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Why Should I Get My Logic Board / Mainboard


There is a wealth of information available (especially on this page) about mainboard repair.

But before delving in to the details you'll likely ask yourself "Why? - What are the benefits of repairing my mainboard?".


A quick read here will reveal a few significant factors you may want to think about:



For newer devices its often an easy choice to go ahead with the logic board repair, as the cost of replacing the device is much higher.

If your device is older the cost of mainboard repair may seem high versus replacement with a new device,  however if you consider the following costs of not repairing, you may change your mind:


Data Not Backed Up

Knowing that you have not backed up ALL your data is probably the most compelling reason to repair your damaged mainboard and not lose your data.


Data & files like these:

  • Contacts
  • Text messages
  • Email
  • Documents
  • Pictures & Videos
  • Applications and settings
  • Personal configurations

are stored in flash memory that is a part of the main logic board on most devices and will only be accessible or recoverable after repairing the fault(s) on the mainboard/logic board.

data trapped due to faulty mainboardIf you haven't done a backup or your synchronization settings are incorrect or disabled your data files will not be accessible and will remain trapped in your disabled device when your logic board is ailing.


Many devices do not have independant storage devices like computers such as a hard drive or solid state drive:

Mobile phones, tablets (such as Apple iPad and Microsoft Surface Pro) always have data stored in on the Logic Board.

Many newer MacBooks and Windows laptops no longer use removable storage devices (meaning the data is stored on the logic board).

Any data recovery from these devices require logic board repair before data can be retrieved, extracted or recovered.


Data That Can't Be Synced To The Cloud

Some data is stored only on your device.

You may be surprised just how much data is never backed up to the cloud.

Some examples of the data you might lose if you do not repair the logic board:

  • Payment settings such as tap to pay
  • Health & fitness statistics
  • Biometric data such as fingerprints, iris scans & facial recognition
  • Passwords and pins numbers
  • Secure applications

In many cases the only chance to free your imprisoned files is to repair the mainboard fault and restore functional access to the device.


Logic Board Repair Prices


We will need to complete a diagnostics to determine the extent of the repair required and then provide you with a finalized repair price and time-to-complete for your approval.


Logic Board Repair Services


We are leading experts in mainboard repair in Canada - if you've gone to other repair service providers and they've told you your mainboard or logic board is "dead", "toast", "bricked" or some other such phrase to let you know they can't help you - TechKnow Space Guarantees a solution 9 times out of 10!


As a leader in the logic board repair industry - repair shops from all around Ontario refer their customers to us
We also perform ship-in repairs for other service providers Canada-wide.



What is a Motherboard (Logic Board)?

The logic board on any digital device is sometimes referred to as a mainboard or more frequently called a motherboard.

When replacing a component/part does not solve the actual problem (for example, a screen or a mic, etc.), a mainboard repair is the only solution.


Linus from Linus Tech Tips gives a quick explanation of what a motherboard is:

A Device Logic Board may also be referred to as a Mainboard or Motherboard.

iPhone Internal components

Logic board repairs are considered when all other repair options have been exhausted.

When one or more of the connected components fail, we most often replace the problematic components -- problem solved. :)

However, if we find the issue persists :( this raises a red flag that there are other underlying issues aka logic board problems.

The logic board, is the core platform of every electronic device. It controls and is connected to all the peripheral components, ie. screen, speakers, charging port, battery, jacks, and everything that a user interacts with.

There is an ongoing conversation between each of the device components and the main logic board (the brain). When this converation is interrupted we have a logic board problem.

The solution, now, is to put the logic board through a battery of tests which includes using thermal imaging and digital microscopes that identify the integrated circuits needing repair. 

Identifying the cause of the problem is often unknowable, and mostly irrelevent.  What is important is identifying a solution.

laptop Internal components

Some common issues with logic board failures can be diagnosed by the obvious symptoms, but most cannot be confirmed without digging deeper.

For example:

an iPhone that doesn't respond to touch may have a defective or damaged screen assembly, or the issue could be with the integrated circuit component on the logic board that processes the touch signal. The latter can sometimes be identified when a foreign grey bar appears at the top of the display screen.

Logic board micro soldering


We repair all logic board issues in-house using the latest industrial high-performance tools and equipment. Whether your device's logic board requires micro soldering, trace restoration, re-balling or IC replacement, we are your go-to resource for getting the job done...right!

To ensure fast turnarounds we service all logic boards at our Mississauga location. Leaving your device at our Toronto location is an option but may take additional 2-3 business days to have the device delivered to and picked up from our Mississauga location.



