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Microsoft Surface Models Repaired

 As a leader in GTA for Microsoft Surface repairs, here are the Microsoft surface models that we repair. 

Microsoft Surface Tablet Repair Toronto & Mississauga

    • Microsoft Surface RT
    • Microsoft Surface RT 2
    • Microsoft Surface Pro
    • Microsoft Surface Pro 2
    • Microsoft Surface Pro 3
    • Microsoft Surface Pro 4
    • Microsoft Surface Pro 5
    • Microsoft Surface Pro 6
    • Microsoft Surface Pro 7
    • Microsoft Surface Pro 7+
    • Microsoft Surface Pro 8
    • Microsoft Surface Pro X
    • Microsoft Surface Laptop
    • Microsoft Surface Laptop 2
    • Microsoft Surface Laptop 3
    • Microsoft Surface Laptop 4
    • Microsoft Surface Studio
    • Microsoft Surface Studio 2
    • Microsoft Surface Duo
    • Microsoft Surface Duo 2
    • Microsoft Surface Go 2
    • Microsoft Surface Go 3
    • Microsoft Surface Book
    • Microsoft Surface Book 2
    • Microsoft Surface Book 3
  • Microsoft Surface Book Repair Toronto & Mississauga

Microsoft Surface devices are Microsoft’s worthy competitors to Apple Macbooks and Tablets. 

The first Microsoft Surface tablet was launched in October 2012 and we are proud to share that we have repaired thousands of Surface devices since then.


Common Problems with the Microsoft Surface Pro

When other repair shops can't solve your MS Surface screen, charging port, battery, earpiece, headphone jack, power button, volume button or other problem we can guarantee a Microsoft Surface logic board repair 9 times out of 10. 

Logic Board Repair For All Deviceslogic-board



Surface Pro Screen Repair
Surface Pro Battery Replacment Surface Pro Charging Port Repair


At Techknowspace, we receive dozens of Surface devices every week from our customers in Canada and the US. Here are the most common repairs that we do on Microsoft Surface devices.

1. Screen Replacement

Microsoft Surface devices have beautiful touch displays. Here are some of the common microsoft surface screen issues that you might face.

  1. Broken/shattered Screen
  2. Colored lines on the screen
  3. Display has ink spots or bleeding inside the glass
  4. Touch is not working completely / partially
  5. White lines at the border of the screen

If you are facing any of the above issues, your Microsoft Surface device most likely needs a screen replacement. We have screens in stock for all surface devices and replacements will be done in 2 to 3 hours.

Our expert technicians have mastered this skillful repair. This may take days at a few places with no guarantee of repair but at Techknowspace, it is just a few hours. Same day repairs. 

Learn more about our Microsoft surface screen repairs here

2. Battery Replacement

Microsoft Surface devices have long-lasting batteries. The performance of the battery varies from person to person as the usage varies as well. 

Here are the most common battery issues you might face with your Microsoft Surface.

  • Battery drains very quickly
  • Surface only turns on when it is connected to power.
  • Battery charges very slowly.

If you are facing any of the above issues, the solution is to replace the faulty battery with a brand new one. Surface battery replacements are a challenging repair as the battery is right below the screen. 

So the screen has to be removed carefully for our technicians to assess the battery and replace it with a new one. Our expert technicians at Techknowspace can do the job in 2 to 3 hours. 

Learn more about our Microsoft surface battery repairs here

3. Charging Issues

Charging ports are delicate components. One bad move and you risk breaking/damaging your port. This is especially tricky as you come into contact with it everyday when you charge your device. 

Here are the most common charging issues you might face with your Microsoft Surface device. 

  • Your surface device has stopped charging
  • Your device does not charge fully to 100%

At Techknowspace, we can replace the broken charging ports in less than 3 hours with a brand new one. 

Since this is a charging port repair, we will also be testing to fully charge the device to 100% before we hand it back to you.

Learn more about our Microsoft surface charging port repairs here.

4. Wifi & Bluetooth Issues

If your Microsoft surface device has issues with connecting to wifi or bluetooth devices, don’t worry. We will identify the cause of the issue and fix it. 

We carry all replacement components in stock and just like all the above repairs, it will be done in a few hours. 

5. Fan Issues

Here are the most common fan issues you might face with your Microsoft surface device. 

  • Noisy fan when using particular applications or noisy all the time. 
  • No sign of a running fan resulting in overheating of the device.

Fans can get faulty due to the wear and tear of the device and the longevity of the fan varies based on usage. 

Your surface device may require a fan replacement or a coolant replacement that helps the fan to function properly. We will be able to assess that once we examine the fan.

6. Audio Issues

Whether it is a staticky audio issue from your speakers or a broken headphone jack, our expert technicians at Techknowspace can repair or replace them in a couple of hours. 

7. Logic Board Repairs

The logic board is commonly known as ‘motherboard’ and also referred to as ‘main board’.

It has integrated circuit boards that contain components that communicate with all the parts of the device to ensure optimum performance. 

In other words, it is the ‘brain’ of the device. 

When a component fails on your surface device, the first possible solution is to replace the component. Sometimes even after replacing the problematic component with a brand new one, the problem may persist. 

This tells us that the problem is not with the component but it is the underlying motherboard that is at fault. 

Our expert technicians have been doing logic board repairs for over 15 years. When others say it’s impossible, we will gladly make it possible. 

Learn more about our logic board repairs here

Jean Merrick

3 months ago

Great job! Looks amazing - best price ever.

Repairing Microsoft Surface yourself

Unless you are an expert, trying to replace the digitizer/touchscreen yourself on a Microsoft Surface, Surface Pro or Microsoft Surface GO is hazardous to your happiness. These screens are very fragile and expensive. The glass or the digitizer is fused to the display/LCD, and the display is tightly fitted to the Tab's frame. This screen replacement is best left to experienced technicians.

Unfortunately, we have had a number of DIY-enthusiasts, victims of the many online videos, straggling into our store clutching their newly purchased broken screens and their Tabs looking for help.

Our experts can typically fix your Microsoft Surface screen in a few hours.

John Lalley

2 months ago-

Super fast, great location, everything you need. Cheers!


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