want to take advantage of local culural attractions, grab a bite to eat, quench your libational thirst, or maybe see a show while we do our repair magic on your tablet!

Some local destinations to help you bide your wait-time smile :

Things to do in Toronto Our Toronto Local Guide     Things to do in Mississauga Our Mississauga Local Guide


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In the heart of the Entertainment District
near Rogers Centre & CN Tower


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City Centre Drive, across from Square One
in the RBC building

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