Liquid Damaged Logic BoardIf your device has been damaged by exposure to water or any other liquid, you can be sure that the liquid has permeated through the logic board. In these cases, the resulting corrosion will cause damage to the circuits on the logic board and can inhibit some functions from working or may render the device completely inoperable.



Logic Board Repairs - Devices


Solid State Storage & Flash Memory Logic Board Repairs

Standard memory sticks with USB Type-A plug are the most common type of portable memory. They come in different sizes and styles and have a very small and convenient package. Internally, the components are all connected to the small logic board, including the Memory chip, USB controller, jack and sometimes an LED indicator light. Read about our USB memory Data recovery if your important data is stuck inside and you need to get it out.

Memory chips, which are normally NAND type storage memory ICs, have a minimum typical life expectancy of 5 to 8 years. It has several I/O points which all connect to the motherboard in order to power the chip and transfer data. Unless the NAND chip is physically damaged there is a possibility to revive the device without replacing the NAND chip entirely. On some less expensive USB sticks, the NAND chip is encased in an epoxy, making it nearly impossible to replace. Memory corruption can also occur, causing the chip to behave strangely. Sometimes the information being read/written can be scrambled or the NAND will not activate as a result of memory corruption.

Inside look at a USB Memory stick showing the logic board and its components

USB controller IC talks to the device its plugged into, telling it what kind of device it is and how to handle it. USB controllers are the intermediary which all USB communication is transferred through. The standard universal serial bus, or USB, connection method is found in nearly all digital devices.

The jack is simply the standardized plug that plugs into your computer, TV, or other devices. We are seeing an increase of different plugs, such as lightning port plug for iPhones and Apple devices, microUSB for OTG devices and the new standard of USB Type-C. The most common and iconic looking plug is still the standard USB Type-A. This is the component that gets the most physically worn down, it is the only part that gets plugged and unplugged from devices. There are small, normally copper, pads which make electrical contact in order to transfer power and data to the device. Wrenching the device while its plugged in will cause the jack to be disconnected from and possibly damage the logic board. Also, the internal pads will eventually wear out with over use. In both these cases the jack would need to be re-attached or replaced with possibly some additional repair to the logic board traces.

LED indicator lights are not really a functional component. The sole purpose is just to let the user visually know that it is on and sometimes it blinks to tell you its reading or writing data. If the LED indicator light burns out it can be replaced, but not crucial. On the other hand, if the LED indicator light is not working and the device its plugged into doesn't recognize it, this could be an indication that something else is happening. No light? No power? Then there is obviously more to it than just the light.

Essentially, since all components are hardwired to the logic board all issues that cannot be resolved by re-formatting the memory is solved by addressing the physical problem on the logic board.

Video Game Console Logic Board Repairs

Possibly some of the more robust and advanced logic boards can be found in modern gaming consoles. There is a ton of high-tech proprietary engineered features packed into the current generation of gaming systems. Alot of power and high-level processing in order to give a modern feel with precise controller response and high definition video and refresh rate. You will definitely experience issues when one or more of these processes are interrupted. When problems happen an internal inspection is necessary to identify where the problem is originating.


Error codes are a great advantage in diagnosing a problem. When the Xbox 360 shows a red ring of death (RROD) or the PlayStation 3 has a yellow light of death (YLOD), there will be a problem booting the system. It is not an indication of what is going wrong, but that there is a general failure and as a failsafe it will not boot. When a console does not boot there will be no display on screen and thus no identifiable error code. This feature of a light pattern indicator informing the user that there is a general problem has been carried over to the current gen consoles with Xbox one's orange light of death (OLOD) and PlayStation 4's blue light of death (BLOD). Don't let the use of the word "death" scare you, it can be resurrected, it just needs to see a technician to address the internal issues. 

iPhone Logic Board Repair

Your iPhone Mainboard may also be referred to as an iPhone Logic Board or Motherboard.

Many iphone failures turn out to be a result of a failure of a mainboard component.  

A summary of such iPhone mainboard problems requiring board level repair include:

  • Dark display
  • No backlight
  • Touchscreen not responding
  • Touch IC "Disease"
  • Won't charge even after port replacement
  • Damaged connectors

Refer to the following table to determine the price and repair turnaround time for your iPhone Logic Board failure:

iPhone Mainboard Repairs Repair Price
Repair Time

iPhone with backlight problems has had its mainboard repairedNo Backlight Repair

-Dim Backlight

-Brightness won't increase

$CALL 2 to 4 Days

black screen on an iPhone needing repairBlack Screen Repair

-No Image

-Turns on but No Display


iPhone with 'Touch Disease'Touch IC Repair (iPhone 6 Plus)

