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Samsung Service Centre For Tablets - Out Of Warranty Repairs

Samsung Service Centre Toronto & Mississauga locations. Samsung authorized phone repair.

  • Samsung Galaxy Tablet Repair

Samsung Repair Toronto: Steps from Rogers Centre.
Samsung Repair Mississauga: Across from Square One.


As Samsung Repair Partners, we can provide you reliable repair services for all Samsung tablets, using brand new Samsung parts , within 3 business days….we pinky-swear.

Here is how we can help you with all your tablet repairs:

  • We list below all Samsung tablet models including model names and model numbers.
  • Each tablet below is listed along with prices for replacing screens, charging ports and batteries. These repairs are the most common repairs for tablets making up approximately 90+ percent of all tablet repairs.
  • For other than the 3 common repairs listed, we would be happy to provide a price quote via email.
  • We carry 80% of the parts for these 3 repairs in our inventory and can therefore complete most of these repairs typically within 2 hours, but most definitely within one business day.
  • All parts not available in our inventory can be ordered from Samsung within one to two business days.
  • All repairs are therefore completed within 2 to 3 business days. 

Samsung has a huge range of tablets available in many sizes and specifications. Most customers find it a challenge to identify the exact model they own. We therefore insist that devices are brought in before we can provide a definitive diagnostics and a firm quote.  

Unfortunately, and regrettably, we will absolutely NOT be accepting any inquiries, nor providing any information over the phone or emails . The tablets MUST be brought in for us to move forward !




1. Quality: Samsung has developed specific tools, equipment & processes, which we are required to use to ensure the best possible repair outcome. 

Samsung tablets  repaired by unauthorized shops using non-Samsung tools are likely to develop problems such as:

  • Glass  lifting at the corners and edges
  • Touchscreen feels " spongy"
  • Camera problems
  • Bluetooth / WiFi connectivity issues...  

2. Skills Assurance: Our technicians are trained by Samsung, providing the highest quality of workmanship. Our technicians repair over 500 Samsung mobile devices each month.

3. Expert Knowledge: We have repaired a complete range of Samsung mobile problems and issues. Even the Samsung Call Centre will often refer customers to call us when they are unable to offer any solutions.

4. Original Replacement Parts: We buy our replacement parts directly from Samsung. You can be assured of a quality repair experience.

5. Fast Repair Turnaround: All our repairs are completed within two hours when we have the parts in stock, or within 2 business days when we need to order parts from our local Samsung warehouse.

6. Warranty: Expert repairs performed without interupting your warranty coverage. Every warranty repair is logged to the Samsung database.

Your warranty is invalidated if unauthorized persons carry out any alterations and/or repairs.

For all your In-warranty repairs you must read our warranty policy before bringing your device to us



To ensure that we provide you the best quality service for all your tablet repair needs:

Please find your tablet model from our complete list of models below.

1. See bottom of the back side:

The image shows the barcode sticker from the bottom of the tablet PC back side which contains the model’s serial number.

2. The model is on the original packaging (box) of the tablet.

3. If you are able to turn your tablet on, you can find your model number by going to : Settings → About device.

If the repair price listed for your specific model  is acceptable, then….

  1. You will need to bring your tablet in to one of our two locations.
  2. Unfortunately, and regrettably,  we will absolutely NOT be accepting any inquiries, nor providing any information over the phone or emails . The tablets MUST be brought in for us to move forward !
  3. We will identify the exact model and problem for your tablet only after you bring it in, and proceed to provide you with:
    1. The exact price.
    2. Whether the part for your tablet is in stock.
    3. If we have the part in stock, we can complete the repair within 2 hours.
    4. If we do not have the part in stock, we will proceed to order the part from Samsung. It takes up to two business days to receive the part.
    5. To enable us to order the part from Samsung, you will either need to leave your tablet with us, or make the full payment for the repair in advance.
    6. Upon receipt of the part from Samsung, the repair will be completed within 2 hours.
    7. We will contact you when your device is ready for pickup.

Samsung Galaxy Tab Models and Repair Prices

All Prices include parts and labour.

