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Phone Unlocking Model Search

Samsung Unlocking Benefits

  Your Samsung phone will be PERMANENTLY UNLOCKED. No need to worry about unlocking it again after a software update or restore.
  Unlocks work with all kinds of Samsung phones (ex. S2 LTE, S3, Note 2, S4). No matter what model you have, The TechKnow Space can factory unlock it!
  All Samsung phone features will work after unlocking. Your smartphone will have all it's functions working as normal after the factory unlock.
  NO jailbreak required! Yes, it's true! Jail breaking is not permanent, can "brick" your phone and can cause functionality issues. With a Factory Unlock you get a safe and permanent solution!
  Carrier FREE. You can insert any SIM card in your Samsung phone and it will work! Just like magic
  Save money! Now you can save money by not roaming with your Samsung phone abroad! Just use a local carrier!
  No risks. There are no risks of any sort of damage to your Samsung phone.
  A more valuable Samsung phone!. The resale value of a factory unlocked Samsung phone will increase!
  NO warranty voiding. Your handset's warranty will not be voided in any way, it's completely safe!

George Oleinikov

a year ago-

Great service! I broke my galaxy s3 screen and they replaced the screen In a couple of hours. Also, I had power jack problem on my Asus laptop, and they fixed it in two hours as well! That's amazing given that other repair centers wanted to take weeks for that, and I use my laptop daily.

We unlock the following models listed below. If you don't see your model in list - no problem, we'll still unlock it for you!

Samsung Admire SCHR720
Samsung B189
Samsung B289
Samsung B300
Samsung B308
Samsung B309
Samsung B3410
Samsung B508
Samsung B518
Samsung B528
Samsung B5310
Samsung B7300 OMNIA LITE
Samsung B7330 Omnia Pro
Samsung B7610 Omnia Pro
Samsung B7620 Omnia Giorgio
Samsung B8
Samsung BC01
Samsung C120
Samsung C128
Samsung C158
Samsung C168
Samsung C188
Samsung C258
Samsung C268
Samsung C288
Samsung C3060
Samsung C308
Samsung C3200
Samsung C3510 Genoa
Samsung C3518
Samsung C3730C
Samsung C408
Samsung C458
Samsung C5180
Samsung C5510
Samsung C6112
Samsung Captivate i897
Samsung CC01
Samsung CC03
Samsung D520
Samsung D528
Samsung D720
Samsung D728
Samsung Dart T449
Samsung E1070
Samsung E1100
Samsung E1100C
Samsung E1150C
Samsung E1310C
Samsung E1360C
Samsung E189
Samsung E2100C
Samsung E218
Samsung E2210C
Samsung E251
Samsung E251C
Samsung E258
Samsung E388
Samsung E428
Samsung E500
Samsung E508
Samsung E870
Samsung E878
Samsung E900
Samsung E908
Samsung E950
Samsung F250
Samsung F258
Samsung F278
Samsung F299
Samsung F309
Samsung F338
Samsung F339
Samsung F369
Samsung F379
Samsung F399
Samsung F400
Samsung F408
Samsung F480 Tocco
Samsung F488
Samsung F498
Samsung F509
Samsung F519
Samsung F669
Samsung F700
Samsung F700v
Samsung F708
Samsung G400
Samsung G408
Samsung G500
Samsung G508
Samsung G7
Samsung G800
Samsung G810
Samsung Galaxy Ace
Samsung Galaxy GTS5830
Samsung Galaxy Mini
Samsung Galaxy Mini S5570
Samsung Galaxy Nexus
Samsung Galaxy Note
Samsung Galaxy Note 2
Samsung Galaxy S 2 I9100
Samsung Galaxy S 4G
Samsung Galaxy S Epic 4G
Samsung Galaxy S II
Samsung Galaxy S Vibrant
Samsung Galaxy S Vibrant GTi9000M
Samsung Galaxy S2
Samsung Galaxy S2 HD LTE i757
Samsung Galaxy S2 LTE i727 (Skyrocket)
Samsung Galaxy S2 Vibrant 2 GTi9100
Samsung Galaxy S2X SGHT989D
Samsung Galaxy S3 SGHT999 GTI9300 
Samsung Galaxy Spica i5700
Samsung Galaxy W i8150
Samsung Google Nexus S i9020
Samsung Gravity 3 SGHT479
Samsung Gravity Touch SGHT669
Samsung GT Flight A796
Samsung GTN7000
Samsung i5510
Samsung i569
Samsung i5700 Galaxy SPICA
Samsung i600
Samsung i607
Samsung i6410 ANDROID M1
Samsung i6500U
Samsung i727
Samsung i7500U
Samsung i8000
Samsung i8320 H1 Vodafone 360
Samsung i8510
Samsung i8910 OMNIA HD
Samsung i899
Samsung i900 Omnia 
Samsung i9008
Samsung i9020
Samsung i908
Samsung i909
Samsung i9100 
Samsung i9220
Samsung i9250
Samsung I997
Samsung Impact T746
Samsung Infuse
Samsung Infuse 4G i997
Samsung INNOV8 S2
Samsung Intercept M910
Samsung J800
Samsung J808E
Samsung Jack i637
Samsung L170
Samsung L700
Samsung L708
Samsung L708E
Samsung L810
Samsung LTE i717
Samsung M128
Samsung M158
Samsung M2710C
Samsung M318
Samsung M3710
Samsung M5650
Samsung M628
Samsung M7500
Samsung M7500 Emporio Armani
Samsung M7600 Beat DJ
Samsung M8800 Player Pixon
Samsung M900
Samsung N7100
Samsung Nexus S
Samsung Note II N7100
Samsung Omnia 1 i910
Samsung Omnia 2 i8000
Samsung Omnia2 i920
Samsung P3110
Samsung P3113
Samsung P7310
Samsung Pixon F490
Samsung R800
Samsung Rugby A836
Samsung S139
Samsung S159
Samsung S169
Samsung S179
Samsung S189
Samsung S199
Samsung S209
Samsung S239
Samsung S269
Samsung S299
Samsung S3030C
Samsung S3110C
Samsung S3310
Samsung S3370
Samsung S359
Samsung S3600
Samsung S3650 Corby
Samsung S3653
Samsung S3830U
Samsung S3930
Samsung S399
Samsung S5150
Samsung S5233
Samsung S5250
Samsung S5260
Samsung S5330
Samsung S5500
Samsung S5560
Samsung S5570
Samsung S5600
Samsung S5603
Samsung S5608U
Samsung S5620 Monte
Samsung S5628
Samsung S5630C
Samsung S5660 GALAXY Gio
Samsung S5670 GALAXY Fit
Samsung S5750
Samsung S579
Samsung S5830
Samsung S7070 Diva
Samsung S7070C
Samsung S7220 Ultra CLASSIC
Samsung S7320E
Samsung S7330
Samsung S8500 WAVE
Samsung SCH i535
Samsung SCHI900
Samsung SCHI910
Samsung Seek SPHM350
Samsung SGHA796
Samsung SGHI917
Samsung SGHT959V
Samsung Smiley SGHT359
Samsung SPHD700
Samsung StarII
Samsung T559
Samsung T609
Samsung T739
Samsung T939
Samsung T989
Samsung Touchdown F480
Samsung U800
Samsung U900
Samsung W539
Samsung W559
Samsung WAVE 525
Samsung Wave S8500
Samsung X120
Samsung X128
Samsung X150
Samsung X158
Samsung X168
Samsung X200
Samsung X208
Samsung X218
Samsung X300
Samsung X308
Samsung X508
Samsung X518
Samsung X520
Samsung X528
Samsung X568
Samsung X638
Samsung X688
Samsung X969
Samsung X979
Samsung X989
Samsung ZV60