-Touch Disease Repair

-Grey Bar of Death


an iPhone that does not chargeNot Charging Repair

-Charging Circuit Failure

-Charges Intermittently


iPhone that wont turn on needing its logic board repairedNo Power Repair

-Power Management Repair

-On board power circuit failure


iPhone cameras not working main board level repairCameras Not Working Repair

-No Photo Preview

-Camera not activating


iPhone Blue screen of death repair mainboard serviceBlue Screen Repair

-Blue Screen Of Death


iPhone cameras not working main board level repairBroken Connectors Repair

-LCD / Touchscreen Connector

-Missing / Broken Pins

-Corroded Contacts

$CALL 1 to 2 Days

4013 Error Code / iPhone Won't Restore Repair

iPhone iTunes error code 4013 dialog


iPhone data recovery from damaged mainboardiPhone Won't Turn On Data Recovery

-Data Recovery (Damaged Mainboard)

$CALL 3 to 7 Days


What is iPhone Touch IC Disease

iPhone Touch Disease, or Touch IC disease as it is so-called is a failure of on the mainboard of the iPhone (affecting iPhone 6 Plus models especcially) that casues a degradation and eventual failure of the iPhone's touchscreen response.  

Essentially you will find that over time as you attempt to interact with the iPhone's touchscreen it will become more and more difficult to activate the controls and eventually nothing will hapen when you touch or swipe.

Some are calling this problem (which Apple has acknowledged exists) a defect.  However Apple's website indicates that the failure is a result of repeated drops, knocks and/or other stresses experienced by the iPhone. They are neither covering failure under warranty nor repairing the damage -- leaving affected users to their own devices to find a solution from a third party repair shop.

The cause of the problem consists of the failure of 2 integrated circuits on the iPhone mainboard - namely the U2402 & U2401 chips which require replacement in order to provide a solution.

iPhone touch disease showing grey bar

A distorted grey band may show intermittently at the top of the display.

This distinctive grey band is usually a tell-tale sign that your iPhone is suffering from the mainboard surface-mounted component failure known as Touch Disease, Touch IC Disease or Touch IC Failure.  





Data Recovery from iPhone With Damaged Mainboard

When your iPhone mainboard is damaged, you haven't synced your iPhone's data with iCloud, AND you consider that data to be vital business information or irreplaceable nostalgic photos and videos (for example) -- you may not yet be completely out of luck!

There is more than one approach to go about recovering data from a damaged iPhone. 

1. The iPhone doesn't work but powers on to the point where when interfaced with a computer and software data recovery is possible.

2. Repairing the mainboard damage sufficiently to allow access to the iPhones memory and using a host computer and data recovery software.

2. Removing the on board storage integrated circuits and recovering data from the on-board flash storage using a specialized iPhone flash IC host. 

Bring your damaged iPhone in to us and we will determine the best (if any) method to recover your iPhone data. 

iPhone Wont Turn On Due To Mainboard Damage

An iPhone that doesn't turn on after damage to the mainboard as a result of impact, liquid exposure, heat etc. is not necessarily bricked forever. 

Depending on the circumstances that led to the damage there may be a short circuit, an open circuit that should otherwise be closed, or a capictor or other surface mounted 'power-management' component may be damaged.

Extensive testing using microscopes and infrared heat sensors to specifically identify the damage, and subsequently repairing circuits or replacing components with micro-soldering and reballing tools is required.

The entire process of repairing an iPhone that has mainboard damage preventing it from powering on can take several days.

What Causes The iPhone Blue Screen of Death

The iPhone Blue Screen (Of Death) is a situation where during normal operation of the iPhone or when interacting with certain apps it suddenly goes to a all blue screen and may freeze - requiring a hard reboot. 

Typically, there are 3 common possible causes of the dreaded Blue Screen on an iPhone.

  • Damaged, or mis-seated Home Button Connnector
  • Damaged proximity sensor ribbon flex cable
  • Damage to the mainboard itself - usually as a result of long screw damage.

Having determined (preferrably by a competent repair technician) that the cause is not either of the 1st two mentioned, you will need an iPhone mainboard repair. 

iPhone iTunes Error 4013

The most common question asked by iPhone users finding themself in this situation is "Can I get my iPhone working again AND save the data?"

When the cause of the the 4013 Error (Cannot Restore iPhone) is mainboard failure there is no way to restore functionality while also saving the data on the iPhone.  

The NAND chip (integrated circuit or IC) requires reprogramming which will - while restoring functionality - will also restore your environment to factory defaults, with no data.  

MacBook Logic Board Repairs


Macbook logic board repair toronto, and Macbook logic board repair mississauga.

