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iPhone Unlocking Benefits

 Your iPhone will be PERMANENTLY UNLOCKED No need to worry about unlocking it again after an iOS update or restore.
 Unlocks work with all kinds of iPhone (ex. 2G, 3G, 3GS, 4, 4S, 5). No matter what model you have, The TechKnow Space can factory unlock it!
 All iPhone features will work after unlocking Your smartphone will have all it's functions working as normal after the factory unlock.
 NO jailbreak required! Yes, it's true! Jailbreaking is not permanent, can "brick" your phone and can cause functionality issues. With a Factory Unlock you get a safe and permanent solution!
 Carrier FREE You can insert any SIM card in your iPhone and it will work! Just like magic
 Save money! Now you can save money by not roaming with your iPhone abroad! Just use a local carrier!
 No risks! There are no risks of any sort of damage to your iPhone
 A more valuable iPhone! The resale value of a factory unlocked iPhone will increase!
 NO warranty voiding!  Your handset's warranty will not be voided in any way, it's completely safe!

Peter Wang

a year ago-

This is my first review ever on Google and it goes out to this great establishment. A brief history of my problem. My phone died and would not hold a charge. It was plagued with a month of ever decreasing battery life. It detected the cord without an issue but I tried a couple more just in case, cleaned my charge port and tried a hard reset without any resolution.

I brought it to the Apple Store who told me it was not salvageable and that I needed to replace it and offered me a discount on my iPhone 5. It was the logic board they said.

Ash (owner I believe) listened to the problem with my phone and really listened without any assumptions. I left my phone with them and in less than 20 mins I was called by Ash to tell me it was fixed and that it was my battery!

iPhone Model

We unlock the following models listed below. If you don't see your model in list - no problem, we'll still unlock it for you!

  • Apple iPhone 3G
  • Apple iPhone 3GS
  • Apple iPhone 4G
  • Apple iPhone 4S
  • Apple iPhone 5

Phone Unlock Process

Happy Customer 9 years ago

1. Visit us in-store with your phone and provide us your IMEI number and payment.
2. Take your phone away with you, and return after the time frame indicated in the lookup.
3. A Technician will unlock your phone on the spot.

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Jason Belyea

6 months ago-

Service was caring, quick and concise.

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