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Device Will Not Power On

If your device is not turning at all there could be number of problems associated with this behaviour (or lack thereof ;) - When your device has no power it may be caused by one or more of the following issues:


FYI - Component Replacement And Mainboard Damage

When replacing parts does not provide a solution or resuscitate your device, the only explanation is a failure of the Logic Board or the Mainboard.
When a device suffers damage, the obvious problem(s) appear to be a component, for example a screen or a charging port. These component failures are readily and immediately experienced by the user to be the proximate problem. Replacing the damaged or non-functional component would seem to be the obvious solution. Thus, a user comes to The TechKnow Space to have this problem remediated/repaired. Typically the doctors (our seasoned technicians) have no problem doing this.
Sometimes, however, replacing/repairing components turns out to be an exercise in futility. Further diagnostics establishes the problem to be resident in the Main Logic Board. The replacement of these logic boards is prohibitive and best left alone. It’s time to move forward to a new device.
Bear in mind that these mainboard failures are a result of the initial damage to the device that prompted a visit to the repair shop even though it is not intuitively obvious.

Every digital device has a logic board which acts as a central controller for all its internal and external components. You may experience loss of functions if the data and power conduits to and from the logic board are being interrupted. Sometimes the symptoms is that the device ultimately does not turn on. It is crucial to bring in the device for diagnostics in the event where it doesn't seem to be powering on. It is, for the most part, impossible to identify the probable cause and solution without looking at the internal components and connections.

iPhone Wont Power On Diagnostics

iPhone that won't turn on fixed 


If you are worried your new iPhone is destined to become a very expensive and fancy paperweight because it won’t turn on, don’t worry.



There are a few things you can do to try to fix the problem, but if those don’t work, the in-house expert technicians at the Techknow Space can definitely help!

If your iPhone won’t turn on, try to restart it by holding down the power button on the side of your iPhone (referred to sometimes as the hold or lock button, and by Apple as the “sleep/wake” button.) until the screen lights up. If this doesn’t occur, try plugging your iPhone in and waiting about 15 to 20 minutes before trying again.

But if this doesn’t solve the problem, you can try doing a hard reset by holding down the power button and the home button (on the front of the screen) together. You will probably need to hold these down at the same time for at least 10 seconds. If the Apple logo appears on the screen, the reset worked. If nothing happens, plug your iPhone in and try again after charging it for a little while.

If your iPhone still has no smile, try plugging your iPhone in with a different charger, or if the charger and the cable are two separate pieces, try with a different cable as well. Sometimes the charger breaks without you realizing it and can fail to charge your iPhone.

Another possibility is performing a full system restore on your iPhone. This is a pretty drastic measure because a system restore will delete all your information such as photos, videos, and other similar data. If you are reluctant to take this step right away – don’t worry, we at The TechKnow Space can take a look at your phone and see if we can save your information while fixing your phone.

If there isn’t anything particularly valuable on your iPhone, you can perform a system restore:

  1. Plug the iPhone's USB cable into the dock connector, but not into your computer
  2. Hold down the iPhone's Home button
  3. Now plug the other end of the USB cable into your computer
  4. This will open iTunes, put the iPhone into recovery mode, and let you completely restore the iPhone.

If your iPhone won’t turn on because of an impact or a fall or liquid damage, then you will need to bring it  into the Techknow Space to let us open it up and repair or replace anything that might be keeping the phone from turning on.  

Some of the other components that could be damaged because of the impact include:

  1. Charging Port – which blocks the charge from your charger to the phone. When this id damaged, it needs to be replaced.
  2. Main Logic Board or the Motherboard – this is the brain of all digital devices, and is typically too expensive to repair or replace

Liquid damage, like water or coffee, can usually be repaired, yet other issues can arise after we repair the liquid damage in which case we will advise you on any necessary secondary repairs. We have been saving liquid-damaged devices for 11+ years and our experience shows it. Read about it in our Water damaged service centre.

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