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HDMI Port Stuck Disc / Won`t Read No WiFi Hard Drive


Playstation 4 PS4 Repair Mississauga

When other repair shops can't solve your Sony Playstation problem we can guarantee a Sony PS4 and PS5 logic board repair 9 times out of 10. 

Logic Board Repair For All Devices


Depending on the problem your Playstation 4 is having and whether diagnostics efforts are required your Playstation 4 repair may take from 1 to 3 business days.

Common Sony Playstation 4 Problems we repair include:

  • Not Booting
  • Blinking Light
  • Disk Read problems
  • Disk Stuck Inside
  • WiFi/Networking issues
  • No Video
  • Hard Drive Replacements and Upgrades                  
  • Power Supply Replacement
  • HDMI Port Repair


Please note:

Playstation repairs are performed at our Mississauga City Centre Location (across from Square One).

If you bring your damaged console to Mississauga repairs are typically completed within 1 to 2 days.

If you leave your console at our Toronto location it will be repaired and ready for pickup after 1 to 2 weeks.

Our experience has shown that YLOD and RLOD problems require the mainboard to be replaced.

Replacement mainboards are not available on the market - thus we will not be able to repair RLOD and YLOD problems on PS4 devices.

The PlayStation 4 has been improved from the previous model of Sony’s flagship gaming console. The changes cover everything from the controllers, to the graphics processor, to the design of the whole console.

The PS4 is a mix of sleek design and high tech components living together in a fairly affordable package. Part Blu-Ray player, part Video on Demand streaming service, and part game console, the PS4 can be a big part of your spare time, or family time.

One of the biggest changes from the PlayStation 3 to the PS4 is the controller. The “DualShock 4” controller has been improved from the third version of the wireless remote.

The biggest change is the touch-sensitive trackpad on the front of the controller. This little rectangle in the middle of the controller can detect multi-touch swiping and pinching gestures similar to a smartphone screen.

Video game and PlayStation Network app developers are working to incorporate this new development into everything from inventory management in games to AI control.

Another exciting update to the entertainment system is the improved graphics and screen resolution. The PS4 has been upgraded in RAM, processing power for graphics and native High-Definition.

This means a few different things for users. The main change PS4 owners will notice in comparison to the Playstation 3 is the graphical processing is much smoother and able to handle more without overloading.

The screen resolution on the PS4 can stretch to 1080p, which in the era of 4K resolution and video in 60 frames/second might not seem very high-def at all, but when combined with the GPU and RAM really proves how next-gen this console is.

Video game developers and app makers are taking advantage of all these upgrades and are churning out some very interesting and innovative stuff, like video games that heavily focus on storytelling through long cinematic videos in between the playable parts of the game.

Developers are having a field day with all the possibilities, now that next-gen consoles are capable of so much more than their ancestors.

If you are experiencing issues with your PS4, such as:

  • Being unable to turn on the PS4
  • Error messages popping up on the screen
  • Turning on the console, but it doesn’t display anything on your TV
  • Inserting a disc and nothing happening
  • The controllers don’t work

You will probably not be able to fix these problems yourself. And you definitely shouldn’t try to! DIY is never as easy as the Internet bloggers make it sound.

The repair process can be delicate, and even if your PS4 is out of warranty, do you really want to risk ruining your PS4, possibly forever?

And even if you are one of the lucky ones with a PS4 still under warranty, it can take Sony or whichever big box store you bought it from weeks, or even months, to repair and return your PS4 to you.

Don’t put yourself through all the hassle of dealing with automated customer service desks, and don’t put your entire living room entertainment system on hold for such a long time by sending it away.

Visit our certified technicians at the Techknow Space and within almost no time at all we can get your living room back to being fun again!

Once you have walked out of the TechKnow Space with your beautiful, newly repaired PlayStation 4 you will once again be able to:

  • Play DVDs and Blu-Ray discs
  • Stream movies and TV shows from Video on Demand apps like Netflix and HBO Go.
  • Play video games with the family at home or with friends far and wide
  • Join online group chats with family, friends or other gamers from all over

So don’t delay in coming to the Techknow Space with your broken PS4. Stop being frustrated at your Playstation 4, and start smiling at it instead!

The Techknow Space is open seven days a week at convenient location in Mississauga, ready to help you get your PS4 back in entertainment action.

Our in-house experts can usually repair and return your sad PS4 to you all fresh and happy within one day.

Ted McCarron

7 months ago-

They did exactly what they said they'd do and at the promised price and time. In fact I was thrilled with the service I received as a result of another matter involving my phone. Much appreciated!!

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