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Microsoft has been promising the “death of the laptop” with their line of Surface Pro tablets for the last two generations of the device.

The Surface Pro 3 is the latest frontrunner from Microsoft’s string of laptop-slayers, and might actually be the one to achieve this claim. The hardware inside the small-but-mighty 12-inch tablet is more in line with what you would expect from a much larger device.

Microsoft’s developers have packed a punch with the Surface Pro 3. There are five different options to choose from, depending on your usage needs, hard drive space requirements, and the kind of performance you expect from your tablet.

These extra options are partly meant to offer users more input into what they are getting inside their device, and to keep the costs down for users who don’t need a top of the line, speedy, high-performance tablet, and reserve that for the users who want those kind of specifications.

Berk Özüberk

3 months ago-

Great customer service. Totally recommend it.

Common Problems with the Microsoft Surface Pro 3

We repair your Microsoft Surface Pro 3 screen in 2 Hours
at our Mississauga and Toronto locations.
Drop in any time, 7 days a week.
You never need an appointment!


Common issues you might experience with your Microsoft Surface Pro 3:

  • The screen is cracked, shattered or brokenThe Techknow Space is your local GTA Microsoft Surface Pro 3 tablet repair centre. We are conveniently located in Toronto near the Rogers Centre, and in Mississauga across from Square One, and we are open 7 days a week with extended hours so we can serve you better.
  • The display looks discoloured or has lines through it
  • The display has inkspots or “bleeding under the glass
  • You are unable to touch some areas of the screen
  • The entire screen doesn’t respond to touch
  • The screen is moving on its own, apps open and close without input from you, other similar glitches
  • Type Cover keyboard and trackpad accessories are not connecting to the tablet or don’t work
  • Surface Pen (Microsoft’s name for the stylus included with the Surface Pro 3) is not very responsive, lags, or doesn’t work at all
  • The screen doesn’t turn on or is very dim
  • The internal fan is making very loud whining or grinding noises
  • Your Surface Pro 3 won’t turn on, or only shows a loading screen and doesn’t turn on all the way
  • The tablet doesn’t charge or won’t charge to 100%
  • The Surface Pro 3 powers off randomly
  • The battery drains very quickly or doesn’t hold a charge for very long
  • You are unable to connect to Wi-Fi networks
  • Headphones won’t plug in all the way, or sound doesn’t come out of your headphones
  • The camera doesn’t work or is very blurry
  • The speakers are very staticky or no sound comes out at all
  • The power button, home button, or volume buttons don’t work or need a lot of pressure to respond

If you are having any problems with your Microsoft Surface Pro 3, you might think it is too much trouble to fix the problem. And with a big box store like Best Buy, or Microsoft themselves, you would be right!

But at the Techknow Space, we have expert technicians who work on site, so we can offer you the fastest turnaround and most stress-free repair process possible.

Repairs at a big box store can take a couple of days, and Microsoft can take weeks to get your Surface Pro 3 up and running again.

But at the Techknow Space, we can repair your SP3 within 2 hours, headache-free.

Jean Merrick

3 months ago

Great job! Looks amazing - best price ever.

Microsoft Surface Pro 3 Repair Toronto & Mississauga

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Send your MS Surface Pro 3 to our repair centre.
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Microsoft Surface Pro 3 Screen Repair


Any Surface Pro 3 Repair at the Microsoft Store is $549 + $69 to transfer your data!

Please call ahead to verify stock availability.

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