Size Model Name Model Number Screen Battery Charging Port
7.0" Samsung Galaxy Tab GT-P1000 $269.95 $109.95 $89.95
7.0" Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 GT-P3100 $259.95 $109.95 $79.95
7.0" Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 GT-P3200 $179.95 $109.95 $79.95
7.0" Samsung Galaxy Tab Plus GT-P6210 $259.95 $109.95 $79.95
7.0" Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 lite SM-T110 $199.95 $109.95 $79.95
7.0" Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 SM-T210 $219.95 $109.95 $79.95
7.0" Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 SM-T230 $229.95 $109.95 $79.95
7.0" Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 SM-T230 $239.95 $109.95 $79.95
8.0" Samsung Galaxy Note GT-N5110, i467 $259.95 $109.95 $79.95
8.0" Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 SM-T310 $259.95 $129.95 $79.95
8.0" Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 SM-T330 $249.95 $129.95 $79.95
8.0" Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 SM-T350 $219.95 $129.95 $79.95
8.0" Samsung Galaxy Tab A SM-T350 $229.95 $129.95 $79.95
8.0" Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 SM-T710 $259.95 $129.95 $79.95
8.0" Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 SM-T3100 $259.95 $129.95 $79.95
8.4" Samsung Galaxy Tab Pro SM-T320 $289.95 $129.95 $79.95
8.4" Samsung Galaxy Tab S SM-T700 $319.95 $129.95 $79.95
8.9" Samsung Galaxy Tab GT-P7300, i957 $309.95 $139.95 $59.95
9.6" Samsung Galaxy Tab E SM-T560 $179.95 $139.95 $79.95
9.7" Samsung Galaxy Tab A SM-P550 $269.95 $139.95 $79.95
9.7" Samsung Galaxy Tab A & S pen SM-P550 $269.95 $139.95 $79.95
9.7" Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 SM-T810 $309.95 $139.95 $79.95
10.1" Samsung Galaxy Note GT-N8000 $259.95 $139.95 $89.95
10.1" Samsung Galaxy Note GT-N8010 $309.95 $139.95 $89.95
10.1" Samsung Galaxy Tab SM-P600 $359.95 $139.95 $89.95
10.1" Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 GT-P5100 $269.95 $139.95 $89.95
10.1" Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 GT-P5210 $289.95 $139.95 $89.95
10.1" Samsung Galaxy Note SM-P6000 $339.95 $139.95 $79.95
10.1" Samsung Galaxy Tab GT-P7500 $289.95 $139.95 $59.95
10.1" Samsung Galaxy Tab GT-P7510 $289.95 $139.95 $59.95
10.1" Samsung Galaxy Tab SM-T520 $339.95 $139.95 $79.95
10.1" Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 SM-T530 $259.95 $139.95 $79.95
10.5" Samsung Galaxy Tab S SM-T800 $389.95 $149.95 $79.95
12.2" Samsung Galaxy Tab Pro 12.2 SM-P900 $439.95 $169.95 $79.95

Jason Jewer

2 years ago-

Great customer service! Margaret and Nick were very helpful. Repaired my S3 screen. I can't tell it was broken. Thanx! I updated "Very Good Customer Service" to Great customer service because i have since been to some of the local competition and "Very Good" did not sufficiently convey the above average level of professionalism in comparison to what else is available in the area.

Common Problems with the Samsung Galaxy Tab

Cracked or broken touchscreens/LCDs are the most common problem with the Galaxy Tab. Many people mistakenly believe that the Gorilla glass is unbreakable, which is untrue. Gorilla glass is a great improvement for mobile devices, making it less easy for the digitizer or screen to get scratched, but it is still easy for the display to crack or break.

Often, the digitizer or the LCD may not be visibly broken, but does fail to work due to repeated knocks, dings and drops. So, while the display has no visible crack, repeated knocks and impacts over time will cumulatively result in making your screen inoperable. This is a perplexing but common experience for the many users who can't understand why a very slight impact resulted in the failure of their screen.

Screens can also bleed the liquid that is sealed within the LCD glass. This can occur weeks or months after the first serious impact/knock suffered by the screen. This impact often results in hair-line cracks that are typically invisible to the naked eye. Over time, however, repeated knocks can widen and deepen the cracks until the cracks are large enough to seep out the liquid.

Bottom line, never leave home without protection! It is inevitable that all our mobile devices will get knocked, dinged and dropped. Only the very paranoid will escape this fate. Given this reality, if your tablet is valuable, please ensure that you always protect your tablets with good quality cases that absorb most of the impact from any physical knocks or dings.

The alternative : "Hello TechKnow Space...please repair my Samsung....!"

Samsung Galaxy Tab screen replacement will resolve the following issues:

  • The Galaxy Tab screen is very dimmed
  • Can't slide to unlock the Samsung Galaxy Tab
  • Galaxy tab's screen is not responding
  • The Galaxy display is not sharp because of dead pixels on the lcd
  • Samsung Galaxy Tab screen is pinkish
  • The edges of the Tab display has jitters
  • Galaxy Tab LCD bleeds the liquid (in the "Liquid" Crystal Display")
  • Samsung Galaxy Tab screen starts popping out
  • The Tab screen has lines running through it vertically or horizontally
  • Galaxy Tab screen is black or white, you can't see any picture (the backlight has failed)
  • The Samsung Tab screen is cracked or broken

Some screens have separate touchscreen glass and LCD components, therefore if the touchscreen does not respond and the image still displays properly, you only need to replace the touchscreen glass. If there is no display or a distorted display on your screen, the LCD screen needs to be replaced.

Lithium-Ion batteries inevitably lose their maximum capacity over time, regardless of even whether you use the device extensively or not. Once you reach a point when you find that the battery on your tablet drains too fast - you know it's time to get your Samsung tablet battery replaced.

The charging port gets used extensively all the time, and after several hundred times of plugging and unplugging your charger (depending on how careful you are) you might find that the port wiggles and the tablet would only charge when you hold the charger at a certain angle, or doesn't charge at all. You can then bring your ailing tablet to us and we'll replace your failing charging port.

Dré Sheraton

2 months ago-

I am going to be coming into this store with 2 tablets...I have not been there before but I do like that you record every event down to the minute and put the idiots in place....Too often I see unreasonable reviews, you seem to own up to your errors, AND POST YOUR PRICING!! Kudo's to you..Probably drop in on Frida


  • You must bring your tablet in before we can provide a firm quote and availability. No phone calls or emails, please.
  • All repairs will be completed within 3 business days.
  • Only brand new Samsung parts will be used.
  • Prices for 90% of repairs can be found here.

For In-warranty repair of all your tablets, please visit SAMSUNG WARRANTY SERVICE 

Repair Inquiries

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