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Comparing a Device Logic Board to The Human Brain

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Device Logic Board vs Human Brain

The main logic board of all devices is (in many ways) like the human brain.

This is a simple analogy of what happens when human body parts, and device components, fail.

We are only dead, technically, when all brain activity ceases. Our hearts may have stopped beating, or we may have lost limbs due to accidents or other unpleasant situations. As long as the brain has activity, hearts and limbs can be transplanted/replaced, and we can still move forward with our lives.

Once brain activity stops, all transplants or body replacements are futile. We are “dead”.

The main logic board in devices is essentially an electronic iteration of a brain. 

A screen or a power button or any other component in a phone, laptop, gaming console, wearable, etc all send signals or request (technically called “IRQs”) to the brain or the Main Logic Board or MotherBoard. The brain understands the context of the requests and appropriately responds to the signal originating from the component (ie, screen or power button). These components, upon receiving the response from the main logic board, will, in turn, demonstrate a behaviour or create a response, viz. display an image, or power on or off the device, etc.

Replacing a screen or a power button is a successful transplant or replacement so long as the brain (or the logic board in the device) is alive. When the logic board is dead or damaged, parts or component replacement is futile.

Mainboards for all devices (except some desktop computers) are not available to us to purchase as a new part.   For many laptops used mainboards may be available from individual sellers such as, on eBay, but with Tablets and especially smartphones there simply is no way to procure a new replacement mainboard once it fails.  

In smartphones, the mainboard is hard-coded with an IMEI and calibrated as per FCC/CRTC regulations and only the manufacturer of the device can do this.  Thus there is no supply (either new or used) for smartphone (and most tablet) main logic boards).  

When your devices mainboard fails the only way to procure one is to purchase another working device (which obviously makes repairing a smartphone with a failed or failing mainboard cost prohibitive.)   

"But what about my data?" You may ask. "I'll pay any price to replace the mainboard and get my data back!"  Unfortunately, the mainboard in a smartphone is where the data is stored.  So once failed (or failing) data recovery and/or extraction is precluded.  Yes, out of luck. No Data.   

Mainboards failing after damage or after component replacement is rare -- though not unheard of.  

After a device is damaged -- especially physical damage such as a drop, exposure to liquid, or having the frame and in turn the mainboard bent -- it is possible that there is internal damage to the logic board that is not seen until a device is re-assembled or even some time later.  A screen that is replaced on a device that has internal mainboard damage may work well at first but over time, issues can begin to crop up such as lines showing up, screen going black, device overheating, experiencing charging problems (to name just a few).

We do undertake best efforts to effect a full repair solution for your damaged devices and in most situations (95%+) the mainboard is in good condition and the repair is successful.   However in those (less than 5% of the time) situations where the mainboard has experienced damage that is exhibited by one of the behaviours described above (but not limited to) and we have tried installing a replacement part (example a screen) and the problem persists - the only possible culprit is the mainboard.  In these rare situations, our technicians will deem the mainboard to have failed (even if only partially) and the device to be unrepairable.  

In situations where we have replaced a part previously and some time later the device begins to exhibit mainboard symptoms - we will not be able to provide any warranty for the repair (although we may on a case by case basis determines that a refund is available for the installed part -- less our diagnostics fee -- providing it is still in a condition which is acceptable for return - in the expert opinion and sole discretion of our technicians).

The TechKnow Space will not be held liable in any way for the perceived value of the device nor will we provide any compensation for loss of use or time it takes to visit us one or more times in the cases where we deem a device to have a failed mainboard.

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