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Forget the iPad repair I just want the data

Uh oh!  Just dropped my iPad and realized I hadn't synced my data - pictures, videos & documents.

There are many different situations that could prevent you from accessing your ipad and retrieving the data:

  • Dropped and broken
  • LCD our touchscreen failed and can't enter password
  • Internal failure
  • Submerged in liquid...

Before you panic - the first step is to log in to your iCloud account and check whether your most recent data is there:

- if so: stop reading now. - lol :)

- if not: panic! - JUST KIDDING :_) Getting data from a damaged iPad

If you're documents, precious memories and beloved music is nowhere to be found your next stop is TechKnow Space.  

Now, sometimes it is possible that the iPad is damaged way to severely to restore access to the on-board storage, but in those situations where there is still some hope (and only our technicians would know - after sometimes extensive diagnostics), we will exhaust all avenues to retrieve your data.

WOW!  That sounds complicated...is the cost


Actually the majority of our iPad data recovery service costs are

$99 to $199!

Even in extreme damage situations (such as described below) we've been able to recover critical files around the $500 mark -- approximately $1000 less than data recovery lab fees. 

See this iPad data recovery example:

An ipad that had been damaged by sugary liquids and left aside for a considerable length of time was brought in...

Here's a summary of the process we followed to retreive this device's data:
(remember this is an extreme case and even though the data recovery was successful in this one it will not always be :)

First Step: Dissassembly and removal of all circuit boards

Second Step: Thoroughly clean all liquid and corrosion from the boards in ultrasonic solution, then manually under microscopes

Now, we can try to get the mainboard to power up:

iPad disassembled for data retrieval

do some complex circuitry repairs on the logic board

replace the battery damaged by the liquid

replace a number of components damaged by corrosion,

...thus allowing the iPad to power up.


The Data Recovery:

uploading iPad data to cloud

In this case the screen, (LCD and touch screen) were completely damaged by liquids, these too had to be replaced for us to be able to see the activity on the iPad.

Connect to our WiFi from the iPad

Install Google drive and upload all the photos & videos to it.

Periodically, we would have to disassemble the iPad in order to charge the battery directly as the it would run down due to irreversible mainboard damage. The iPad would then need to be reassembled after each charge to continue uploading the files.

Downloading recovered iPad data to a flash drive 


Once the uploading completed (a total turnaround time of 2 days!!!) we were able to store the files on an external storage device.




Walk in anytime - no appointment necessary - and we will undertake to re-unite you with your lost memories, your precious videos, or your vital business information.

Toronto: 416 987 9860   Mississauga: 905 897 9860