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Get Your Data From Your Dead Laptop

Q: What is the most important part of your computer? 

A: Your Data - Documents, pictures, music, contacts, videos, downloads, web browser bookmarks, e-books, and any other crucial files, are all stored on the hard drive in your laptop.

Even though you may have cloud backup synchronization enabled for your most critical settings a large portion of the data remains stored locally on your computer.

The average laptop user is usually not very good at remembering to save a copy of all of their important files to an external save space, whether that is a portable hard drive, or a USB memory stick, or to a cloud data service like iCloud or Dropbox.

Because of this, often your main concern when you learn that your laptop is completely toast, is “Oh no, now I have to start from scratch.”

Hard Drive Enclosure VS Replacing the Mainboard

Total cost for removing the hard drive,

installing it into the USB enclosure,

and including the the enclosure itself:



Total cost for the effort of trying to

buy a used laptop mainboard online,

get it shipped to you,

and paying somone to install it in your laptop:

HUNDREDS of dollars

(essentially the cost

of a brand new laptop)

Hard Drive Enclosures: The Silver Lining in the Dark Cloud of a Dead Laptop

Sometimes when a laptop repair is not cost effective, it can be hard to let your laptop go quietly into the night.

The most common reason that a laptop repair isn’t worth completing is because it needs a mainboard replacement. The mainboard, which is sometimes called the motherboard, is one of the major components in your laptop. It is vital to the general operation, and usually problems with the mainboard in your laptop can cause many different issues, such as:

  • Your laptop won’t charge the battery
  • The laptop seems to turn on, but nothing happens on the screen
  • It won’t turn on at all
  • You can’t use your laptop because it often restarts or turns off on its own
  • Your laptop doesn’t connect to Wi-Fi networks, or randomly disconnects from these networks

The Techknow Space is your best solution for all laptop data hard drive disk rescue. We are open 7 days a week with extended business hours so we are always ready to get your laptop back up and running in no time. Located in the heart of downtown Toronto and near Square One in Mississauga for your convenience.Problems such as these can often only be fixed by replacing the entire mainboard in your laptop. But trying to successfully complete a laptop motherboard replacement is not as easy as it sounds.

It can be difficult coming to terms with the news that your laptop is toast, but often with mainboard issues, all is not lost.

Even if the laptop isn’t worth repairing, all of your important files like photos, documents, and music, can usually be saved.

The best way to get all of your crucial data from your laptop is to create an external portable hard drive with the hard drive that’s inside your laptop.

In 9 out of 10 situations where a laptop has a failed main-board - the hard drive (the part of your computer where your data is stored) is still working and we can remove it, and install it into an external hard drive enclosure.

You will be able to access your data by plugging the 'new' drive into the USB port on any other computer or laptop.

There are 2 main advantages:

1. You have your data.

(The obvious benefit)

2. You have a portable external hard drive that will work like a USB flash drive with any computer.

Going forward you can use the external drive as a backup device - to help avoid the risk of data loss in the future.

(A less obvious benefit - bet you didn't think of that!)

So while it might be hard to say good bye to your trusty and beloved laptop, the pain and distress of hearing the bad news has a silver lining.

Hard drive enclosures are the best solution for retrieving all of the files stored on your laptop.

Eugene Akimov

3 months ago-

I used this place for few years, so far no complains, fixed many broken screens and keyboards, and they did some custom work to fix damaged laptop body. happy with service and quality, also fast

Buying a Replacement Motherboard VS Buying a New Laptop

There is very little benefit in going ahead with a mainboard replacement in your laptop. For starters, replacement main boards usually not available as a new part.Visit the Techknow Space today for efficient and knowledgeable laptop repair services, including hard drive data enclosure. We are located in Toronto near the CN Tower and in Mississauga near Square One with extended hours, 7 days a week.

Without new parts available, your only other option is going online and finding a used mainboard that was in someone else’s laptop.

This choice is risky because you are at the mercy of the seller’s trustworthiness. There are a lot of details that are important to get right when you are trying to find the right replacement motherboard.

Some less honest online stores might not be very concerned with ensuring you are buying the right parts, or even that the parts are any good before they are shipped to you.

If you are lucky enough to find the exactly right mainboard for your laptop, then there are still the costs of installing it, which is a very labour-heavy job.

After all of the time and effort and money you spent on finding and installing a motherboard in your laptop, there is no guarantee the replacement will last you very long.

Instead of spending hundreds of your hard-earned money, and hours of your precious spare time, on a solution which is costly and risky, looking to buy another laptop is a better answer.

Mohammed Rehan Hashim Reshamwala

a year ago-

Great service, Price is not too low but less than others, so competitive price, I love the service they provided. very helpful. 5 start from my side

. I am talking about Toronto branch, not sure about other branches

. Also very fast service, I think less than 2 hrs I got my laptop back. very happy with the service.

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