We provide all MacBook logic board solutions. Our solutions are cost-effective and most repairs are completed within 1 to 2 days.




1-2-3 Easy MacBook Solutions

MacBook Repair Step 1 Bring or ship your MacBook into one of our convenient locations

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Locations near

Rogers Centre & Square One


Competitive Pricing
Lower Cost Than
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MacBook Repair Step 2

We provide your MacBook Logic Board Solution typically within 1 to 2 days

MacBook Repair Step 3

Pick up your MacBook in-store

Or receive it by return-shipping


We Repair All MacBooks




Laptop Logic Board Repair


Laptops come in a variety of sizes with different interfaces and performance ability. Since the first portable computer, The Osborne 1,

Laptop Data Recovery


released in 1981, there has been an enormous amount of development, adding new features and accessibility to the world of mobile workstations.

Although laptops have come a long way from their first models (which weighed 23 pounds), the primary electronic components function exactly the same. All computers require a central processing unit (CPU), memory, graphics processing, power source, a display and a method to interface with it (ie. mouse and keyboard). Modern laptops typically have all these components mounted together into one convenient portable unit. Just like any other electronic equipment, if one of the major components don't function properly then the entire system will experience problems.

In order to pack all the state-of-the-art features into one unit, circuit boards have become increasingly more condensed. Utilizing smaller components, integrated circuits and multilayered circuit boards, which sandwich additional copper layers between layers of insulating material, all sorts of newer technology can be crammed into something we can carry in one hand. After more than 30 years, these portable computers still use a central circuit board which connects all the major components and interface devices. We call this circuit board a logic board (or less commonly known as main board or motherboard).

Laptop Logic Board Repair

When an internal problem arises, however, it is far less convenient to access the logic board than it is to carry around. Most issues with laptops require a teardown of the many tightly packed components, logic board repairs demand complete disassembly. 

Check our Data Recovery Solutions page for laptops when getting your laptop running again is secondary to recovering the lost data. If you're guilty of not backing up your important personal data and your old laptop is ready for the scrap heap, then it is abundantly clear that you need to restore your lost data before losing it forever. At the Techknow Space, our data specialist technicians can help bring back those unforgettable moments.

We have logic board solutions for all laptop makes and models, including the following brands:

  • Acer
  • Alienware
  • Apple
  • Asus
  • Compaq
  • Dell
  • Fujitsu
  • Gateway
  • IMB
  • HP
  • Lenovo
  • LG
  • MSI
  • Razer
  • Samsung
  • Sony
  • Toshiba
  • Other

Phone Logic Board Repair

The logic board on phones is typically referred to as the motherboard.

We repair motherboards for the following phone brands:

iPhoneApple iPhone Repair 5, 5S, 5C, SE, 6, 6S, 7, 7Plus, 8, 8Plus, X

BlackBerryBlackBerry Repair Classic, Keyone, Leap, Passport, Priv

GoogleGoogle Pixel Repair Pixel, XL, Pixel 2, 2 XL

HTCHTC Repair 10, One M7, M8, M9, U11, U Ultra

HuaweiHuawei Repair Google Nexus 6P, Honor View 10, Honor 9i, Honor 8 Pro, P9, Honor 7, Honor 6 Plus

LGLG Repair G6, K4, Q6, Stylo 3 Plus, V30, X Power 2

MotorolaMotorola Repair Moto E4 Plus, G5 Plus, G5S Plus, Nexus 6, Moto X4, Moto Z

NokiaNokia Repair Nokia 8, Lumia 920, 1520, 1261, 1280

OnePlusOnePlus Repair OnePlus One, 2, X, 3, 3T, 5, 5T

SamsungSamsung Repair Galaxy A5, J3, Note 3, Note 4, Note 5, Note 8, S4, S5, S6, S7, S8, S8 Plus

SonySonyRepair Xperia X, XA1 Plus, XA Ultra, XA1 Ultra, XZ, XZ1 Compact, Z3, Z5

XiaomiSonyRepair  Mi A1, Redmi 5/5 Plus, Mi Mix 2, Mi Mix 2s, Note 4, Note 4X, Note 5,Mi 6, Mi 8, Mi3 M3, Mi Max 2

Phone Brand Service Time
BlackBerry 24-48 Hours
Google 24-48 Hours
HTC 24-48 Hours
Huawei 24-48 Hours
iPhone 24-48 Hours
iPod Touch 24-48 Hours
LG 24-48 Hours
Motorola 24-48 Hours
Nokia 24-48 Hours
OnePlus 24-48 Hours
Samsung 24-48 Hours
Sony 24-48 Hours

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