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Some of Our Most Popular Repairs and Services

iPhone 7 Screen Replacement $159.95
iPhone 6 Screen Replacement $99.95
iPhone 5 Charging Port Repair $69.95
Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Screen Replacement $259.95
MacBook Air A1502 Screen Replacement $549.95
iPad Mini Touchscreen Replacement $119.95
Microsoft Surface Pro 3 Screen Replacement $369.95
Liquid Damage Cleaning $60.00

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Proudly Repairing Devices For:

City of Toronto
CAA caasco
RBC Capital Markets
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Otterbox Cases in stock at the TechKnow Space: Toronto near CN Tower Mississauga near Square One 
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When replacing parts does not provide a solution or resuscitate your device, the only explanation is a failure of the Main Board or the Logic Board.
When a device suffers damage, the obvious problem(s) appear to be a component, for example a screen or a charging port. These component failures are readily and immediately experienced by the user to be the proximate problem. Replacing the damaged or non-functional component would seem to be the obvious solution. Thus, a user comes to The TechKnow Space to have this problem remediated/repaired. Typically the doctor (our seasoned technicians) have no problem doing this.
Sometimes however, replacing/repairing components turns out to be an exercise in futility. Further diagnostics establishes the problem to be resident in the Main Logic Board. The replacement of these logic boards is prohibitive and best left alone. It’s time to move forward to a new device.
Bear in mind that these mainboard failures are a result of the initial damage to the device that prompted a visit to the repair shop even though it is not intuitively obvious.
Read a more detailed mainboard failure explanation here.

Today it is quite common to have multiple devices per household, family and even per person.  

You may have a shared desktop computer at home, carry one or sometimes even two smartphones, keep a tablet in your briefcase and/or your car, and a laptop that you bring back and forth to work. Further you may be an Apple user, your spouse may use Android, and some devices you have will be running Windows.  

Imagine running all over town for repairs for different devices running different software to keep everything synched and operating well.

Tomorrow, in the exciting connected world of "things", or the Internet Of Things (IOT), you will be talking to your car, or your refrigerator, or your TV, ... or Yourself :)

In the not-too-distant future your refrigerator will talk to you (reminding you to bring home the bacon), the car may remind you to get an oil-change, or your FitBit might communicate with your calendar while you are sweating on the elliptical about your next meeting.. and so on and so on :)

All these conversations will require different underlying technologies and tools to collaborate and integrate, and when they fail, as fail they do and will, it would be nice to have an all-under-one-roof solution expert to solve all these issues and problems.

REVIEW: Matthew Owens

"Excellent service, repaired shattered iPad screen within two hours and provided text based updates when available for pickup. Very impressed and would use again."

Response from the owner
Thanks very much for your encouraging comments. We take much satisfaction from our Work Order Management system which is designed to automate most of the customer interfacing processes and provide a friction-free experience that is fast and painless. For example, most of our customer communications are automated and deliver text messages within seconds of any change to your Work Order status. 

Our system allows us to instantaneously know how many (and which) devices you have brought to us for repairs over 11 years we have been in business. 

Today, 70% of our repairs are done for customers who come to us for multiple repairs, or who have been referred to us by friends and family. 

We think our Work Order Management system has delivered the quality service that keeps our customers coming back. We look forward to seeing you again to service any future repair needs you might have. 


You need a One-Stop-Shop for all your digital repair solutions and we....are that destination!

Premium Hand-Crafted
Leather Phone Cases
In Stock


For iPhone & Samsung

ICarer Cases in stock at the TechKnow Space


Playstation PS3 PS4 XBOX 360 One Repair at The TechKnow Space Toronto Mississauga

Game Console Repair


Macbook repair Toronto Mississauga Macbook Repairs

Macbook Repair


Phone Repair Toronto Mississauga Phone Repairs

Smartphone Cell Phone Repair


Laptop Repair Toronto Mississauga Laptop Repairs

Laptop Repair


Tablet repair Toronto Mississauga tablet repairs.

