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Special Order Repairs

We repair all devices that other repair shops do not or cannot.

We custom-repair these products by specially ordering parts that are not readily available. The parts could be ordered from Canada, North America or overseas.

We would encourage you to find your repair locally - this will usually yield a faster turnaround. If you are unable to find a local solution, we are your last-resort solutions provider, ordering parts from any supplier in the world.


Repair pricing for special order parts will vary by device, by brand & model and the shipping costs to receive the part(s). Dollar Sign

We will source the best quality parts available and provide you with an all-in (parts and labour) price to complete your repair solution. 


Order Times

Local Orders: 1 to 3 Business DaysTime Clock

Many devices have parts commonly available locally from our suppliers (within Canada) and can typically be received within 1 to 3 business days.


International Orders: 3 Weeks

Other parts which must be ordered from suppliers outside of Canada (in the U.S. or overseas) can take up to 4 weeks to be received.


Repair Warranty

Special Order Repairs completed will be warranted for 60 Days from completion date. Warranty

Full warranty details

NOTE: In some very rare cases, it is possible that we might not be able to fully test all the functions of the device before completing the repair.

For example, if you bring in a phone that has a damaged display, it is possible that a thorough diagnostics can only be completed after the screen is received and replaced on your device. If after replacing the screen we discover that, for example, the microphone does not fully function, we will inform you and provide an additional estimate on this repair. We do all such additional repairs at half price.

At this time, you can make a decision and approve this additional repair (at half price), or decline it and pay for the original repair only. 


Should you want us to order a part and provide the repair, here is what you need to do:

1. Decide if it's worth repairing           

Consider how much you paid for your broken device when you first purchased it.  If you are unsure whether it is worth repairing - estimate the current $ value of your product, by checking out online offerings on Amazon, eBay, Kijiji, etc.

Most of our special order repair solutions start at $89 plus - so if your device is worth $99.95 (for example) - it may be a better decision to buy another  one rather than repairing it.

On the other hand, you might want to continue using the current product because:

  • you have installed a lot of software and apps,
  • you have a lot of data
  • the settings and configuaration have been highly personalized over the years
  • the device has a sentimental value (owned by my grandmother who was very speical to me), etc.

Whatever the reasons, you make the final call if it's worth repairing.

It may also be that your device does not need any replacement parts but merely a repair. To ascertain, we need to examine your device when you bring it in and typically only after we complete a diagnostics.

Or, it may be that you would prefer to purchase the part yourself on the internet and have us install it for you. You would be charged for the installation labour only.

2. Contact us

                                                                           Contact us

Using the form below, send us details about your device, the problem you are experiencing and the service you need us to provide.

Jump to Form

3. Confirmation 


We will reply with a preliminary estimate once we have confirmed*:

  • Availability of parts
  • The repair cost, including the part(s) and labour
  • The time it will take to receive the part and complete the repair

 *The final price would be provided after we have had an opportunity to physically verify the model, part # and other information, and likely completing a diagnostics 

  4. Acceptance 

If you accept the preliminary price & time estimate:                                                                                     

  • Bring in the device and we will verify the model, part number and other details of your device.
  • If the problem is not apparent we will need to perform diagnostics and verify the problem and the part(s) needed (if any) for the solution.
  • We will now provide a final price for your approval.

5. Approval


If you approve the final price, you have 2 options:

1. Leave your device with us.

We will go ahead and repair your device upon receiving the part from suppliers.

Upon completing the repair and testing of the solution, we will notify you that the repair has been completed.

 You will come in to pick up, test and pay for your repaired device. 


2. If your device is usable, pay for the repair up-front.

Take your device away with you so you can continue using it until we receive the ordered part(s).

We will notify you upon receiving the ordered part(s).

You will bring in your device and leave it with us while we complete the repair.
(typically less than 2 hours for most devices)

 Upon completion of the repair, you will have the opportunity to test the solution before taking it away.


Devices We Repair

We special order parts and perform repairs for the following devices and brands.

If your device / brand isn't listed please contact us.

Special Order Repair Devices
Device Brands Estimated Typical Repair Cost Estimated Repair Time
(after receiving parts)

Smart Watches

Smart Watches

$99.95 to $199.95 1 to 2 hours



Frends Beats Sennheiser Bose
Sony Monster Audeze
House of Marley Focal Beyerdynamic Master & Dynamic B&O AKG Panasonic Parrot JBL Skull Candy Harmon Kardon Plantronics
$49.95 to $199.95 1 to 4 hours

Desktop Computer


Custom Built MSI Dell HP ... $79.95 to $249.95 2 hours to 1 day

Mobile Phones

Smart Phones

Xiamoi Oppo Blu ZTE Lumigon Lenovo Microsoft Asus XOLO Vivo Honor Meizu $79.95 to $219.95 1 to 2 hours



Samsung Galaxy Asus Lenovo $99.95 to $179.95 2 to 4 hours



Acer Asus Dell Fujitsu Gateway HP Compaq Lenovo LG MSI Samsung Sony Toshiba Razer Alienware $99.95 to $199.95 2 hours to 1 day

Guitar Amplifiers

Guitar Amplifiers

Peavey Korg Fender Gibson Yamaha $89.95 to $149.95 4 hours to 1 day
Stereo / Surround Receivers
Home Theatre Systems
Harmon Kardon Pyle Sherwood Anthem NAD Arcam Cambridge Audio Denon $99.95 to $199.95 4 hours to 1 day
Vehicle Diagnostics Scanners Snap-On Autel MaxiSys MaxiCom Innova BlueDriver AUTOOL ScanTool Memo Maozua Launch CRP $99.95 to $179.95 2 hours to 1 day

Go Pro Cameras



$119.95 to $199.95 2 to 4 hours

JBL Bluetooth Speakers

Bluetooth Speakers

iHome JBL X Mini Sony Bose Beats iLuv $89.95 to $139.95 2 to 4 hours



PureGear Griffin Moshi Beats Bose Sony iSkin BlackBerry Plantronics $79.95 to $149.95 1 to 2 hours


Repair Inquiries

Didn't find what you need?Phone repair questions

Use the following form to send us your question. We will reply promptly by email.

Special Order Parts Repair

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