We now unlock all versions of Samsung Galaxy S4:-

- Unlock Orange Samsung Galaxy S4 
- Unlock O2 Samsung Galaxy S4
- Unlock Three 3 Samsung Galaxy S4 
- Unlock Vodafone Samsung Galaxy S4
- Unlock Rogers Samsung Galaxy S4 
- Unlock Telus Samsung Galaxy S4
- Unlock Bell Samsung Galaxy S4 
- Unlock Koodo Samsung Galaxy S4 
- Unlock Fido Samsung Galaxy S4 
- Unlock Wind Samsung Galaxy S4
- Samsung Galaxy S IV 4 i9500 
- Samsung Galaxy S IV 4 i9505 
- Samsung Galaxy S IV 4 i9502 
- Samsung Galaxy S IV 4 i337 
- Samsung Galaxy S IV 4 i337M 
- Samsung Galaxy S IV 4 m919 
- Samsung Galaxy S IV 4 m919v 
- Samsung Galaxy S IV 4 Active i537 
- Samsung Galaxy S IV 4 Active i9295

Phone Unlock Process

Happy Customer 9 years ago

1. Visit us in-store with your phone and provide us your IMEI number and payment.
2. Take your phone away with you, and return after the time frame indicated in the lookup.
3. A Technician will unlock your phone on the spot.

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Jason Belyea

6 months ago-

Service was caring, quick and concise.

Our Most Common Phone Unlocking models for Samsung

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samsung alias2 imei unlock samsung galaxy s duos imei unlock samsung sch-i760 unlock toronto
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samsung anycall 5200 imei unlock toronto samsung galaxy s ii unlock samsung sgh-a167 imei unlocking toronto
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samsung anycall haptic imei unlocking mississauga samsung galaxy s iii imei unlock samsung sgh-a561 imei unlock toronto
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samsung ativ s unlock samsung galaxy s series imei unlock mississauga samsung sgh-c414 unlock mississauga
samsung b3210 unlock toronto samsung galaxy s series unlocking samsung sgh-c417 unlock toronto
samsung b3410 imei unlock mississauga samsung galaxy s unlock samsung sgh-d500 imei unlock toronto
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samsung b5310 unlock samsung galaxy s4 unlock samsung sgh-d600 imei unlocking
samsung b7300 unlock samsung galaxy s4 unlocking samsung sgh-d900 unlock
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samsung galaxy beam i8520 imei unlock samsung gt-s5233w unlocking samsung sph-a303 unlocking toronto
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samsung galaxy core unlock toronto samsung imei unlock toronto samsung sph-i325 imei unlocking
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samsung galaxy note unlocking samsung s5600 unlocking toronto samsung unlocking toronto
samsung galaxy s advance imei unlocking toronto samsung s5600v unlocking samsung wave ii s8530 unlock toronto
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Toronto: 416 987 9860   Mississauga: 905 897 9860