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Get up to 300% faster speeds with a laptop Solid State Hard Drive Upgrade

What is an SSD Hard Drive?

SSD stands for Solid State Drive.  

Traditional hard drives have disk platters and moving parts - operating somewhat like a record player - with the disks spinning and heads floating just above the surface of the disks reading and writing data.

A solid state drive has no moving parts and operates similar to a USB flash drive - albeit given that it interfaces with your laptop via the internal SATA connector it has a MUCH faster data transfer rate than USB drives.  

Solid State Drive explanation on Wikipedia


Why Upgrade to Solid State Storage?

Your computer will be faster.  

How much faster will my computer be?  

It depends ultimately on usage - but generally you can expect:

  1. Up to 500% faster boot up - many laptops that booted in 30 to 40 seconds previously will boot in 5 to 15 seconds.
  2. Up to 300% faster launching applications
  3. Up to 150% faster performance while using your computer - for example switching between open applications and windows (especially on machines with 4 GB or less RAM)

What will not be faster?

The following are examples of computer operations that will not be improved by upgrading to a Solid State Drive:

  • Processing speed will not be affected - for example rendering your video editing project
  • Video and graphics - for example video draw lag while playing your favorite video game


What devices do we upgrade to SSD?

  • Any laptop with a traditonal SATA hard drive (most laptops manufactured before 2017)
  • Any MacBook with a traditional SATA hard drive (most MacBooks manufactured before 2017)



  • Migrate Your Entire Existing Environment
    You get all your data and Applications exactly as they were before the SSD upgrade.


  • Fresh Install of Windows or MacOS
    Your laptop or MacBook will be like new - you will have to resintall any applications you had before the upgrade


How Much does a Solid State Drive Upgrade Cost?

Refer to the following table to determine your typical SSD upgrade price at TechKnow Space:

Hard Drive Size Price
(Fresh OS Installation)
(Migrate Environment)
240 GB SSD Laptop Hard Drive Upgrade $249.95 $279.95
480 GB SSD Laptop Hard Drive Upgrade $349.95 $379.95
Toronto: 416 987 9860   Mississauga: 905 897 9860