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Comparing a Device Logic Board to The Human Brain
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Device Logic Board vs Human Brain

The main logic board of all devices is (in many ways) like the human brain.

This is a simple analogy of what happens when human body parts, and device (ex iPhone) components, fail.

We are only dead, technically, when all brain activity ceases. Our hearts may have stopped beating, but can be transplanted. Or we may have lost limbs due to accidents or other unpleasant situations, but these too can be replaced. As long as the brain has activity, hearts and limbs can be transplanted/replaced, and we can still move forward with our lives.

Once brain activity stops, all transplants or body replacements are futile. We are “dead”.

The main logic board in devices is essentially an electronic analog of a brain.

It's possible for the brain to be alive but have certain functions in the brain to have stopped working. For example, replacing the cornea when the optic functions in the brain have been damaged is not going to restore vision, unless these brain funcions can be resuscitated.

In a similar vein, a damaged screen on a phone or laptop can be successfully replaced as long as the display ICs on the logic board are healthy. If however, the display ICs on the logic board are damaged, replacing the screens is an exercise in futility.

We have many customers turning to us with their devices that have failed all repair efforts despite replacement of the damaged components. Sadly, the only solution is to repair the functional ICs on the main/logic board.

A screen or a power button or any other component in a phone, laptop, gaming console, wearable, etc all send signals or request (technically called “IRQs”) to the brain or the Main Logic Board or MotherBoard. The brain understands the context of the requests and appropriately responds to the signal originating from the component (ie, screen or power button). These components, upon receiving the response from the main logic board, will, in turn, demonstrate a behaviour or create a response, viz. display an image, or power on or off the device, etc.

Replacing a screen or a power button is a successful transplant or replacement so long as the brain (or the logic board in the device) is alive and the trnasplanted component and the brain can successully communicated.

Mainboards for all devices (except some desktop computers) are not available to us for purchase as a new part.   Used or pre-owned mainboards may be available from individual sellers such as, on eBay, but we now run the risk of buyng a lemon fron an anonymous seller, and therefore unable to offer any warranty.

So, while mainboards can be transplanted or replaced, they are very expensive, and transplanted used mainboards can only be offered with a short and limited warranty.

"But what about my data?" You may ask. "I'll pay any price to replace the mainboard and get my data back!"  Unfortunately, the mainboard flash memory in the smartphone is where the data is stored.  So once failed (or failing) data recovery and/or extraction is precluded.  Yes, out of luck. No Data.   

The only salvation for your data is repairing the logic board, and we have a great track record successfully repairing them. The benefit in doing this is twofold:

  1. Your Phone is successfully repaired and works
  2. Your data is all available!

The TechKnow Space will not be held liable in any way for the perceived value of the device nor will we provide any compensation for loss of use or time it takes to visit us one or more times in the cases where we deem a device to have a failed mainboard.

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