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Bring Your Own Parts Repair Services
Canada and The United States

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BYOP - Bring Your Own Parts Repair Service

phone repair




Bring the part and the device to us and we will get it fixed

Order your parts online from amazon or eBay and simply bring it to us and we can fix it for you within 1 hour. At Techknow Space our in-house expert technicians could replace any part on any device as per your request.

As Canada is one of the best countries for immigration, people from various countries come to Canada with their cell phones. The parts of some less popular phones are hard to find, so ordering your own parts helps us to fix the devices faster. The main advantage of bringing your own part is, it helps us to reduce the repair time as we don’t need to order the part from abroad.

In rare cases, we would be out of stock on the parts we need to repair your device or the needed part may not be available with our suppliers. So, if you could bring us the parts we could fix it for you.
Not sure about the part you need to order???

If you are not sure about the part you need to order, don’t worry bring your cellphone to us and we will do a complete diagnosis and will inform you about the parts you need to order to get your device repaired.

Benefits of our complete diagnosis include:

1.Fully Tested Device
2.Proper Repair Solution
3.Repair Labour Warranty

Brought your own part? what’s next?

If you have brought the part and don’t need a diagnosis, Just visit one of our locations at Mississauga

or Toronto

and drop your device with the part.
  • We will Charge you the pre-agreed price in advance.
  • Have you sign our work order.
  • We will install the parts supplied by you and test it.
  • An email and a message will be sent, once we have done with the installation.

Depend on The TechKnow Space to repair and remedy all your digital problems with a Full-Service Solution (parts and labor), or our expert repair skills (labor only).

Installation Prices

 Please call us or use the eQuery lookup for the following:

Ms Surface, iPad, Gaming Devices, Apple Watch & Other Wearables, Headphones & Audio Devices

Phones and Most Small Handheld Devices

Part Typical Replacement Labour
Batteries 39.95-49.95
Charging Ports 69.95-79.95
Screens 59.95-69.95
Back Covers (excluding iPhone 8 and newer) 29.95-39.95
Home Buttons 39.95-49.95
Earpiece, Speakers 39.95-49.95
Power, Volume Buttons 49.95-59.95
Sim Reader 59.95-69.95
Vibrate Motor 49.95-59.95
WiFi, BlueTooth, GPS Antenna 69.95-79.95


Tablets and Most Larger Handheld Devices

Part Typical Replacement Labour
Batteries 59.95-69.95
Charging Ports 79.95-89.95
Screens 69.95-79.95
Back Covers (excluding iPad) 39.95-49.95
Home Buttons 49.95-59.95
Speakers 49.95-59.95
Power, Volume Buttons 59.95-69.95
Vibrate Motor 49.95-59.95
WiFi, BlueTooth, GPS Antenna 69.95-79.95



Part Typical Replacement Labour
Batteries 59.95-79.95
Charging Ports 99.95-119.95
Screens 69.95-99.95
Hard Drive 59.95-99.95
Memory 29.95-59.95


Apple MacBooks

Part Typical Replacement Labour
Batteries 79.95-119.95
Charging Ports 99.95-119.95
Screens 79.95-139.95
Hard Drive 59.95-99.95
Memory 29.95-59.95


Can I bring my own parts for you to install?


We carry parts in-stock for all popular devices.

Sometimes when a part is not available with our suppliers you may choose to order the part you need for your device repair from an online supplier such as Ebay or Amazon and have TechKnow do the repair or installation using the part supplied by you. 


Warranty is offered on the labour component of the repair when:

TechKnow Space has performed diagnostics services and determined the correct repair and part(s) needed.


If you have determined your needed part(s) on your own - we will:

  1. Charge you the pre-agreed price in advance
  2. Have you sign our Work Order
    (indicated you have read and understand the terms of the service)
  3. Install the parts supplied by you
  4. Test your device

If installing your supplied parts does not solve the problem we will perform diagnostics and provide you with a repair estimate for your approval.

Installation of Parts With
Techknow Space Diagnosis
Installation of Parts With
Own Diagnosis


    • Proper Diagnostics
    • Correct Installation

    • Device Fully Tested

    • A Repair Solution

    • Repair Labour Warranty


    • Advance Labour Payment

    • Correct Installation

    • Device Tested

    • Repaired Device
      if customer-supplied part(s) address the issue

    • No Warranty


    Labour Charges


    Depending on the device we will typically charge $39 to $79 for the installation labour. Some devices or more complex repairs will warrant additional cost which will be communicated to you for your approval before we proceed.


    Special Ordering Your Own Parts


    For repairs to some devices that are less common, parts must be ordered in.


    We will likely have provided you a diagnosis and indicated the required part that must be ordered.


    You Can:

    Order your own part(s) online and bring them in for our technicians to install:

    • save time
    • save money on the cost of the part
    • avoid frustrating back and forth communications while waiting for shipments


    Ordering and bringing in your own parts is a great solution for situations like:

    • parts not available with our suppliers - you can search a wider range of sources at your convenience
    • less common devices we don't stock parts for
    • you've already bought the part and need someone to install it


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    Having difficulty finding a solution?

    We have 2 options to serve your repair needs, choose:

    Full Service - You buy the part and repair solution from us,
    BYOP Service - What is BYOP? (BYOP Explained)

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