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Phone Repairs

The market for cellphone repairs has changed.
For years, we didn't know what to call them; are they PDAs, cellphones, smartphones? In 2023, we've adopted them as our everyday "phones." What a world. We're not old, we're experienced and timeless. Back in the day, the idea of repairing a trackball on a Blackberry was like magic. Our affluent customers in Toronto's financial district drove our business to new heights. It was an untapped industry and we took the benefits of not having any competition for years. Over time, repair stores were slowly popping up in malls, on business strips and seasonal kiosks. The market share was spread thin, but Techknow Space was already ahead of the industry by repairing the next consumer device that wasn't being tapped. We used our killer lead to expand our staff to include departments for marketing, research, programming and purchasing.

What used to be an innovative industry to offer an alternative to shelling out for the next available model, has become stale. Service providers are offering upgrades, you probably have a backup phone by now and manufacturers are intentionally making repairs more difficult/expensive. Although, more and more people are owning phones and laptops, this hasn't improved business. On the contrary, it has opened the door for average consumers to think we're here to help customers with their purchase decisions like some Bestbuy rep trying to pass his day by with the bonus of a commission. More and more often we're forced to turn customers away because they simply don't understand our policy and our business model.

We have developed a large client base of great customers over the years and are happy to continue to serve them, but we are not accepting new customers for phone repairs without a referral. We are familiar with nearly all suppliers and repair stores in the GTA. As such, we are more than happy to refer new customers to Mobile Klinik on the corner of Hurontario and Eglinton and a new repair store that has opened in our complex, RepairThru. If in the event our friends cannot repair your device we will be happy to take you on as our customer.

This business model for having a storefront repair center is out of date and we can list a number of reasons. Specifically, we opened our flagship location in Mississauga near Square One and struggled to pay the exorbitant amount of rent when the market became difficult. It forced dozens of similar stores and franchises to close or sell out.

Since we have moved away from providing consumer retail products we don't have a storefront location and don't accept walk-ins (Amazon is killing it and we don't want to seem like an outdated computer store, anymore). We ask that you call in advance to make an appointment to create a workorder for your device at our drop-off location.

We're a tech company with an eye on innovation; repairing phones is not our priority, but its in our DNA.

We particularly specialize in phone logicboard repair, but we will continue to repair general damage to phones. Screens, batteries, charging ports, cameras, lenses, for example, are a very typical type of repair that likely your niece/nephew can do after watching a few iFixit videos. We would like to encourage them and maybe even provide them with the parts. If you're looking for a professional service you can go to Mobile Klinik or Repair Thru. If you're looking for the Techknow Space experience with complementary coffee we're happy to take your call.

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