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2nd Gen iPad Air Repair - iPad Air 2 Screen Replacement
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Why Call?

Why Call?

Why Call?



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iPad Air 2 Repair Mississauga

We repair your 2nd Gen iPad Air in 2 Hours
at our Mississauga and Toronto locations.
You never need an appointment!

The latest version of Apple’s line of tablets, the iPad Air 2 nd gen, is the lightest, thinnest version of the iPad currently available.

The new model has been rebuilt from the ground up, according to Apple. In addition to the new weight and size, the iPad Air 2 also has an improved processor chip for faster performance in apps and games.

While these changes might seem unnoticeable, the biggest, most noticeable changes to the 2 nd generation iPad Air are the loss of the mute switch and the addition of Touch ID to the home button.

These two changes offer a totally new experience for iPad users:

  • The Techknow Space is your iPad Air 2 repair centre in Toronto and Mississauga. Bring your 2nd Gen iPad Air for all repair services, such as screen replacement, charging port issues, and broken touchscreen glass.Apple removed the mute switch from the side of the 2 nd gen iPad Air so they could move one of the two internal microphones to where the mute switch used to sit. This change means the structure of the iPad Air 2 looks even more seamless than ever.
  • The new home button uses the same “Touch ID” fingerprint sensor technology that the iPhone 5S, iPhone 6, and iPhone 6+ offer. Currently, the 2 nd generation iPad Air is the only Apple tablet that uses the Touch ID sensor. This sensor “reads” your fingerprint and can then be used as a password, or to authorize payments and purchases.


Enjoy our comfortable lounge in Mississauga ...
... we'll replace your iPad Air 2's Screen Assembly while you wait!
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iPad Air 2 Screen Replacement $199.95

Another important change Apple made to the 2 nd gen iPad Air is to combine the LCD and the touchscreen glass into one fused-together part called a screen assembly.

The 2 nd generation iPad Air is the only version of the iPad to sandwich the display and the glass together. This has the benefit of making the whole tablet thinner and the image clearer.

However, this new construction also means that if one of the three layers (LCD, touchscreen, and glass) breaks or becomes damaged in some way; the entire screen assembly needs to be replaced.

Holly Unruh

4 months ago-

Good service! Very friendly.

Common Problems with the 2nd Gen iPad Air

The Techknow Space has the Technology Knowledge
to repair any issue with
your iPad Air 2 within two hours.

The Techknow Space is prepared to help you with any illnesses or bumps and bruises your iPad Air 2 might encounter along the way, like:

  • Broken, cracked or shattered glass
  • Liquid damage
  • Flickering image or discoloured lines on the display
  • Some or all of the screen won’t respond to touch
  • Glitches, screen jumping or jittering, apps opening or closing on their own
  • Completely blank display, or very dim display
  • “Bleeding” or ink stains in the LCD
  • Your iPad Air 2 doesn’t charge or won’t turn on
  • No sound coming from the speakers or your headphones
  • The microphone doesn’t pick up audio well or doesn’t work at all
  • The home button doesn’t work or requires a lot of force to work
  • The power button doesn’t work
  • The battery loses power very quickly, or doesn’t charge at all
  • You are unable to connect to Wi-Fi or LTE

If you are experiencing any issues with your iPad Air 2nd gen, whether it is listed above or not, you should visit the Techknow Space. We can sort out any problems with your iPad Air 2 within a couple of hours.

Bring your sad, unhappy iPad Air 2nd generation to the experts at the Techknow Space and we will transform your iPad into a smiling, perfect tablet in almost no time at all.


With a turnaround that fast,
why would you want to go anywhere else
for your repair needs?


Our friendly, helpful staff and convenient locations in Toronto and Mississauga will make the Techknow Space your go-to repair service centre for your iPad Air 2 and all devices.

Aneta Nowakowicz

11 months ago-

Lovely front desk staff, great service. Been coming here with all my issues. Would recommend this to anyone.

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