Tablet Repair


Smartwatch repair at TechKnow Space in Mississauga and Toronto. Locations: near Rogers Centre / CN Tower and across from Square One's Walmart.

Smart-Watch Repair

Computer repair Toronto Mississauga computer repairs.

Computer Repair

podcast podcast "It's better to repair..." says Kyle Wiens @ iFixit

from Fighting Back Against The Throwaway Culture
Apple iPhone repairs 1 Hour
Apple iPad repairs 2 Hours
Apple MacBook repairs 1 Day
Samsung Phone repairs 1 to 3 Hours
Samsung Galaxy Tablet repairs 2 Hours to 1 Day
Nokia Lumia Phone repairs 1 to 1.5 Hours
Sony Xperia Phone repairs 1 to 3 Days
Sony PLaystation PS3 & PS4 Game Consoles repairs 1 to 3 Days
Motorola Phone repairs 1 to 1.5 Hours
HTC Phone repairs 1 to 1.5 Hours
LG Phone repairs 1 to 1.5 Hours
Asus Transformer Tablet repairss 2 to 6 Hours
Microsoft Surface Tablet repairs 2 Hours to 3 Days
Microsoft XBOX 360 & XBOX ONE Game Consoles repairs 1 to 3 Days
Blackberry Phone repairs & Playbook Tablet repairs 1 to 2 Hours
Acer, Asus, Dell, Fujitsu, Gateway, HP, Lenovo, MSI, Samsung, Sony & Toshiba Laptop repairs 1 Day

Whether you've dropped your phone and smashed the screen, spilled coffee all over your laptop, your tablet won't charge, cracked the face of your smartwatch, need a memory or hard drive upgrade for your computer, and/or need your teenagers' Playstation and/or XBox repaired - We have you covered!

We are also specialists in:

Broken glass replacement 1 Hour
USB & Lightning charging port repair 1 to 2 Hours
Blurry camera replacement 1 Hour to 1.5 Hours
Camera lens replacement 1 Hour
Home, volume & power button repair 1 Hour to 1.5 Hours
Battery replacement - we carry batteries for most phones & laptops in stock On The Spot to 1 Hour
Faulty Headphone jack repair or remove something stuck in headphone jack 1 Hour to 1 Day
Virus, spyware & malware removal for computers, laptops & Macbooks 2 to 8 Hours
Data recovery from failed hard drives, broken flash drives, recover deleted and lost files 4 Hours to 3 Days
Phone unlocking for all phone brands
1 to 5 Days

Walk in to one of our convenient locations  downtown  Toronto near the CN Tower and Rogers Centre, and in  Mississauga  City Centre across from Square One just down from City Hall.

Our friendly customer service staff are ready to help you with a smile!  (no charge for the smiles :)


We are your Samsung Repair Centre

Out of Warranty Repairs for Samsung Mobile Devices

We are the largest repair centre for:
Apple iPhones, Nokia, Motorola, Samsung Phones & Gear Watches, Sony Phones, LG Phones, HTC, Apple iPad, Asus Transformer, Microsoft Surface, Apple Watch

We repair all major brands
Including: Samsung Galaxy , Apple iPhone, HTC, LG, Sony, Motorola, Nokia, Blackberry, Asus, Acer, HP, Toshiba, Lenovo, Fujitsu, Amazon Kindle, Dell, Microsoft Surface, MSI...

You never need an appointment

No Diagnostics Charge for all completed repairs

We're open long hours 7 days a week  see business hours

We replace screens while you wait

Most complex repairs are completed in 1 day


The original 1 Hour iPhone repair Specialists!     

Serving the Greater Toronto Area since 2006

Review from Claude Meunier
AMO Maintenance Manager at Bombardier - 2007:

"I am so delighted with the 100% service you provided us. I will be able to deliver a brand new commercial airplane this afternoon because your personnel gave all they had, and answered every telephone call I made (there were quite a few !). You have quite a customer support, believe me !"

