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Snap-On Automotive Diagnostics Scanners
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Snap-on Vehicle Scanner Repair

Snap-on is the global leader when it comes to automotive diagnostic scanners. Like all digital devices, these vehicle scanners can run into troubles too. 

Enter Techknowspace, your one stop service provider for all kinds of repairs on car diagnostic scanners. We have worked on a lot of Snap-on scanners and our happy customers have saved thousands of $$ in the process. 

If you are confused on whether you should buy a new Snap-on scanner instead of repairing your existing one, read this

Vehicle diagnostic scanners are costly devices. The cost of the repair would be a fraction of what you would pay for a new one. Not to forget the time taken to set things up from scratch.

Common Snap-on Scanner Repairs

Screen Repair

Accidents happen. One of the most common repairs that we do at Techknowspace is fixing a broken screen. Bring in your snap-on scanner to Techknowspace, we will fix the broken screen by replacing it with a brand new one in less than an hour. 

Charging Port Repair

Charging port is tricky business. It can get easily damaged if the cable is inserted wrongly. It is not so tricky for us as we have been repairing charging ports for over 15 years now. 

We have all the parts in stock and your charging port will be replaced or repaired within an hour. 

Scanner not booting / not turning on

If your vehicle diagnostic scanner is not turning on, it could be due to a variety of reasons. The first step is for us to do comprehensive diagnostics to identify the root cause of the problem. 

Bring it into Techknowspace and leave it with us for a day or two. We will identify the problem and fix it. 

Touchscreen not working

When the touch screen fails to work, the most common solution is to replace it with a brand new touch screen. There are instances when the screen looks fine on the outside and but has internal cracks due to impact damage. So a screen replacement will solve the problem. 

However, if a new screen still didn’t solve the problem, then the motherboard may be affected. Leave your scanner with us for a couple of days and we will solve the problem, test it and hand it back to you.

Our 4 Step Snap-on Scanner Repair Process

 1. Bring in your snap-on scanner to our store.

 2. Our Expert Technicians will do thorough diagnostics to understand the cause of the problem and provide you with a time estimate and cost estimate for your approval. 

 3. Once the estimate is approved, most repairs are typically done within a few hours as we carry all parts required for the repair in stock.

 4. You will be notified of the completion of your repair and you can pick up your repaired scanner at your convenience. We are open 6 days a week to serve you.

Want to ship your car scanner to us?

We service car scanners from far and wide. We receive vehicle scanners from the US every week for repairs. 

Ship it to us. We will do the repair and ship it back to you. It’s as simple as that.

Snap-on scanners we repair

  • Zeus Diagnostic and Information System
  • Triton D10 Integrated Diagnostic System
  • Apollo D9 Scan Tool
  • Solus Legend Scan Tool
  • Vantage Legend Component Test Meter
  • Prolink Edge Heavy Duty Diagnostics
  • Verus Edge Diagnostic and Information System
  • Verus Pro Diagnostic and Information System
  • Triton D8 Integrated Diagnostic System
  • Modis Edge Integrated Diagnostic System
  • Modis Ultra Integrated Diagnostic System
  • Apollo D8 Scan Tool
  • Solus Edge Scan Tool
  • Solus Ultra Scan Tool
  • Ethos Edge Scan Tool
  • Ethos Pro Scan Tool
  • Ethos Tech Scan Tool
  • Ethos+ Scan Tool
  • P1000 Motorcycle Scan Tool
  • Vantage Ultra Component Test Meter
  • Microscan III Scan Tool

Is your model not on the list? Don’t worry. Bring it in and we will be able to give you a solution for sure. 

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