We are members of:

  • The Better Business Bureau (BBB) - Accredited & A+ Rated
  • Canadian Federation of Independant Business (CFIB)
  • Mississauga Board of Trade
  • Toronto Board of Trade

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The TechKnow Space Repair Centre Locations Mississauga & Toronto

TechKnow Space Toronto & TechKnow Space Mississauga Map

Device Repair Statistics

At The TechKnow Space - 11+ Years in Business

Repair Statistics - By Repair Type

Miscellaneous Repairs : 2.32%, Liquid Damage Repairs : 6.12%, Headphone Repairs : 0.42%, Game Console Repairs : 1.56%, Tablet Repairs : 15.94%, MacBook Repairs : 7.43%, Phone Repairs : 45.11%.

Repair Volumes By Season

Spring : 24%, Summer : 28%, Autumn : 26%, Winter : 22%.

Repair Volumes By Month

Jan : 8.11%, Feb : 7.72%, Mar : 7.72%, Apr : 7.72%, May : 7.72%, Jun : 8.49%, Jul : 10.04%, Aug : 9.27%, Sep : 8.88%, Oct : 8.11%, Nov : 8.11%, Dec : 8.11%,

Common Phone Problems & Some Tweaks You Can Try Yourself First

Before rushing your device down to the repair-shop in a panic here are some common phone problems and failures that you can try correcting yourself:

Fast Draining Battery

Oftentimes - especially on phones that are beginning to age - it is the battery itself that needs to be replaced.  

If the problem happened suddenly - you can try removing any recently installed apps.

Try reducing your screen brightness.

Check your battery usage under settings and disable any backgrounds apps that may be draining your battery.

Slow or Lagging Response

The first thing to do is clear the device cache. 

Remove all unused and unnecessary apps.

Uninstall any UI themes.

No WiFi Connection

Try disconnecting and reconnecting to the wireless network.

Try connecting to another wireless network.

Turn WiFi feature off then back on.

Restart your phone - power it off and back on.

Phone is Getting Way Too Hot

Remove recently installed apps.

Remove large apps.

Uninstall as many games as possible.

Check for discoloration (indicating liquid damage) at the charging port. (Bring it in for repair)

Stuck in Reboot Loop or Stuck at Startup Logo

Power cycle your phone - hold the power button or the power and home buttons until it restarts.

Remove and reinsert the battery (if there is battery access).

Connect to a charger for 30 minutes or longer.

Touch ID not Working

This is usually a result of physical damage but try restarting your phone first.

Screen Doesn't Repsond to Touch

Usually a hardware problem requiring screen replacment, but just to be sure power cycle your phone.

Cannot Download or Install New Apps

Restart your phone.

Check that you have available storage space.

Clear the cache.

Add a new or different Google or iCloud account. 

Your One-Stop Digital Device Repair Shop

All digital device repairs under one roof!

The TehcKnow Space is a member of The Canadian Federation of Independent Business         BBB Accredited Business       Mississauga Board of Trade member.

Toronto: 416 987 9860   Mississauga: 905 897 9860

Digital Distress Digital Delight
Digital Distress? The Magic Happens at TechKnow Space Digital Delight!

Some of Our Newest Business Customers:

Porter Airlines Toronto Ontario has their devices fixed with TechKnow Space's Front St Toronto location.   Bruce Grey Children and Family Services has their mobile devices repaired at TechKnow Space in Mississauga & Toronto. Porter Airlines in Toronto chooses to have their devices repaired at The TechKnow Space.

Peel District School Board has partnered with The TechKnow Space for repairs to their mobile devices.

The TechKnow Space
offers the lowest repair prices in Canada for Samsung Phones & Samsung Tablets using genuine Samsung replacement parts.

--> We challenge you to find lower prices!

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